Great White : Hooked

Hard Rock / USA
(1991 - EMI Records / Capitol Records)



Well there's somethin' goin' down
Right here in the neighborhood
Somethin' goin' down
Don't know if you really should
Doncha lose your head
I'll make your heart feel good

There's trouble all around
Trouble with the PTA
Tell me whatcha gonna do?
Takin' all our highs away
S'enuff to turn you round
But Momma not today

C'mon little baby
Let's call it rock n' roll
C'mon little honey
Let's call it rock n' roll
Gonna get a good feelin'
Right down to your soul

Now your Papa's gettin' down
Momma sayin' you're no good
Baby it's a shame
It's never really understood
How a dose of rock n' roll
Can make your heart feel good


I know you think that you're one bad mother
Got no time for a rock n' roll lover
You strut around like the original Queen of Sheeba
To I love you, you reply with c ya!

But this is how it's gonna be
You're gonna give your love to me
I know you won't come easily
But your gonna give your love to me

This is how it's gonnna be
You're gonna give your love to me
I know your life is runnin' free
But you're gonna give your love to me

You got that face for a part in a devil's dream
You got that shape from a deal with a voodoo fiend
One of a kind, there surely ain't no other
Oh don't you see we're made for one another


There's always more than meets the eye
Sometimes a smile can hide a lie
Learn't me the hard way don't it show
S'listen up and you will know

Baby's got a set of wheels
She knocks me off my feet
Ooh she's got me burnin'
Cruisin' down the street

I gotta have that girl
To ease my achin' love
Oh, wontcha' take me for a ride
She says I gotta steal her stars from above
She says I gotta did her diamonds from the mine
Before she'll...
Now that's cold hearted lovin'

Now papa told me me what to do
Go find a love pure and true
I know how lovin' ought to be
Hey girl, whatcha see in me?
Baby's got me scratchin' like a dog outside her door
Ooh she's got me slavin' and I can't take no
more, more, more, more
And that's cold hearted lovin'


Young man in Morocco
Buys a diamond ring
Takes it across the water
Just to see what luck it brings
Young girl dressed in midnight
Sets his blood on fire
You can't buy my soul with gold
But my heart is up for hire

I can't shake it

Drivin' in your Fleetwood
To the sport of kings today
Top hat cane and ascot
well, That's the game you play
Jumpin' from a window
Shirt half off your back
Better take the elevator
And find another track

I can't shake it

I gotta a monkey on my back
And I just can't shake it


Lit a candle and I
Set it on the wall
Let the wax like tear drops fall
And then I wonder why
I used to dream on baby
Dream that we could have it all
I see now love for you
Was what you had to do
You change your mind
Like you change your dress

I thought I knew you everyway
Saw the child, the woman plain as day
I thought I knew myself
But now I come to find
Love is blind and I'm the lovin' kind

Bought a diamond and I
Set it on your hand
Introduced you to the band
And now I hear them say
You've been a bad girl baby
You don't seem to understand
Just for the social whirl
You play the party girl
Now you drink your wine
Oh baby time to forget

You made a game of love
What were you thinkin' of
It takes a heartbeat baby
To say goodbye


So outta reach so far away
Another's woman and can't keep away
Can't be alone wastin' all of my time
I'm in pain, I'm in heartache
It's gonna end up in a heartbreak
And no one knows how to make it alright

I've seen love before
I can't take this anymore
Someone's losin' her heart

She's got the lovin' that gives me peace of mind
I'm still here waitin' for her to see the light
It would be so good, be so fine
Give me the love that you know is mine
It would be so good, be so fine
Let me know when your heart is mine

To love a brother, to love another
To have a friend you can count on forever
How can you tell him his lovin' is mine

She's got the lovin' that gives me peace of mind
I'm still waitin' for her to see the light

Search my soul
T'find out wrong from right
All I know
I'm alone tonight

I know I outta try to leave it
I know I should
But my heart needs to keep her

I got to tell her
I can't wait no more


There she goes Miss Heartattack
That girl is gone, ain't comin' back
Love we had call it yesterday
But now is now, today's today

And when the sun is shinin'
I still feel the same
And when the rain is comin' down
I'm hurtin' with the pain

I've been here before
No love, no way, no more
Am I just a fool to fall for love

Put my heart in gunnysack
Dress it up in black on black
Take it down to Congo Square
Raise it from the dead down there

And when the sun is shinin'
I will feel no pain
And when that rain is pourin' down
I'm on my feet again


'Bye New York, so long Philly
Hollywood your Wacko City
Chicago got just too damn windy for me

Frisco's fine apart from that line
New Orleans is just a good time
And southern belles boy suddenly ring my chimes, Yeah
But my feet are achin' to feel the sound
Of those Golden Town
(I call it home, man)

We call 'em
South Bay Cities
Only place I call my home - - My home
(Right down in) South Bay Cities
Sweetest life I've ever known
If’n you can't find me baby
Well that breeze has gone and blown me home (right down home)
(Come on).

Well, Big old sun and cool sea breezes
Roller girls ain't no teases
I know she'll do just what she pleases for me
Ain't no stoppin' The Raintree Rockin'
After hours one stop shoppin'
And Blotz is always totally out of his mind
And my dream is sleepin'
Right in the arms of those Golden Town.
(Talking about boys)

Talking about. . .
South Bay Cities
Only place I call my home
You know there’s
South Bay Cities
That’s the sweetest life I’ve ever known
And If you can’t find me baby
That breeeze has gone and blown me home
(Cmon play like you know it boy, haha)

We call ‘em South bay cities
That’s the only place we call our home
(yeah yeah yeah)
South bay cities
That’s sweetest life we’ve ever known.
(Known known known)
Lord if you can’t find me baby
That breeze has gone and blown me home

I said
South Bay cities

I’m talkin’ about
South Bay Cities

Now if you can’t find me momma
That breeze has gone and blown me home.


Let's shake this town baby
Come with me
I need a little lovin' company
C'mon now
I know where we can go
This is the time
T'stay out all night
I've gotta fire
Like a heavenly light
C'mon baby
Let's take a drive

C'mon baby
Let's do it right
Time to dance
In the magic light
Of the desert moon

Let's lay it down
Under a cactus tree
Give a little lovin' ecstacy

C'mon now
It's time to go
Little baby
You're a beautiful sight
I've got the love
And we have the night
C'mon baby
It's time to fly

C'mon baby
Let's do it right
Time to dance
In the magic light
Of the desert moon

Come on honey
Let's get it right
Make romance
In the magic light
Of the desert moon


Your love
Love is all around me
Love has come to touch my soul
With someone who really cares
No one can deny us
People who once passed me by
Will turn their heads
I'm happy just to be with you
And lovin' you the way I do
Is everything I need to know
Just restin' in the afterglow

Yes, you have always been here
A feelin' deep inside
A feelin' that I could not see
Or touch, or try to hide
My love is in and without you
I bless the day that I found you
So listen baby
I'm happy just to be with you

Love is like a voice in my head
Keeps turning out the things that we said

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