Hail Of Bullets : …Of Frost and War

Death Metal / Netherlands
(2008 - Metal Blade Records)
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Hear the engines roaring
Hear the grinding steel
Advancing divisions
Behind armored wheels
They're driving through the clouds
They're staggering through the mud
Panic, fear and terror
An enemy on the run

Artillery is ploughing
The earth of foreign land
Screaming stukas drop
their deadly load
Einsatzgruppen murdering
On the Führer's command
Heavy calibre mortars explode

Seven armies marching
About 3 million man
Operation Barbarossa
Sealing Russia's end
Nebelwerfer launching
Granates scourge the ground
Heralds of the Blitzkrieg
Hell can't bear their sound

Iron wall of fire
Glowing melting sand
60 centimetre railwayguns
An earthquaking thunder
From the hinterland
Forged in flames this pandemonium

We were ordered eastward
Hate is on our side
Born and raised to fight
Global domination
Stalwart to the core
The mother of all wars
Brainwashed for destruction
Tools for the third Reich
Breed of indoctrination
All of you must die

Annihilate resistance
None of them were warned
Suffering from starvation
Insufficiently armed
Decapitated soldiers
Rattling torsos cry
Horses mutilated
Neighing agonized

Facing Armageddon
Total war is here
Superior material and men
Tiretracks approaching
Gruesome death is near
Another comrade's life
comes to an end


One last natural obstacle
The Luga river crossed
Determined to take Leningrad
No matter the cost
Not the final storm attack
Awe and disbelief
Build up the surrounding
A city under siege

Man the ramparts
and the barricades
Attempts fail to break
through this blockade
In a circle of hostility
Easy target for artillery

Intruder fire
comes from everywhere
completely unprepared
Provision depots go up in flames
Replenishments burn down
whilst on their way

Stocks increasing, low rations
In the clasp of starvation
Famine stirs up apathy
Hunger seals their destiny

Skeletons once humans
Consuming saw-dust bread
Meal of glue a substitute
As they starve to death
With all windows broken
It begins to freeze
Starvelings collapsing
Bodies pave the street

Over Lake Ladoga
Logistics on the ice
Evacuate the wounded
Bringing in supplies
900 days it lasted
The brutal cruel bloodshed
The massacred children
Never to forget


Scorched earth lies behind them
On schedule they are
Accompanied by victory
They came from very far
Drunken of the lootings
Ares on their side
Guides them to disaster
About to turn the tide

Autumn at the Eastern Front
Still they do proceed
Heavy rains are setting in
The attack is loosing speed

Eight miles left to Moscow
Her suburbs now in sight
The 3rd and 4h Panzerarmies
Vainly wait for their supplies
Plod on through the filth
On impassible roads
Hardly making progress
Streets turn in to floads

Winter at the Eastern Front
They do no longer proceed
Heavy cold is setting in
Forcing troops to raise the siege

Stumbling, wading through
the blizzard rage
Advance halts,
disappears in snow and ice
Iwan laughs,
Welcoming General Winter
White scourges,
natural mighty allies

Standing ground,
Sharpening frost, minus 40
Frozen oil, silences artillery
Swollen limbs, scorbutics,
cracking army
Landsers cry, thousands die,

Awaiting the turning point
The Soviets launch their attack
Trying to break through
the German flanks
To encounter them at their backs
Siberians in winter uniform
And well-equipped for the fight
Offensives unleashed
from the North and the South
To cut right through
their supply lines

Finally the order
Preparing for retreat
The Wehrmacht has to withdraw
Or else will face defeat
Despite all the losses
The Red Army has failed
An impasse at the Eastern Front
And none have prevailed

Sixty miles from Moscow
In winter positions
Exhausted from the war
But the battle rages on


Surviving the winter
Gathering some strength
The madman is determined
To shorten the war's length
Troops capacity
Send them back to hell again
At Satan's mercy

A movement to the South
Different strategy
The centre of hostilities
To destroy industry
Mobilise the legions
Unleash the dogs of war
Ride the beast of death again
Advancing once more

Penetrating panzers
Drive their armoured wedge
Zealots incite infantry
Over the edge
Rumbling through the steppe
In clouds of dust and sand
Soviet troops seem scattered
In abandoned land

The gates of Hades open
Marching through hell's door
The fiendish hordes are
advancing once more

Storming with full throttle
The plains of the Kaukasus
Leave their banner waving
On Mount Elbrus
The oilfields are burning
There's no turning back
Russian self-destruction
Horizon's coloured black

The gates of Hades open
Marching through hell's door
The fiendish hordes are
advancing once more

Ride the beast of death again
Unleash the dogs of war
The fiendish hordes are
Advancing once more


Plundering SS-units
Prisoners rot in camps
The old and weak were shot
Defeatist got hanged
Nationwide extortion
No one can survive
A starving population
Miserably dies

Silently they disappeared
at night
Joined the other hungry
wolves to fight
To slay and maim and kill
the fascist beast
The cutthroat invaders
of their East

Blowing up the bridges
Undermine the streets
Attacking the convoys
Leave cold dead German meat
Sabotage the railways
Behind enemy lines
Bombing army transports
Destroy telephone wires

A merciless strike
from out of the dark
Witness the Russian Partisan's
All they have
is their hate to feed on
Ambush another enemy patrol

Hiding in the forest
Or villages nearby
Like the pack they are prowling
And only hunt at night
Lying in the slush
Buried deep in snow
Always facing death
Ready for the blow

Marching, creeping, waiting,
Snipers in the trees
Aiming, shooting, killing
These wolves will have their feast


Summer 1941
Instructors start to train
A night bomber squadron
The 588th
Regiment of women
From pilots to mechanics
Claim their role in history
These aviatrixes

Polikarpov biplanes
Providing ground support
Temperature plummeting
To -54
Climbing the dark cloudened sky
Engaged in dog-fights
Up to 18 missions
In one single night

High above Rodina
For the umpteenth raid
Female fighter aces
Send their bombs away
Through the deafening sirens
Struck by heavy flak
Although riddled with bullets
All made it safely back

Shrieking madonnas
Lead spitting banshees
Baptize them in fire
Iron Valkyries
Incoming Nachthexen
Set the ground ablaze
Push the throttle up again
And hear their screams of pain

8. THE CRUCIAL OFFENSIVE (19-11-1942, 7.30 AM)

Hell at the South-West Front
Near Kletskaja village
Katyusha lunchers introducing
Voronovs barrage
A hail of 80 minutes lasting
Screaming shrapnel steel
Grinding stunned Romanians
In disorder they flee

Falling on soil that never was theirs
Mercilessly chased by unknown heirs
Dying eyes meet furious Soviet wrath
Cautiously determined, striking hard

Meanwhile from the Donfront
Comes the second assault
A large number of forces
Impossible to halt
Chaos is complete
As a third attack begins
Pincer movements leading all
Towards the Kalatsj bridge

MGs rip and tear through hardened flesh
Massive seem the dark tank silhouettes
Invulnerable deadly T-34
Hear the Stormoviks in the sky roar

Essential coordination
As important as speed
Don't give Fritz the time
To get back on his frozen feet
The brave heroic 62nd
Of Tsjukov stood its ground
Between Don and Volga
Soldiers bodies mount

Now surrounding according to plan
330,000 men
Left to die without ammo or food
The crucial offensive of WW II


After the crucial offensive
Follows a shameful retreat
An attack against the western flank
And they might escape defeat
Forced into hedge-hog position
A break-through is strictly prohibited
Thus murdering thousands of men
Feeding them
Assuring them they will get out
The 6th army's faith in its Führer

Von Manstein's relief not succeeding
The panzers of Hoth are pushed back
Experiencing their own tactic
Entrapped in this Kesselschlacht
Foremost frontlines changing daily
Innumerable casualties
In overcrowded field-hospitals
No ending to the injuries
Evacuating Marinowka
The pulverized 3rd ID
On the high-road to Karpowka
Leftovers of infantry
Passing the horse cadavers
A path marked with bloodstains
Distorted division vehicles

Cracked skulls, piece of brains
Crooked frozen bodies
Soldiers die where they fell
Crawling on the trail of treason
Entering the Portal to Hell

The clearange of Pitomnik
In the raging snow
Desperate Junkers planes
Circling above
Wounded forgotten
Metal, blood and dirt
Running to the safety
Of Stalingrad's outskirts

Puny figures sleeping
In stinking holes
Thick fog and black smoke
Living like moles
Under-nourished troopers
Turn into dust
Typhoid and dysentery
Vaporizing pus

Eating their comrades entrails
Accomplained by crows
Chaplains commit suicide
As there's no god above
Everywhere carcasses
Too frozen to eat
Nothing to fight for
And no more blood to bleed


An absurd order given
Sheer astonishment
Organize new defense lines
With shattered regiments
Fight to the last bullet
Never to withdraw
Approval of the death sentence
Berlin's will is law

Rejecting the final ultimatum
All forbidden to negotiate
A threatening liquidation of an army
Still refusing to capitulate
Leading their men to contine the fight
Comfortable generals in warm barracks
In the open fields their soldiers die

Blood on filthy hands
Insanity commands

Recruiting the starving and the crippled
Crimping the wounded and the diseased
Executing the looting amputated
Closing cruel eyes for their infamy
Praising the emaciated faces
Lots of decorations but no bread
Frozen human flesh amongst the ruins
Cannibals consume the burning dead

A pathos of treason
Blood on filthy hands
Till the last convulsion
Insanity commands


The main armies defeated
Remains are heading West
Towards the safety of the Reich
Between them and the homeland
Lies one final obstacle
A passage through the Carpaths
Known as impenetrable

Few challenging passes
Ravines dark and deep
Ascending 2000 meters
Where roads are bad and steep
Units without officers
Deserters from imprisonment
Over threatening white peaks

Nowhere light, nowhere shelter
Not a sign of life
A desolate dreary region
Where no-one can survive the misdemeanours
The crimes against mankind
The last halts of abundance
They left them far behind

Fury figures wrapped in grey blankets
Will-less eyes gaze into nothingless
Stare through this pathetic procession
A long cortege of infatuation

Tired sullen faces
Feet blistered and sore
Their clothing is threadbare
Soles tied up with cords

A mountain range afflicted by the cold
Icy wind brings horizontal
At the Carpathian Inferno

A lump of snow is looming
Alongside of the track
The tombstone of two comrades
Who died silent, back to back
Faces remain nameless
Wheels crush splintered bones
Frozen death is painless
On this god-forgotten road


Last nest of resistance
In which children fight
Old and young mobilized

The city burning
Buildings collide
A treacherous suicide

Between the ruins
Where ravens fed
On the bodies of the dead

Just one more battle
And one more storm
The war is over
It is done
Delirious the rapings
The men have died
A Soviet victor
Germany cries

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