Handful Of Hate : Gruesome Splendour

Brutal Black / Italy
(2006 - Cruz Del Sur Music)
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1. Livid

Time to crawl !

I count your pangs, I feel you breathing inside me
All I desire will be your discipline
Will be your discipline

So pure !
Torture crowns your screams
Icon of martyrs to paint my bliss
Enjoy laceration drowned in crime
Defiant, innocent, corrupted, divine !

Behold the dignity of the bitch
You're here to gain your suicide
Come forth ! Pray ! Die !

My triumph is to see you naked
Aborned in misery
Crawling for my lust
Nailed on this thornful carpet
Bleeds my seed
Be livid of disease
Shines my blame
Die, cum, die !

You begged for mercy
But I didn't hear your voice
Now I going to feed my swine
With all your bleeding bowels
Time has run, I kiss your dying grace
Time has failed, I drank from the chalice of disease
I drank from the chalice of disease

2. Theory of Perfection

I'm proud of your lies
I laugh in front of your sacrifice
Bastard I want to be
Try to provoke my apathy !

Stand-up ! I want to behold your body
I love to stroke your trembling flesh
Searching for perfection !

The tetrarchy of pain !

Theory of perfection the reign built on disdain
I'll give you a smiling son and his name will be hate
Reluctant creature of blame
Straight inside my eyes your cry will be mine.
Kiss the Hierarch's boots
Fear my whip
A muse strips around the throne
I sit, I command, I greed.

Educated to my virtue
I saw the Vice erected in shining ranks
Mine is the kingdom of derision.
Creepy angels in a rotten brothel
Enjoying the sodomy against the Nature
Father ! Your seed gushed in vain !

3. Used to Discipline

Apathy of feelings, apathy in front of the world
Light my eyes with your sufferings
You shine in your coldest scorn !

Catharsis - The mark of fire
Command - The blade of desire
Close by me
Collector of disease !

Used to discipline
Ranks or marching spite !
Incense the voice of silence !

Be pregnant of thorns
March ! Wings of spite
Shine herald of desire
Be the whip of my bliss
Drown me in the smell of your bleeding fear

4. Tied, Whipped... Educated

... So impure
... So thin... Vile

I might easily treat you more cruelly than you like
You'll get no mercy, no mercy from my pride.

Tied, Whipped... Educated
Makes the pulse throb faster

Obey any and all my commands
Your life and your death are at the mercy of my whims

You belong to me... bitch
Your mother sold me your innocence and puberty
For a drop of blood, for a drop of blood.

Tied, Whipped... Educated

Obey any and all my commands
Your life and your death are at the mercy of my whims

Makes the pulse throb faster.

5. Grotesque in Pleasure, Rotten in Vice

Punish harder, I scorn your whip
Abuse me seriously
I want to be crucified by your hands
Be your anger !

Go ahead until the flesh becomes livid
A whore crowned by thorns laughs
In front of my painful joy

Piss on this bleeding chest !
Tear off your maternal breast
Crown the dean of this earthly church !
... of this earthly church !

Exalt my nature !
Lubricate in your own blood
Blindfold take pleasure
These worms crawl in scorn.

Idol of perfection
The symmetry of pain
Devours yor nasty orgasm
Now smile beyond the shame !
Whip ! Strict bitch
The plague between diseases
Cut your florid womb
Be pregnant by my barren seed

Fat and sterile
Venomous and sick

Grotesque in pleasure rotten in vice
Catharsis through the tears of abuse
Fire to the idols of mankind

6. Reproach and Blame

Your breath mortifies me
Nature has failed on you
I want to be the whip
The icon of your slavery

Blame your roots, blame your life
I'm the crown of your suicide
That's all I want to see
Between those chains of misery
Every time I fall in pleasure
It's your fault
Every time I blame your nature
It's your worth

Annihilate yourself

I'm your hidden obscenity !
I'm the shame beyond the shame
I'm the carpet of your pray

Blame your roots, blame your life
I'm the crown of your suicide
That's all I want to see
Between those chains of misery

No truth no birth
In least your dreams
Chains rust in blame
Incense the voice of pain

Annihilate yourself !

7. Spawn of Decadence

The worms devouring my head
Pain is grasping my veins
This is your way to make me feel real.

I'm pain, my body is pain
I'm pain, my body is pain
I'm flame, my body is flames
I'm begging the end !

I can only deny yourself
defective nature's son
I crawl towards your satisfaction

Your great womb, I'd like to burn your face
I'll steal milk from your breast
Starving your little crying child.

No birth, no life
I'm screaming rage, I burn inside
Hate me as I hate the weak
I spread the virulence of my seed
... I spread the virulence of my seed.

Sacrify to me your maternal beauty
I'm the black seed
The flesh mirror of disease
Soulless die !

Spawn of decadence !

8. Whiplaw

The mimic of fear, you're under my control
Get naked on the bed of debauchery ! Go on !

More bitter, the death is woman
Drink from her chalice and give her your thorn
Every time you'll be kissed by my whip
You'll be the virgin, my delight forlorn.

I'm hating you !

Strokes to exalt your candour !
Sublime is the colour of cruelty !

I feed your pain and your screams
Now I'm sure someone is suffering for me,
I can cum.

I'm hating you !

The whiplaw is carving your beauty
Dressed by sores, wounds and sperm
The whiplaw exalts my observance
I'm the painter of anguish and lust.

9. Ejaculation Dementiae (instrumental)

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