Hail Of Bullets : Hail of Bullets

Death Metal / Netherlands
(2007 - Iron Pegasus Records / Self-Produced)
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Scourched earth lies behind them
On schedule they are
Accompanied by victory
They came from very far
Drunken of the lootings
Ares on their side
Guides them to disaster
About to turn the tide

Autumn at the Eastern Front
Still they do proceed
Heavy rains are setting in
The attack is loosing speed

8 Miles left to Moscow
Her suburbs now in sight
The 3rd and 4h Panzerarmies
Vainly wait for their supplies
Plod on through the filth
On impassible roads
Hardly making progress
Streets turn in to floads

Winter at the Eastern Front
They do no longer proceed
Heavy cold is setting in
Forcing troops to raise the siege

Stumbling, wading through
The blizzard rage
Advance halts,
Disappears in snow and ice
Iwan laughs,
Welcoming General Winter
White scourges,
Natural mighty allies

Standing ground,
Sharpening frost, minus 40
Frozen oil, silences artillery
Swollen limbs, scorbutics,
Cracking army
Landsers cry, thousands die,

Awaiting the turning point
The Soviets launch their attack
Trying to break through
The German flanks
To encounter them at their backs
Siberians in winter uniform
And well-equipped for the fight
Offensives unleashed
From the North and the South
To cut right through
Their supply lines

Finally the order
Preparing for retreat
The Wehrmacht has to withdraw
Or else will face defeat
Despite all the losses
The Red Army has failed
An impasse at the Eastern Front
And none have prevailed

60 miles from Moscow
In winter positions
Exhausted from the war
But the battle rages on


Plundering SS-units
Prisoners rot in camps
The old and weak were shot
Defeatist got hanged
Nationwide extortion
No one can survive
A starving population
Miserably dies

Silently they disappeared
At night
Joined the other hungry
Wolves to fight
To slay and maim and kill
The fascist beast
The cutthroat invaders
Of their East

Blowing up the bridges
Undermine the streets
Attacking the convoys
Leave cold dead German meat
Sabotage the railways
Behind enemy lines
Bombing army transports
Destroy telephone wires

A merciless strike
From out of the dark
Witness the Russian Partisan's
All they have
Is their hate to feed on
Ambush another enemy patrol

Hiding in the forest
Or villages nearby
Like the pack they are prowling
And only hunt at night
Lying in the slush
Buried deep in snow
Always facing death
Ready for the blow

Marching, creeping, waiting,
Snipers in the trees
Aiming, shooting, killing
These wolves will have their feast


Hear the engines roaring
Hear the grinding steel
Advancing divisions
Behind armoured wheels
They're driving through the clouds
They're staggering through the mud
Panic, fear and terror
An enemy on the run

Artillery is ploughing
The earth of foreign land
Screaming stukas drop
Their deadly load
Einsatzgruppen murdering
On the Führer's command
Heavey calibre mortars explode

Seven armies marching
About 3 million man
Operation Barbarossa
Sealing Russia's end
Nebelwerfer launching
Granates scourge the ground
Heralds of the Blitzkrieg
Hell can't bear their sound

Iron wall of fire
Glowing melting sand
60 centimetre railwayguns
An earthquaking thunder
From the hinterland
Forged in flames this pandemonium

We were ordered eastward
Hate is on our side
Born and raised to fight
Global domination
Stalwart to the core
The mother of all wars
Brainwashed for destruction
Tools for the third reich
Breed of indoctrination
All of you must die

Annihilate resistance
None of them were warned
Suffering from starvation
Insufficiently armed
Decapitated soldiers
Rattling torsos cry
Horses mutilated
Neighing agonized

Facing Armageddon
Total war is here
Superior material and men
Tiretracks approaching
Gruesome death is near
Another comrade's life
Comes to and end


Surviving the winter
Gathering some strength
The madman is determined
To shorten the war's length
Troops capacity
Send them back to hell again
At Satan's mercy

A movement to the South
Different strategy
The centre of hostillities
To destroy industry
Mobilise the legions
Unleash the dogs of war
Ride the beast of death again
Advancing once more

Penetrating panzers
Drive their armoured wedge
Zealots incite infantry
Over the edge
Rumbling throug the steppe
In clouds of dust and sand
Soviet troops seem scattered
In abandoned land

The gates of Hades open
Marching through hell's door
The fiendish hordes are
Advancing once more

Storming with full throttle
The plains of the Kaukasus
Leave their banner waving
On Mount Elbrus
The oilfields are burning
There's no turning back
Russian self-destruction
Horizon's coloured black

The gates of Hades open
Marching through hell's door
The fiendish hordes are
Advancing once more

Ride the beast of death again
Unleash the dogs of war
The fiendish hordes are
Advancing once more

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