Headline : Escape

Power Metal / France
(1997 - Brennus Music)
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In the night has come the time of Lords
Still they're fighting through the ages
In the night has come the reign of Lords
With the same sword they are dying
In the night has come the time of Lords
With no pity they're still fighting
In the night has come the name of…

Once upon a time near the Holy Lake
They all come to me day after day
Looking for the magic I keep on
A sword they can't take in their hands
Cause it's promised to the best
He is the youngest of them
Also fighting each night and day
But never dying

Oh now it's time
Time to say that you are winning
Come by my side I give you the price
Take care of it ‘til you're dying


1. Yeah I can make it now
Yeah I can write it now
If you want a song, a hard hard song
I'll do my best as you can guess
Let's break my voice
Let's make one choice
If you want a song, a hard hard song
Just listen to what I say

I take the ink from my blood, I draw my soul
The colour's my eyes
If you ever touch my skin you'll feel it in
The rythm is my heart
Listen to what I say, let's hear my hard song

Share with me this desire and burn me with your hot fire
And bring the fever in me

Hey do you like my words?
Do you feel my words?
Now you have this song, this hard hard song
It's not too hard but it drives me bad
I broke my voice now do your choice
Make this song go real, let's make a deal
That's just what I have to say

I took the ink from by blood and drawn my soul
The colour was my eyes
Forever touch my skin and feel it in
The rythm's my heart
Listen to what I say let live this hard song


Take your life under your wild open arms
And close to me out in the night I will show you what life is
Take my hand and follow the stars above
Keep on believing, on believing me, I believe in you tonight
The way is long but the night is deep around
We've got the night, the night is yours, the night is mine tonight
Keep on trying no need to close your eyes
If you're afraid, just run away and I will ever run to you

Hey what do you get? Why are you sad?
Why d'you feel so bad alone in these empty days
Hey where d'you go? Why don't you go home?
Walking alone in the streets, don't you know ?

You're what you've got, all what you give
But you are not what they believe that you are
Do you really know who you are?
You gotta choose, you gotta prove but never loose
When they believe in what you are
Do you really know who you are?

Are you dreaming, did you wake up, are you tired,
Why don't you go home or to a place
Where you know that you will feel great?
Hear this voice saying "find the place you're fine"
If you look herebye around you will know where is your way


Don't you believe that we don't have one life only
And don't you find strange only your music makes me sing
I'm sure you know exactly when this dream has been true
Help me to realize there is no doubt it was you

Cause I don't know who I was so tell me who you are
Maybe I'll find why it hurts when I'm so alone
Please guide me in the dark
Let's go deep into my heart

I can't imagine myself in another life
A time and a place when we were together one
But it seems so shure that you met me one day
You must tell me who I was to know who we are

They all think we're both crazy but they can not understand
They even don't explain this sensation which still lives
It's like a magic relation : where we brothers, were we friends?
Where we fighting against each other or were we simply two lovers?

If you make me see, sure I will follow you
Prove I met you once and that this dream was true
So come on take my hand
And let's fly above our past


Have you ever seen this strange guy
Under his make up is he wild?
Is he talking when the children are lonely
And try to find a kind of friends?

From the highway to go down the river shore
He goes round and round to be shown
Talks to you that way, like the river says
And gets you higher, so higher

Like a man he walks, like a child he talks freely
It's like a passion play in his vengence day
Downtown let's see the sad clown

Have you ever dreamed of this strangest guy
Coming here close to you with no lie
In the night when he gets here so closely too tight
He's able to get you so high

Hey guys if a sad clown just comes accross to you
Don't only laugh at him
Try to find out what kind of man he is
He will always be there when you need him… Yeah!




I am lost into this crowd
Looking for you babe where are you now?
The night is dark tonight
Yeah the night is so dark
Can't see you
Round are people dancing tightly together beside
Soon is midnight
Where can I find you you're nowhere
Looking everywhere you're nowhere
Anyway I keep on dancing
You know it's time
Give me a sign around and say you're there
I feel a kind of fear all alone now
And I feel like going away
Away from this crowd of strangers
Just take me away by now

Oh reach me in the dance tonight
Round and round through the lights
By now and take me away

Let's climb upstairs and then see what is wrong in those two rooms
One is full of masked girls and boys sitting down on the floor
One is empty, cold, silent like a mystery

In a masquerade
You hide your face to loose your head with friends
Can change your voice
"Don't try to hide yourself, let taughly talk you heart
Cause no one is the same even under a mask"
In a masquerade


When I wake up lonely
I wonder what time it could be
What day, what night, what century?
Have I lost my memory?

I realize that present is the strongest
When past is out I feel like I'm the oldest
No time to live or decide when I want to
Time passes by where am I falling into?

When do dreams can fight out?
And find all the strenght to change the world?

Where is the right to choose when we can live and die
Such a long way, long way high

Escape from all that leads you to long nightmares of fears
Escape you will soon find the right way to go
Escape from this dark night it will be over soon now wake up
Escape from that long long road that leads to hell


Let me tell you a dream I have made
Won't believe me I know
Imagine your whole life turns to nightmare
You sleep but you don‘t know
I was alone in the dark
When I heard a voice coming from nowhere
The voice was saying something like :
"You will die but before you have to learn…"

Oh the night is over
An I open my eyes and I wake up and cry
Oh the night is over
Won't you turn on the light

Here I stayed alone in my bed
Frightened by this uncomplete message
Who spoke to me and what for? I can't guess
Who talked to me?… I can't find the answer
It's like a never ending nightmare
Especially when you're far from me
The sound of this voice I can‘t bear
But before you have to learn…"

Be with me and never set me free, no
Won't you talk to me
Stay with me and never let me sleep alone
Won't you talk to me?


What can I do if you leave me now?
What can I say when they will ask me where you can be?
What can I do and how can I survive?
On my own without you there's only pain in my eyes

What can I do as you let me down?
Where can I be? There is no place to live nowhere to go
Where are you now? Do you feel what I feel?
During those sleepless nights why can't you hear me crying?

But days go on and the whole world keeps on turning
My life is empty but I face it in my dreams
Oh how? How can I manage to make you feel the same way too?

What can I do if you leave me now
What can I say? When they will ask me if I'm OK, no !
What do you do? Waking up and feeling sad?
And where do you go to forget the past and star a new?

But days go on and the minutes seem so long
So deep in me my heart shouts and breaks so wrong
Oh why? Why can I make myself just go, just go and try?

What can I do if you leave me now?
What can I say when they will ask me where you can be?
What can I do and how can I survive?
On my own without you there's only pain in my eyes

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