Hate (PL) : Rugia

Death Metal / Poland
(2021 - Metal Blade Records)
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Bright wilde lupine eyes
To call the devil forth
No life lingers in the void
Beyond this frozen realm
The seas run red with blood
To rip apart truth from lie
As heavens implode

May we feast
For the glorious one
In sanctuary of light!

Drink from the source
From the fountain of grace
Drink from the vein
The fountain of silence!

A thunderbolt as malice from beyond
To smite the mortals' golden pride!

Regardless of storms
Regardless of titans' disdain
The temple in the swamps lives on!
Tremendous and strident
Red fire flows through the arch
No repentance means no joy!

Drink from the source
From the fountain of grace
Drink from the vein
From the fountain of silence!
A warning sent as thunder from beyond
To smite the mortals' golden hubris
Cything through the land of morbid ones
Crushing all the race
As you ram your sword through their guts

Revolving to their final drain
See the death light in their eyes
Spit out!
A vicious and primal disdain...

Hunt Veles down
On his own turf
Hunt the wicked down
On his own turf
Hunt the wicked down
On his own turf


Condemnation cometh through the dark!
The burning stardust is the hunter's ally
For the glory of Perkūnas' might!
Perdition of the mortals in their shrines
Watch them burn!
In aurora's fire
In celestial sphere
As sunset dies

As frozen kingdom glides up in the north
Manifestation of the wolf queen
Alpha vampire
Scarlet delight
Born at dusk!
Survival forced wars in the dark
Flesh shreds by wolf teeth

Dynasties of fall
Dynasties of miserable truth
Liberated bloodflow
Beloved damnation!
Kings devouring kings
Today's horrors alive!
In splendorous torchlight they swirl
In the ocean of gore
All might is gone!

Sunk sharp thorns
Green eyes
On raven's throat
Wrapped in the nightfall
For there's magic in her soul
Fangs of fate
Glisten silver and white
The wolf queen
Demon hunter
Leads the hunt!


Charcoal night!
Seal your womb
May your offspring rejoice
In the blood of gods
On the ruins of pantheon!
I saw them bound to the wheels
I saw them burnt at the stakes
Grapple grim eternities
And cling to old delights

Douse the torment
Put the fires out!
No deity, no saviouress takes the torch
To light the race alive!

Hark to the cry of the exiles of pantheon!
The barking of the wolves unleashed
I saw them nailed to the trees
I saw them led to the gallows
On the scaffold to the stars
Draped with shreds of flesh

Douse the prayer
Put the fire out!

Crawl out of the slough
Of forgotten graveyard
Of a stillbirth's tomb
Reclaim golden embrace!
Arkhen has fallen
But Arkhen shall stand!
Where manhood is owned
Wherever wisdom shines
It comes to light!

Exiles! Exiles!
Of pantheon!

Exiles! Exiles!
Of pantheon!

They phase right through the graves
Fearless army of dying titans
In human flesh
Venom boiling in their eyes
Wolves of the battlefields
No one's slaves
No one's vassals
They'll never bend
Their knees to the crowned


Arkhen! I vow I make it rise!
From the swamp
I turn the wheel of cold void
In the stardust
Where Saturn's crown glows
It burns eternal
In our home in flames!

This hatred swells
This hatred swells
Where serpents hatch out

Thy splendour in twilight unfolds
In spinning worlds
It crushes minds
Ripping spirit out of my foes!
Vibrations alive of dormant sacrum
Pierce the night's dark veil
A power to transcend!
I reach for the source
In sacred Arkhen
Nocturnal and nameless
Begotten of twilight and blood

High on venomous wine!
On a sacred brew
We're high on venomous wine!
In the psychosphere
Forever entwined!

Wretched father! I vow!
I will make you fall
You have crushed everything you've seen
Years of anguish lay down side by side

Our hearts torn
Steaming in your palms
It swells
This hatred swells!

High on venomous wine
In death sphere
Nocturnal and nameless
Begotten of the darkest spleen
They are just like my tribe
Red Saturn's children
Set free from this dark bowels
They strive for the skies!
Thou sons' blood on my lips
With their hearts torn and steaming
Ravenous hunger gnawing your insides

I'm just like my tribe
Just like my tribe...
I awake blood of Saturn!
I awake venom within snakes

Embrace new form of divine
In the psychosphere
Embrace new flesh of divine
In the psychedelic state!

See my reflection
In your wastelands
In the dark night's steel


Through words as portals
He rises to the stars
Born into a night
A shaman on the margins of the tribe
Deeper and madder in everlasting fever-dance
Merging with the stones
Merging with the silence of the night
Wildfire burns!
Wildfire burns!
Let it burn!
Let the spirit fly!

Inhale the spell
Out way is pure and godly
Through solstice
Through our hate divine!

Once beyond this waking life
Lose yourself in archetypal flame
One death, one spirit entwined
Recreates pure sanctum within
The purge!
Fire mystique
Perception shift
In the healer's eyes

Where two worlds collide
In psychoactive inner temple
Where the sky splits apart...

I'd be lost in the world of silence
Without your voice
I'd drift outside of time
And into the void
I'd be gone from your holy embrace
Wildfire burns!
Wildfire burns!

A rider on the storm
The one with secret craft
Revealing the truth
From the source!

Sentinel! Bind them to your darkness
Lose yourself in archetypal flame
One death, one soul in the whole world
Recreates pure sanctum within...


Raven's Son!
I sing your praise
Over Marshy Swamps
At sangine dawn
Thy glory lingers in solstice
Forever more
On the runes stones
In climax starlight
Before the rise of dawn
Our souls will be freed
For perkuna's delight!

Thy thoughts are seeds
And our soil is fertile
Those ingulfed in lunacy
Might as well be gone
In pillars of sulphorous fire

Those who crawl
Might as well lie in graves
In fathomless silence
In grandeur's eclipse

In glorious flame
Hallowed essence unchanged
Give your darkness to gods
Through me!

And cease to suffer
Walk this dust-path
And trust this shrine of our faith
Of the sage mind!
Let our spirit soar beyond!

And yet divine
Spellfire of our faith
Through auroras arise!


Forlorn and yet still divine
Here faun is free
The guardian of the shrine in might groves
Thy power in the womb of sacred wise
Clings to life
Banished to the woods of a sickly starlight
Shrunk to stones
Starving for grandeur!
In the quaking sea of blackness
Where faith dies and men forget
The spark's enshrined
I spoke with spell and sword
To prostrate kings
With thunder from an open sky
To warrior, virgin, and sage!

When raven cries
Sic luceat lux!
From golden sword

Down in shadows
Beyond sight
The outlaws lie
Scorn on scorn piled
Ambushed in shadow
Beyond sight
A star lit in the dark
The invisible sun!

I, the molfar
Make this offering
And I'll keep the faith
Its cycle, its rise, and its greatness
Crouching wolf and hidden lynx
May we be victorious!
May we last day and night!
King rat
The witcher and his spawn!

Will new life's dawn
Perish in silence?
As knife twisted in spine
Destroys it all!
Swallow thy pride
Those who enter the auric gates
No king, no warrior
Takes courage to lead the way

Mantra upadłych
To krew i stos
Mentra niewinnych
W niej miota się noc
To mantra bezsilnych
Gwiezdnych skryzdeł jęk
Mantra wybranych
Zapłonie światόw tron i gniew!
Zapłonie gniew!
W gόrze zapłonie
Grom i stos!


Lifeless and yet so alive
Empty eyes
Covered with flies in a swamp
In this kingdom relinquished
Demon kings
Let their poison burn!

The world is plagued
By your reckless minds
By your ashen dogma
It's devoured!

They burn in the absence of starlight
They call for loyalty beyond the grave
They recycle death in secret malice they hold
They pledged an oath to the sun of extinction

They sanctify
Slaughter of men
They pray
They beg for death every day
And take a dive down
The well of existence
To the womb of decay
To the fields of ignorance
Watered with napalm and gore
In blindness you swallow your souls!
You choke your hearts up
To finally reap
Reap what you've sown

The world is plagued
By your reckless minds
By your ashen dogmas
It's devoured in blindness
Swallow your souls
You choke your hearts up
To finally reap
Reap what you've sown...


Reach for the source!

Ignite! The darkest of all pride
Let no one be blameless
Let them not return
From the moonlit
Wastelands of Dnieper!
Darkness by design
Veles in the flesh
A legend from the river's sacred womb
A candle on the waves in the dark

Drown the cross in her waves!
Take a bow to her righteous glow
For she summoneth a deadly silence!

On waves like flames
Now ablaze yet silent
With swords like fire
We fight for the righteous one
A disciple of wrath

Breathe in every spell
I smite their golden pride
Destroy their rotten thrones
I let her feast for the glory
Inflamed by the secret light
March against all kingdoms
I feed her waves with foes
I am conflagration
Pure and endless

From pain it grows
In torment
From pain it grows

Thou art brave souls
Who tread in darkness
Thou art brave souls
Who tread in this burning hell
Thou art brave souls
Who burn in thy neverending way

In a strident elegy
For the shame of all kings!
See me rise! Desecrator of the mould
See me rise! Defacer of this gold
See me rise! Destroyer of this world
See me rise! Destroyer of design!

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