Gwar : Bloody Pit of Horror

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Welcome once gain
To the Bloody Pit, my friends
We're so glad you could attend
Come and die...come and die...

Yes, the Bloody Pit of Horror, here...
As sick as is Gomorrah queer
It's purpled purpose crinkly clear-here!


I-I-I lead the Zombie Army
They-they-they are my sweetest slaves
These creatures
Well they shall never harm me
I saved them, from far beyond the grave

Lid on coffin cold
Return was foretold
Barrel, box, or bloody sack
Planted deep they still come back

Beyond the world of life
Beneath the scroll of time
The zombies rise and curse the light
They curse the living and they bite

You find it alarming, I find it quite charming
They way the dead they explode from the ground
I found it amazing the dead we were raising
And the stinking pile of bodies formed a molten-nipple mound
Your life is lost yet un-death found

The Bloody Pit of Horror has a bloody tale to tell
The bloody Pit of Holy Shit, oh Mother-fucking What the hell...

The Bloody Pit of Horror!

I-I - I lead the Zombie Army x3
I-I - They are my sweetest slaves

The Zombie King he walks alone
The Zombie King he has no throne
Just a never ending hunger
And a hole that can't be filled
By the centuries of victims from the living he has killed
Who have all passed beneath the Earth
To transform into living dead and swell his martial ranks
Who ever thought you could teach them to drive tanks?
Drive tanks through banks

Zombies, March!

The Zombie King, he calls his troops, Der Krieg is coming soon
The filthy fiend stand wall-to-wall, and this is a big room!
The creatures of the underworld ar an imposing bunch
But zombies are my sweetest slaves, as long as they get lunch

Vampires, they fucking suck, you know, because they're gay
Biker Werewolves, what a joke, they've sure seen better days...
Zombie King don't give a damn 'cause he already rules
Even though his followers are nincompoops and boobs

Zombies, March!


Now the tomb is bare
Scraps of cloth and hair
And though his body burned
He returned

Who's knocking at my door?
Come the carnivore...
Now he eats your skin
You can't win

Now you see my face!
Agog at my grace
I have never died
Be my bride...

Join me now in death!
While life you possess
This, my gift to thee...
Death, eternally


We came from your nightmares
And we're calling for your souls
Your endless death begins today
The Bloody Pit has final say
The Bloody Pit the bloody war
The only bloody way
The Bloody Pit of Horror
It feed on endless souls
The carnage must be unimpeded
Blood and souls are what is needed
The killing goes on day and night
We'll never fill this hole
The Bloody Pit it doesn't care
About the why, the when, the where
As guts are ripped and blood is spilled
It only knows it must be filled
And that's the way its always been
Never change, never win

Let's make it clear
Just why we're here
It's for something more important
Thank for drinking all your beer
We're here to kill you
And claim your souls
And drape your stinking entrails round
Our numerous war-poles

Can't be called a crime
Happens every time
A gathering of ghouls
We fill the pit with blood and souls
This is the only rule

Zombies marching off to war
they've done it all before
A gathering of ghouls
Raping, slaying, heavily flaying

The Bloody Pit is pleased!
It's bursting with disease
A gathering of ghouls
Hacking and bashing
And selling drugs at school

They say that this world is going insane
But I care little, my zombies need brains
If we need more victims we'll load them in trains

All is as it was and will be lots more
The Bloody Pit of Horror
The bloody curse of war


Storm-storm is coming
Storm-storm is coming
The death camps are growing like mushrooms through dew
But this time the murdered are not only Jews
We kill every species, not just one or two

You'll go in the pit and then you'll be reborn
You won't feel the cold and you'll never get warm
And then you will take your place in the storm

Because storm, storm is coming
Storm-storm is coming

You may wonder why I create these creatures
Big on stench but short on redeeming features
I'll tell you if you meet me under the bleachers

Syn he is broken, The Master is vanquished
We've got a Skumship, no need to be banished
The comsos a buffet, and I'm fucking famished

I need an army - to lead into battle
And rape the elderly - drive them like cattle!
We're killing you - to come along
Our undead host - is now six billion strong

Because storm-storm is coming
Storm-storm is coming
Storm-storm is coming
Storm-storm is coming

There's a storm coming... and you're gonna fucking die!

Ascend to space, the Skumdog ships, infested with the dead

Commander Adama is now on the bridge, he has no fucking head
Black void! Sorgo, Destroyer, ruined hulks lay burnt and broken
These are the war dogs of Nebulon, these dogs created for war...


Black void, overload, crest the solar filth
Bringing fire from all quarters, release the dogs of Nebulon
Array the host, the Nekro-Swarm, armored, gleaming humanoid
The chittering mass fills our sensor screen-
drive them back to the void

Slaughter, the cosmos scrubbed clean
Power - like none that I'd seen
GWAR - destroyers simply super
The usurped becomes usuper
Battle madness always spilling
Crackling chaos always killing
Zombie troopers rape the old
corpses float in zero-g

We are the Scumdog Soldiers, this is how we make war
Not happy just slaughtering species, the planet is clove to the core
Sometimes these hideous memories bring tears of joy to my scabby face
We are the Scumdogs and this is our war,
til' we burn the last world and kill the last race

Last race!


Lets go Tick-tits!

Well have you seen her tits?
When they are covered in ticks
It's shit like that
That makes monks shag their wicks
Say have you seen her ticks?
Sucking on her tits?
Not even dog-tits are better than this
Unless of course they are covered in ticks
What could be better than ticks on your tits?
Except for Dick-tits, all up in the slit
And also, your Mothers a whore
The ticks got so big they won't fit through the door
Have you seen her tits when they're covered in ticks
Let's all go lick them then pop them with sticks
Tick-tits are growning, they're saggy and grey
And once you fuck tick-tits you'll never go gay

Tick-tits, Tick-tits
Tick-tits, Tick-tits
I love
Tick-tits, Tick-tits
Tick-tits, dick-slit, sick shit

Have you seen her tits?

Underneath all of those ticks?

Baggy and saggy and filled up with pus
This is your Mom, she hangs out with us...
Dammit I love me some ticks
So do the wops and the micks
And if you don't you outta...
The Mexicans love a bug Tick-tit pinata
I am addicted to ticks
And I don't wanna sound like a prick
So many ticks you can't see her at all
If it keeps up like this she'll be banned from the mall
Now let's set fire to the ticks!
It's as easy as flicking your Bic!
The tick-titted wonder is bursting with flame
Her tits are on fire-I don't know her name

Tick-tits, Tick-tits
Tick-tits, Tick-tits
I love
Tick-tits, Tick-tits
tick-tits, dick-slit, sick shit

I got this job in ebay
They sent me to scrape out her flap
Never guessed id be so impressed
By her tick-tit-dick-slit trap
Just a flopping mass of grayish skin
Oozing ichor from every crease
Did I forget to mention
She's morbidly obese?

Tick-tits, oh Tick-tits, pleased clean out your gash
A rugby team is at the door, we really need the cash

Tick-tits, Tick-tits
Tick-tits, Tick-tits
I love
Tick-tits, dick-slit, sick shit

Her suffering is over now
She found death, I pray
Her body so covered in insects
Haven't seen her face for days
Her mung-encrusted 'ginal hole
Became a swarming insect bowl
Baggy and saggy
And puffy and gross
The talk of the town!
The toast of the coast!


I am a throwback to primeval age
I'm easy to anger I'm quick to enrage
Get in my way and you forfeit your life
I'll orphan your children and widow your wife

Fight now! Til' ther's only one left
Right now! I will lay you to rest

I am the bringer of of thunder and pain
My fists of lead fall upon you like rain
Resistence is futile your fate has been sealed
I will not stop until you have been killed

Fight now! Til' there's only one left
Right now! I will lay you to rest
Cry out! With your last dying breath
Die now! As I beat you to death


I need no weapon to bring you to heel
My fist in your face is the last thing you feel
Beg me for mercy and see what it gets you
My only real pleasure is getting to hit you

Fight now! Til' there's only one left
Right now! I will lay you to rest
Cry out! With your last dying breath
Die now! As I beat you to death

I have no room in my heart for compassion
If you piss me off I will simply start smashin'
Your pleas for reason are simply pathetic
Why waste my words when my fists are poetic

Beat you down
To the ground
Break your bones
Final blow

And blood will flow

It's clobberin' time!

I hate you I hit you [x7]

I beat you to death


You are a woman
I am a man
You are my meat
Get in the pan
You are my meat
So die like the rest
As I consume your flesh
It's all for the best

You are my meat
You are my fat
Don't try to fool me
By skinning a cat
Don't ever forget
You are my meat
Or I'll knock you sideways
Well into next week

Our lives together
Mean nothing to me
Draping my molars
Is where you should be
My gullet, my stomach
These lands you shall pass
Then you become shit
And explode out my ass

You are my meat
You are my meat
You are my meat
You are my meat


They show you no mercy
They just show you a line
Call it a chaos, a curse, or a crime
call it what you will but I call it genocide

Genocide, genocide
Hail! Hail!
Genocide, genocide
Genocide, genocide
Hail! Hail!
Genocide, genocide
You know they're calling for a...
Genocide, genocide
Hail! Hail!
Genocide, genocide
You know you're falling for a...
Genocide, genocide
Hail! Hail!
Genocide, genocide
A lotta people died!

Aye, genocide, they say the don't do it
but you know they tell lies
Because the genocide is doing fine,
time after time after time after time
There's a dotted line, for you to sign
Making butchers out of babies, they do it all the time
Hail to genocide
You know they're calling for a

It's your duty to serve them
And it's your duty to die
It's so fun, gotta gun
You'll get money only some
Training on their death-games since you were a little child

Genocide, genocide
Hail! Hail!
Genocide, genocide
Genocide, genocide
Hail! Hail!
Genocide, genocide
You know they're waiting for a...
Genocide, genocide
Hail! Hail!
Genocide, genocide
You were created for a...
Genocide, genocide
Hail! Hail!
Genocide, genocide

And so it goes forever more
The soldiers go to war
The Generals hold the door
And no one's even keeping score
One thing they know, they know that they need more

Hail to genocide
You know they're waiting for a
Hail to genocide
You know they're waiting for a

It is your duty to serve them
And i'ts your duty to die
And when they ask you, when they ask you why
Tell them that you serve
The holy call of genocide

Genocide (x8)

Aye, genocide
If murder was music
I'd be a symphony of chimes
Cuz the genocide is doing fine
Gotta do what I do
To make a murder mine
Hail to genocide
You know they're waiting for a... (x6)



KZ Nekromancer
KZ Nekromancer
KZ Nekromancer
He's a fancy dancer

From Auschwitz down to Paraguay
Following the path of the good Doktor Mengele
They talk about a town down in old Brazil
The babies there all look alike
You know they always will
Just an angel of death with a black leather bag
A figure in white with a bloody black flag
KZ Nekromancer

I remember the bunker
We knew that our day would come
Here's a new round of injections
Everybody must have some
Sometimes it's sad we kill babies
To protect our soldiers from scabies
As I tear out stem cells the tears almost come
Then I remember these people are scum
KZ Doktor at the door
Fuhrer semen scraped from floor
Nekromancer come to call
House-to-house with blobs of ball
It's a KZ Nazi neck-romance
He's all up in your wife's pants...
Every drop of cum on the floor
Are legions of SS who cannot fight war
Save the Fuhrer's seed
It is what we need
To save the Master Race
Don't let him cum on Eva's face
Delivering the samples of the filthy Fuhrer seed
The Bloody Pit is crying for it's victims, it must feed...
The "doctor" goes from house to house
He's glad to make the call...
And if it's born without a head
That's no problem at all
Mengele crack the code?
Steal the seed? Blow the load? [x2]

Research reached a tipping point
We could not comprehend
Essential truths were seen as lies
It made no fucking sense
That's when he
Returned from the dead
KZ Nekromancer
Ghastly he grinned through his gaping Deaths-Head
He brought the truth of the Old Ones...
He wrote it out on the wall
With these ideas a great breakthrough was made
With hunks of wet gold I was handsomely paid

Also called Heydrich, "The Spider"...
That wiggled and squiggled and stuck it inside her...

You're hired!


And we begin our litany
Of peopled killed by mostly me
Goatie the load, he's first in line
Antarctic Ant not far behind
Ripped an arm off Melvin Fleebish
Mutant cockroach not for squeamish
Uncle Knobby crushed by engine
Pretty Pookie anus-bending
Anton Reemcobb he expoloded
Redneck got his chest imploded
Biker Bitch she was de-titted
Stubbles on a pike was spitted
Cranial-crush the Franken Ref
Ollie North was kicked to death
Smashed flat was Mutant Baby
Small Sac had to join the Navy

The Litany of the Vanquished
The Litany of the Slain
You know their names will someday vanish
Enshrined in death they shall remain

Mr.Fudgie, death came quickly
Mrs.Fudgie, slow and sickly
Mangled spleen of Noriega
Log suck Off, yeah we betrayed ya
Crucified the Oral Swallow
Bested Techno, threats were hollow
Bozo waged his mortal combat
Edna Grambo raped with wombat

The Litany of the Vanquished
the Corporal yes he lost his tits
Private Parts was drowned in shit
Poor ole Tome was beaten badly
Him was hacked and slashed up madly

The Litany of the Slain

Father Bohab waped til dead
Gor gor big sword thru the head
Smelly Hippy shotgun blast
Art Fag with a face-rip fast

you know their names with someday vanish

Reeko Bowel Grande he was flayed
Nigel Ponce was thricely gayed
Gor Borg got a spear through the gullet
Hitler had to bite the bullet

Enshrined in death they shall remain

Bag Lady disemboweled
Butterfly Boy raked and trowled
Butterfly Girl had no luck
Flopsy with a facial fist fuck
Boss Glom he had his face melted
World Maggot was thricely belted
Flesh column with a double fist chop
OJ got jugular slit-stop
Jerry Garcia heart attack
Frank Sinatra hammer whack
Bloody beatdown Cardinal Syn
Syn Warriors were chopped at chin
Gray Aliens stuck and skewered
Alien Baby was manured
Michael Jackson was a fighter
Jerry Springer struck by lighter
Mutant Penguins what a joke
Robo-Sleazy get a rope
Bill Clinton hacked and mangled
Monika her entrails tangled
Lady Die, death expected
El Duce, resurrected
Jon Benet a bloody mass
Dead Elvis a spear up ass
The Master wasn't very scary
But John Kerry very hairy
Marilyn Manson he got skinned
Jagermonsta flipped and pinned
Dr.Leaky got jaw knocked off
Double tit chop Lara Croft
Al Gore saw his flesh a rending
Bush's death was never-ending

Bonsesnapper he never died
Skullix did, though life he tried
Bloody Mary crushed by bison
Kicked the shit out of Mike Tyson
Courtney Love was raped and rotten
Had to hand a guy named Saddam
Osama crushed by weights so heavy
Found the head of Chandra Levy
Pope John Paul got bit by Gor Gor
Bashed and thrashed the Reagonator
Laci Peterson was found
Dick Cheny guts unwound
Paris Hilton fucked a donkey
Sharon Osbourne rather wonky
Lordi's head was on a stick
Va Tech dude what a dick

Jewcifer run down by camel
Double arm rip Toe Enamel
Hell Cop got a spear up ass
Ultimate Bohab quickly gassed
Nazi Pope was executed
Mo Ho Med electrocuted
Hillary Clinton murdered mama
Gruesome killing of Obama
John McCain saw his guts spilling
Sawborg Destructo saw the killing
Messy death for General Zog'
Another baby crushed with log
And that's what this song is for
The creatures that were killed by GWAR
So check in on the next GWAR tour


Sick and twisted
Sick and twisted
very bad
Crippled, crazy, sick and sad
Yes, a fouler thing has not existed
Yes, it's true I'm that sick and twisted

Sick and twisted
Bent and gnarled
Rigid, raving
Deeply scarred
Yes, I'm reviled
And I'm detested
Diseased and pleased
And crab-infested

Sick and twisted!!

Menageries I have molested
All my suits are double-breasted
Nothing sacred
Nothing sound
My ass is sagging
And my belly is round
My anus torn with years of trauma
Madly weeping drama-mama
Fisted deeply, with no friends
Yes, with me the bullshit never ends

Sick and twisted!
Sick and twisted!
Sick and twisted!

Sick and twisted
Outta luck
But you know what?
I don't give a fuck
I lost it all
But it was my call
And all in all
I had me a ball
Sick and twisted
Been black listed
Feathers flew
But I persisted
I carry on
And only hope
To eat up crack
And shoot up dope
Yes, everything is sick and twisted
Everything is sick and twisted

Sick and twisted!
Sick and twisted!
Life is just a battlefield
A crushing force to which I will not yield
Sick and twisted!
Sick and twisted!
Sick and twisted!
Sick and Twisted!

Everytime that I see this place
It reminds me that I must destroy your race
Then I shit myself and I feel disgrace
So instead of toilet paper I just use your face
Living outside of society
Look at what it's done to me
I crave crack and P.C.P.
And I need a big old dildo rammed all up inside of me...
Living in pomp and pageantry
Hits and shits and butts and sluts
Everyone around me hates my guts

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