Guttural Secrete : Nourishing the Spoil

Brutal Death / USA
(2013 - Brutal Bands)
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Unappealing vulgarity bestowed upon sensual instability
Sense of smell begins to corrode
Becoming partial to this odor...
Exit said values, moral compass disowned, refusal non existent
Cognitive collapse,
Necrophilia bound, intimate with the Breathless
Hands caress this tumescent accumulation of hominal waste
As insertion to epithelial duct is introduced
Can't you see she's blushing? Maybe it's just the rouge...
How about we imperfect this perfection
Hushed anatomy opened up, all goods removed...
Inner beauty gutted, gently placed in silver vessell
Shiny curvature splattered soft crimson shade
Amongst the swell, an over abundance of gingery blubber
Extracted from such a portly bellied up lover
Revel in curtled texture, sieved through fingers
A taste inquired... Dainty!
Corpulent soaked digits graze cold lips
So as to taste herself
Obscenities of sweet distaste whispered violently
Persistent affection to something so un needing
Love struck the moment she was rolled
Through the double doors...


Conception... Elegant process to create life
Something pure, beautiful
Grossly molested...
Lovers connection perverse
Mindset rank, filthy cognition to spoil privilege
Unwanting to flesh, demanding is the need for
Partner to ejaculate upon implement shine
"Rub it in", she implores...
Semen rubbed point tickles turgid labia
As timid hand helps to provide slow, full insertion
A tender gasp suggests initial reaction to egregious Infiltration
Mind opaque from border line shock
Lovesome cunt walls engross favorable suiter
Each stroke wetter than the next as
Stimulant fluid trickles to nestle puckered bloom
Discomfort addressed with soft palm upon brow
Her eyes depict insecurity, pleading concrete gaze
Look of agony and pleasure merge
Climax close, unconciousness closer
Eyes turn to white as she vomits
Muttered verses of ... "fuck me"
A cold sweat unsues, blade slid from crimson heavy canal
Embracing one another in nauseous drivel.


Knife is placed to the skin, carve away...
Insignificant features genetically linked to you upon Conception
Self proclaimed impurities urinate the need to butcher
Ones self in foul demeanor
Reluctant to stop, timorous to continue
Integrity of health depletes
Blood loss heavy, yet shearing persists
Scathing pain, but pleased with progress
In her mind she is stunning, gorgeous
More attractive with each incisive glide
Struggling to hang on she keeps grinning
Achieved perfection gratifying
Ravishing cutting implement receives
One final heartfelt lick
As it is placed upon untoughened throat
And slithered to unseal cartilaginous structure
Blood ejected, covering pubescent trinkets across the room
Dead weight plummets, divine decent
Beauty is only a knife away...


Awaken to cervix lavished with incisive cutlery
Pain endorses silence, yet whimpers seep
Sight blurred, but feeling of wet and warm
Welcomes your touch
No teeth, cracked lips, what once was a sweet mouth
Trickles blood and phlegm
Tear ducts rippling, take in abomination
Your sister's lie scattered amongst you
Most dead, few clinging to life
Ungentle to delicate features,
Engulfed in the rot
Of fellow gender you soak
Completely disrobed you slither across silky insides
Determined to escape,
Yet escape embellishes imagination
The uninviting sound of footsteps pulsate your ears
Through the door comes generous assailant
Introducing his steel toe to your face
Appearance smashed, life drains from
Soft green eyes... Life is no more
Your soul belongs to no god,
Your soul belongs to pain
Dead lump of flesh sexually disorganized
Mangled where you were fucked... How ironic
Look what faith has brought you
What's it like to receive no answer?
Do you now see?


Lie there, be still...
Do you really love me like you claim to?
Is there nothing in this world you wouldn't do for me?
I have something for you, but you have to trust me...
Tender muscle tissue accedes lank syringe
Potent serum introduced to blood stream
Cadaver function becomes sterile
Your motionless body becomes a canvas for lunacy
A secong thought... Irrelevant
Hands wander across flesh so still
Each leg tended to and spread ever so gently
Exposing pulchritudinous slit
So inviting...
Through this exercise, passion and trust is what you seek, But...
Humiliation and degradation is what I give
Grab your face, not so gently, look into your eyes
Softly tell you the awful deeds you are about to succumb to
Spread legs pressed back to exposeknotted exit
Tongue laid across exterior
Subtle taste of shit, tastebud inticing...
Accomodates belly full of hot piss
Saliva thin coats starving rectum, below average lubricant
Will suffice...
Ass fucked repeatedly...
Hand ran gently through hair: "You're doing just fine Honey.."
Stink tunnel flooded with seminal bliss
Her loves knows no bounds when she has no say...


Obsessing over piss and shit,
Fecal orgy shit stained I sit
Gagging from the stench so vile
Suffocating with a smile
Puking on myself, regurgitating fecal matter
Feels like razorblades, carving up my throat
Self indulgent narcissism,
Giving myself deep incisions
Mixing shit with my blood...
Blood clots begin to form in my veins from the
Blockage of brown
Losing oxygen to my brain
As my body shuts itself down
Laid out, my cadaver is lifeless
Covered in a pool of my own shit
The stench grows, as flies start to swarm
Claiming my body as the home for their unborn
I bleed, they feed, on me...
Gorge on my shit
Infesting their kind into me, planting their seed
Maggots emerge from my corroding corpse
Devouring every last piece of me
My obsession of filth has turned into reality.


Slowly incisions made, let's begin...
Bloated skin gently creased, stink released
Through openings of a loathly nature
Hints of varicose veins accent purple meat of subfigure
Minuscule itineraries for errorless lesions
Silver is dressed to impress,
Radiant and eager to seperate
Flesh meet silver, may she take your coat?
She glides effortlessly,
Content with the warmth against her sides
Until bone is reached...
Such barricades a breakable fix
Appendages cut to symmetrical fashion
Precision mandatory for this routine
Silver knows no flaw regarding butchery
With every stroke she glistens,
Disassembling she shines,
To truncate is her business
Flayed is splended heap,
Limbs placed in unorthodox postures
Elegance amongst repulsion
Brilliant with a knife
Displaying the fruits of one's labor.


Oblivious to one's surroundings
Masturbation has lost its appeal
Plentiful crop of the feminine kind
Antagonizes rapist wit
Patience is key for wanted progression
She looks nice...
I'm sure she'll bleed just fine
Light breeze pierces sassy long hair
Cinnamon scent trails behind
Unknowingly escorted home
Location confirmed...
Rock to face meeting to follow
She makes her way to her door
Before she can turn around, her head is caved in
Knees buckled, body collapses
Through the door she is dragged
Leaving a trail of cranial remnants behind
Stripped and spread...
Beatings continue while her body is still warm
Dead with no feeling, but continually raped
Cumming inside her, thumbs press lips to smile
Was it good for you?
I'll cuddle for awhile, but I really must go soon
Carried upstairs, placed and tucked into bed
Kiss to the forehead
I'll call you tomorrow...


A gaze into nothing
Eyes glazed over black
Hollow viewing of expiration flirts nuisance
Beaten to no end, bound beyond something uncomfortable
Circulation to limbs constricted
Purple is a good color on you...
Clever blade slid across unruffled cheekbone
Tilted and rested underneath optic cavern
Oculus extruded one by one
Mouth compacted so screams are nothing more
Than soundless, make up smearing tears
Dripping along soft pastel skin
A vacant stare in need of attention
Ungentle hand grips your face
Quarter sized shards of glass goaded into hollow sockets
An empty gaze, sunken glare
Clotting the vacant stare...
Nose to nose, intaking fearful scent
Admiring rancid reflection from your new found orbs
Someone enjoys being their own audience
Continuing to stare into her scintillated gaze
Hands wrap around neck, crushing esophagous
You can tell many things about a person
By looking into their eyes
He could see in hers, she was ready to die...
Collapsed throat, air choked
Before your life fades,
The last thing you see is nothing...

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