Gwar : Scumdogs of the Universe

Las palabras


Here's a little something from a God to a slave,
I never should of been let out the fucking microwave!
We're on this planet and we're running a muck,
I should give a shit but I don't give a fuck!
Ever since I was a scumdog, I blew a cum-wad.
I need a mother-fucking suckadickalickalong!
Burning a mall or two, blowing the load I spew.
You don't wanna fucking fuck me? I'll Fuck you!
This is your ass, and I'm in it.
My man sexy will fuck you up in a minuet.
With an axe, sword, mace, pike your limbless.
Then I'll fuck your ass till its rimless!
Oh! You humans always screaming!
Oh! As you suckle on my semen!
Oh! And the shit is always steamin'
A drunk, a pervert, a junkie and a sodimizer.
But you can call me the salaminizer
Give unto give unto give unto give unto
My life is a luxury, so filled with hate.
I got fifty slaves heaping maggots on my plate.
From my fortress in Antarctica I watch the world die
On my Sony Trinitron that's switched to channel 5.
Back on the road, its no lie....
Stupid fucking humans pay money to die!
Crushed in the pit, nailed to the stage
I only suck the souls that are underage.
[Repeat Chorus]


Vile form of necros has rotted your mind
Feasting like maggots, maggots in flesh
So, it left your ruined cortex behind
Now, it really knows glee as it nibbles on your spine

Maggots, maggots
Maggots are falling like rain
Maggots, maggots
Maggots are falling, falling like rain

Reeking putrid pus pools vomit bubonic plague
The bowels of the beast stink of puke and
How to describe such vileness on a page
The world maggot waits for the end of an age

Maggots, maggots
Maggots are falling like rain
Maggots, maggots
Maggots are falling, falling like rain

Beneath a sky of maggots I walked
Until those maggots began to drop
I gaped at god to receive my gift
I bathed in maggots 'till the planet shift
The maggots are falling like rain
The maggots are falling like rain!
Now in the halls of the necro-lord
Flash of fear when he sees my sword
I rape his woman, smoke his bong
Leave a little booger underneath his throne
The maggots are falling like rain
The maggots are falling like rain!


Your socks they smell, your feet they stink,
You never take a bath.
Your nose it runs, you bust your buns,
You always finish last.
Sick! (Sick) Of!
(Of) Youuuuu.
I'm so sick, so sick of you.
Your face is gross, you eat white toast,
You don't know what to do.
It's just your luck, you really suck,
That's all - I'm sick of you
(Bring it down... I said bring it down! Thank you)
Don't ya know? So sick of you.
Things you say, and all the things you do. [x6]
[Chorus x3]
Human filth.. Sick!


With a battle cry go forth which is
"Give the people what they want."
And what the people want could only be the senseless slaughter
of the gutter-slime that litters this nation for cash and prizes.
Yes, this is the show where people bet their lives to win something big.
Cause when your life is shit, then you haven't got much to lose on
This next geek is guilty of the following:
A Grateful Dead life for which he's been allowing.
Tried to tell us "Give peace a chance."
Met the National Guard and he shit in his pants.
Its not you imagination, its not a bad trippie, yes thats him -
Its the big smelly hippy!
Hello Mr.Hippy, nice to meet ya.
Hey, got a little shit between your toes.
How's things at the ol' manure factory?
How's little Tofu? What!?
She grew another head?
Well, ya gotta lay off that LSD y'know,
kinda makes your offspring goofy-looking.
So, how do ya hide money from a hippy?
Put it under the soap.
I'm sorry but that answer wasn't in time,
you're gonna have to put your mouth on this.
Whoa! I blew your head clean off.
Good thing I was such an expert shot with the National Guard back in Kent State.
There's nothing like hippie hunting.
My dad always use to take me with Lee Harvey Oswald.
All right, we're rocking now.
Worlds biggest hair,
worlds tightest pants got no circulation but you still can't dance.
Fashion is a statement and sometimes a risk.
Every fashion had its faults, but yours is the pits.
Always in black, looks like he's dead -
Here's the art-fag lying on his death-bed.
Hello Mr. Art-Fag, come on out here.
Say, what a hairdo. Its awfully big.
As big as the.. the..
the Hindenburg and it will go up just as fast if I put this lighter to it.
But no, I'm gonna hold out and ask you this question:
What ever happened to Eddie Munster?
I'm looking at him!
Oh, Oderus help the boy with his hairdo there.... ooh, its getting ripped off.
Ow, you know that's gotta hurt.
Hey, what's Oderus trying to do with his face?
Is that a face-lift?
No, he's pulling that face clean off.
Ahhhhh. Help that sod outta here..
Gave up pussy, stopped to a toot.
Now you can't wait to give someone the boot.
Elbows and knuckles, all you knows how.
Follows the heard, just another cow.
Brain full of shit, boots full of lead.
Straight from Hitler's ass it's a nazi skinhead.
Hello Mr.Nazi Skinhead how'ya doin'?
How's Geraldo's nose? Still broken? W
ell it's good to see ya still on the job.
Y'know when you're mugging talk show commentators in bathrooms,
always remember to draw the swastika turning to the right,
not to the left, always to the right.
Why do nazi skinheads wear red suspenders anyway? H
e doesn't have to tell you.
Time to give this nazi skinhead one more haircut,
real close to the shoulders like.
Whoa! His heads been decapitated.
Look at all that PSI in he aorta artery.
Whoa! Is he a gusher or what?
Well, ladies and gentlemen that's all for this week.
We've killed everyone worth killing, hope you do the same.
We'll Be back next week for another edition of Slaughterama.
It's full of existential despair.
It's full of people who just don't care.
Don't feel sorry for them.
They've chosen there own pathetic life.


Scanning the crowd.
Defiling the writhing masses.
I saw your death,
Impaled on iron fences.
Your fate was sealed.
Your doom, to died on TV Because your death,
your bloody death will never please me.
You don't know what its like, yes you never could possibly understand.
I would you would.
What it means to stand where I stand;
Atop a heap of heads and hands.
Now its time to divide the line, to make up what's left of mind.
Now you know, you know its almost time.
Your world, your doom, your life, your destiny.
To live for GWAR and die, die, die for me.
You must not let them stop what you do,
You may be destroyed before I enter you
And you will do as I tell you to.
The years without light.


One thing that I know:
That everywhere I fucking go
People writhe with piles of corpses,
Rotting on there down below.
And they all beg forgiveness.
And so you know I will give them this.
Living in the future now,
Y'know I'm moving much too fast.
I feel like I'm dying even though I'm living in the past.
And this immortal coil
You know that it will always last.
And now I think I'll have to sing about the death and horror that I bring:
Gay apparel I put it on, put it on
Sucking the marrow.
And as you die I sing this song.
Oh! How shocking, how dare you.
Dare to die before I'm through.
Supposed I'll have to resurrect you
And bathe your bowels in boiling spew.
Now its time, almost time.
Now its time to...
I'm gazing at you broken bones.
I feel lost and so forlorn.
Another death, another mess,
Another shroud that I have worn.
Another box that I begin,
Another grave you'll soon be in.
I concentrate the lovely hate.
But you're looking kinda thin.
King Queen, King Queen, its so obscene. [x2]
Infinite ruin!
Life falls down.
Look at me spewing.
You begged me to come to this town.
When your clubs crushed and you friends are dead,
Then you'll remember just-a what I said:
I'm the qeeniest being that there ever has been.
Dare you tempt the wrath?
The wrath of old King Queen?
Now it's time, almost time.
Now it's time to die!
When your clubs crushed and your friends are dead,
Then you'll remember just-a what I said: [x2]
I'm the queenliest being that there ever has been [x3]
Dare you tempt the wrath?
The wrath of old King Queen?
Crush you like bug - Smash steel and stone.
Obliterate, dominate.
Call this planet home.
King Queen. King Queen. [x3]


"Horror is a face, and you must make a friend of horror horror
and moral terror are your friends and they are not.
that they are your enimies the horror"
[from "Apocalypse Now"]
I saw Yig. Yig saw me.
We're together in dark concavity.
I saw Yig. He's so big. He smokes cigs.
Eats just like a pig.
Ooooohhhhhh! I saw Yig. I saw Yig. I saw, I saw Yig!
Yig now is shifting his gibbering mass.
He hides boils with maggots.
The pus-sac extrudes.
The horror that is Yig...
When he rapes your mind, your mind will snap like a twig.
Shaping and raping, his conscience is clear.
Infest - black death.
Spreads hate and foul cheer.
The horror, The HORROR!
Where Yig doth tread no man tread tomorrow.
Reeking death harvest of humans in hatred.
Suck on the shitbag of what you created,
What we created. Yig now in coming, Yig now is here.
Yig now he makes things impossibly queer.
Piles of maggots
Clouds of flies
Putrid breath
And bulging eyes.
Yig comes and you die, you all die.


Vlad- Vlad- Vlad the impaler
Vlad- Vlad- he coulda been a whaler
Vlad- Vlad- Vlad the impaler
Vlad- Vlad- coulda been a whaler
Coulda been a tailor
He turned out to be Norman Mailer

Whoa- whoa- whoa- whoa
He stepped back and smoked a joint
20,000 peasants got the point
Mommy was a hamster
Daddy was a jailer
Real tough childhood
For such a fucking Flailor
He's so glad he's Vlad

Vlad- Vlad- Vlad the impaler
Vlad- Vlad- he coulda been a whaler
Vlad- Vlad- Vlad the impaler
Vlad- Vlad- coulda been a whaler
Coulda been a tailor
He turned out to be Norman Mailer

When he was a boy
They sent him to the Turks
But they didn't like him
Because the Turks were jerks
When Vlad returned home his wrath
For his ancient foe he spurned
But the ancient art of impalement
Something the boy has learned
Oh how he learned
He learned, they burned, they burned, they burned
Rotisseries of corpses turned
He's so glad, he's so glad, he's so glad, he's so glad he's Vlad


You know I'm totally flaccid -
I'm just a limp, mega-prick
You know I'm looking for a stupid white chick
Because I'm black and huge
Black and huge
Black and huge
Black and Huge, black and huge -
All the women hate me in the porno booth
And now I see you, your there on the ground
And now you know, yeah I'm raising a mound
I'm gonna got you, make you erupt
If I could just get out of this cup


Yes you are
Your flesh is insignificant...
Still you drag yourself here on bloody stumps I recreate you amputate you
You defile my womb hahahahahaha
However weak it still appealing
Sights to send senses reeling
To see your nipples stripped from you
Tossed into my human stew
That's why you came to me...
You were begging for love surgery
It's the way - the way its got to be
It's called love surgery
Punks and priest, yeah they're all in there
A beggars bludgeoned with their shinwear
Bubbling cauldron choked with ichor
Well I must think of something sicker
Anticipate the nipple rape
Dish is almost done
The child has died, he must be fried
You humans are the same inside
Now the cauldron starts to boil I can feel my anus heave
The undergarment start to soil
And now I know its time to leave
When a demi-God blows bloody sperm
It does not stop, it starts to worm
And you shall achieve a maggot spunge-hole effect
Ohhh Scary


Death Pod comes from the sky - it does
Through the space, through the stone
Where the Master grows his clones
Where the legions wage eternal war
We were born in this place
Slaughtering race after race
We were part of
The Scumdogs of the
Hey Hey! Hey Hey! Hey Hey! Hey Hey!
The Death Pod is leaving
The Death Pods dismissed
The Death Pod is coming
The Death Pod is pissed
Death Pod comes from the sky - it does
The Master he gave us tools to despoil all he ruled
Plasma cannons spewing death on anything that dared protrude
But we craved for power, the wars been getting sour
The Pod was built, millions kilt, and something that could kick my ass
Sucking the scrod, blowing my wad
Blowing my wad all over God Dismissed!
Foolish mortal you didn't barge in on the power of the Death Pod did ya?
Huh, huh? Well now you shall receive:
The heat-seeking moister missile Death Pod comes from the sky - it does
The day it came, the blood was rain
We harvested eternal pain
The battle raged for a billion years
But through the burning corpses pall
It was revealed that GWAR would fall
And were banished to this miserable mudball planet.


Sexcuse me, but what-a good is all the violence in the world unless
it is toppled with limitless sex?
Bring out the limitless sex-object and allow me,
Sexecutioner to sexplain the seriousness of this subject,
now if you all will attend to my words you will see....
I'm a naughty fellow
In fact I'm certainly not too very mellow I came to this place
to rearrange you face
Sexcuse me!
So you think you are all very smart
That you know many words
All you need to know
For the rest of your life
I'm Sexecuting ya Sexecutioner
I am from France
([Slymenstra]-He is from France)
And when you are in France,
You pull down you pants
([Slymenstra]-You pull down your pants)
And when you on your knees
([Slymenstra]-When your on your knees)
You will do as I please
([Slymenstra]-You'll do as he pleases)
Red Rover - bend over
And let Sexy take over


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