Hatebreed : Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire

Hardcore / USA
(1997 - Victory Records)
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Empty promises:

You came to me with salvation,
saying I must repent.
You offer up your redemption,
a guarantee for a better life in your safe world.
Your illusions are comfort for your conscience.
My sacrifices will be made in honor of what is truly sacred!!!

How can you save me,
when you can't save yourself?!

You can't save yourself!

Burn the lies:

They're so persuasive, with their fucking lies. Not an ounce of respect.
They'll do anything to sell deception.Burn the lies. Their words of ignorance.
Shove them back. Back down their throats. All that I have for
you is hate. They will quickly abandon, what little morals they have. Tell
you that you are worth nothing, with no regard for anyone.

Before dishonor:

What make you think everything is this world that you have can be taken
away? In a world this day, it's kill or be killed. I live each day like it
might be my last. In this lifetime few things are worth fighting for. My
Blood. Your Honor. Everyone has a destiny. I'll choose my own. I will not be
a victim.
My cries won't go unheard [x2]
I got to fight for myself.
I'll choose my own destiny and i won't let anyone take away what i hold do
true. I won't live in denial. And I won't turn the other cheek. I must
remain convicted and never accept this suffering. I've learned from my
mistakes and I've made a promise to myself. I won't live in the past [x2]
I've been affected by your lies and I've let then hold me back. I wasn't
thinking for myself. I wasn't living for myself.
What i have
in my heart I'll take to my grave.


Bastard cries, feed the fire. The burning desire to rob human life. In this
world full of fear of the unknown. Twisting the perception of the weak.
Lying to progress. Only achieving greed. Seated behind the sun. Myths bleed
into one. Searching for a saviour to lead us through this life. Where our
sanity is undone. Killing against our will. Killing for the bastard maker.
The fairy tale. The non existent. Salvation so bittersweet the taste brought
fear to our tongues. Preying on the weak. Fatherless creation encased in the
depths of humanity. They continue to rape and call it purity. I will not bow
down because of out past. I see now mankind was not meant to last

Conceived through an act of violence:

Thrown into this living hell. I was thrown into this living hell. I am the
hatred taken from another's life. Born unwanted, extracted of all that is
humane. No one can relate to my abandonment. I walk this earth alone in
search of salvation. Forever, Forever. Forever. Alone. A tormented seed
given a chance to grow. The end result of moral choice. Only to live a
tortured life as the product of rape. Under a mother's face of innocence,
And a father with eyes of a demon. Conceived through an act of violence.
[x4] I was thrown into this living hell. I didn't ask to be this way. I was
thrown into this living hell.

Afflicted past:

Hatred evokes the memories that make your blood run cold. Fear and sorrow
push you away from yourself.
How can you face the world? When you
can't face the mirror. How can you leave your past? With blood on your
hands? Can you run away all your life? Can you escape your punishment? How
many times can you start it all again? How many lies will it take to cover
your tracks?
Mo matter how far you go Those days are right behind.
The facade of your perfect life. Cannot hide your perfect past. There is no

Prepare for war:

Drifting by the heavens unscarred. Yet unhealed before a bleeding cross.
Thrown into the ash. Crumbling.
I've been crossed. Like the lies on
a clocks face. I've been fed lies I can't comprehend. I've become but a mere
seed again. And I'll prophesize the end. Now. I have yet begun to fight.
There is no fear in my heart. No cause worthy of my respect. In the End I'll
rot. I won't fall prey to deception. Deception is the means by which they
profit. Deceit if their hearts. Evil within their souls. The cruelty by
which they exploit will not be part of my life.

Not one truth:

Living as we rot, Showered with shadows of dreams devoured. Our souls
descend into endless seas of sin. There's no turning back. No repenting, no
remorse. Hate stricken creation. I realize in this world.
There is not one truth cast into stone.
Only lies cast into flames. It's time to
burn. Burn alive. Burn at the stake. Our eyes crystal clear, our bodies
frozen with fear, and there's nothing to save us now from endless suffering
and solitude. We've lost the chance to save this dying world. So we pay the
price, of which no one can afford. This is our last breath. The first in a

Betrayed by life:

In a cold unforgiving world, alone with fear and weakness, oppressed and
dying slowly. Countless people have been betrayed by life. No one is exempt.
No one is safe. So many lives will be taken. So many lives been ruined. So
many live hang is balance. So many lives have been lost. Betrayed by life.
As survivors we are left to try there tears. We are left to mend their
wounds. We are left to pick up the pieces of those who have been betrayed by

Mark my words:

I was so blind. I couldn't see the truth. I was unable to see how my life
was being used. To be something so miniscule. Everything i thought was so
definite, I thought was so real was thrown away and will be remembered among
unpaling hatred.
Consider my suffering. Through all your pain.
Remember my face. I'm digging your grave. Since when was so sacred, turning
into something so wrong. something so important to me. Cheapened and
exploited. I won't be that way, I can't, I can't be that way again. I can't,
I won't, I will never let it.
For the rest of your fucking life you will mark my words.

Last breath:

All the prayers in the world can't bring you back!
It's your last breath, this is our last breath!

Taken from this earth without warning.
Victim of the ultimate injustice.
Nothing will ever make sense of this.
Nothing could have prepared me.
All that is left are memories,
and the pieces of a shattered existence.
I wish I could bring back.
I FELT YOU last breath.

All the prayers in the world can't bring you back!

Burial for the living:

No on can redeem themselves, no one can be saved. In a dying world filled
with enslavement and endless apathy. A tortured past and not much future a
tattered earth remains, destitute and alone in madness. Burial for the
living. Our earth stripped of wealth. Burial of the living. Our bodies
drained of life. In a world full of enemies, I'm an enemy of the world.
There is only so long we have to live, our dying days are spent waiting for
history to repeat itself. Our only hope is vengeance.

Worlds apart:

Conditioned to feel nothing. We turn our backs on all the crimes. They say
what we don't know wont hurt us, but nothing could be further form the
truth. Cries fall on deaf ears, and the killing continues.
In your uncaring life - we are worlds apart.
In this race doomed to fail - we are worlds apart.
In this system you support - we are worlds apart.
In my soul - we are worlds apart.

Driven by suffering:

Every seconds breath life into a reason for dying. Our ignorance will only
stunt our final will to live. Bound and Gagged. I feel forced back in a
losing race. I've been stepped on and passed by but I have enough hope to
keep fighting. All of my pain. Driven by suffering
Every single choice I must make. Driven by suffering.

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