Grave Digger : Knights of the Cross

Heavy Speed / Allemagne
(1998 - GUN Records / BMG Records)
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This is the fascinating tale of the templars,
Probably the most powerful and
Mysterious organisations of the middle ages.
The order of the poor knights of Christ and the
Temple of Salomon, originate from a group of nine
Aristocrates, whose sole aim was the protection
Of the holy land
So let us undertake a journey into the past,
Back to the origin, rise and fall of the
Order of the templars.
A journey, which will lead as to the
Legendary world of the knights of the cross


It is the end, of the eleventh century
The Christians rule
Europian countries
The pope is the head of church
Representing god on earth
His words are the law
His mind is set on war

In the name of god they kill
In the name of god they rape
Blood leads to glory - for god's sake

Knights, knights of the cross
Murder, murder
Fight to defend Jerusalem
From the unholy devils

Pope and priests cry out for holy war
God and Jesus they think to be fighting for
The Islam conquered Byzanz
Slaughter Christians everywhere
Knights of the cross invade the East
Where the Islam dwells

Knights in the name of
God, stab women and men
Burning, raping, eating human flesh
Satanic bloodlust in their eyes
The first crusade is won
The knights realize too late
Their ankles are covered with Christian blood


Knights of the cross
Winners of the battle
The Christians rule the holy land
In the east they settle Hugo de Payens
A french man and duke
Promises the king of Jerusalem
To escort the pilgrim route

We are the monks
Protectors of god
A legend is born
Worship the lord

Monks of war
Killers in the east
Monks of war
Killers or priests

The Order explands
Thousands prepare
To wearing the cross in red
To holy warfare

The poor and the rich
Kings and queens
Giving money giving gold
Hugo de Payens means
Pope and priests
Patronize the order
And they regard them
As heroes of this time


Now the time has come
The pagans are finally gone
Jerusalem in Christian hands
The templars raise their banners
Innozenz gives them their benediction
Epic songs all over the land
Knights of the cross die for religion
Death in action brings the Promised Land

Heroes of this time
In their honour
Church bells never
Cease to chime

Heroes of this time
Paradise comes
When blood flows
Like wine

Martyrs made of steel
Longing for god to reveal
Outremer deadly holy ground
Lives are lost, celestial bliss found
In the middle of the twelfth century
Their glamorous empire starts to crumble
Fanatic assassins are seeking victory
King Saladin's army starts to rumble


I'm the old man of the mountains leader of Muslim warriors
I hand them the revelating pipe
Then they know the after-life

Wherever i order suicide
You will sacrifice
Jump, jump off the wall
Allah will receive you all

Fanatic assassins
Fanatic assassins

You are my war machines
Your minds painted blood-red
I'll wash your souls so white
Invincible in any fight


Fiery red curls cover his shoulder
He's the ruler, no one is bolder
His steel - blue eyes won't show no fear
Reflecting the suffering of war so clear
A knight, a leader, wearing England's crown
Richard the Lionheart wants to put the moslems down
He sets the sail, heading outremer
Defending the name he bears

A man like a lion
With a generous heart
For his sake thousands die
Lionheart - England's pride

Almighty king
Freedom you'll

Spread your wings
King pf the kings

King Philipp at his side and many knights
Overcome the Islam, souls painted white
He executes all prisoners, without regret
Corpses cover the ground as the sun sets

Akkon has fallen into Richard's hands
Still war on his mind, moving to France
In one fatal moment came the end of his quest
Breathing his last with an arrow in his chest


The grail is veiled in mystery
Ancient books of history
At last supper with his discipleship
Jesus raised it to his lips
And when Christ was crucified
A lance was stabbed in his side
The grail collected the pouring blood
Thus blessed by the son of god

A cup of gold a sacred stone heaven choose
The keeper of the holy grail magic force
Heaven chose the keeper of the holy grail
Someone knows who's the one
The keeper of the holy grail templar knights
Know the hide heaven chose
The keeper of the holy grail

The grail donates eternal life
Initiated are kept from strife
The sick are healed
A shelter and a shield
Youth will last forever
But there is no use to endeavour
To be one of the elected
Because only a few have been selected


A bloody friday october 13th
Inquisition takes its course
King Philipp's armed force
Templars are blamed for conjuration
They are said to be heretics
And coursed by the catholics
Because they didn't save Jerusalem

Are you the one
Who's into blasphemy
You better run
Escape from agony

Are you the one
Believing in baphomet
Make your confession
And you will be free

Seeking the hidden treasures
The pope is taking measures
Persecution spreads all over Europe


In the dark of the night
Behind the walls
They say that we worship an idol
Behind the walls

A devil in disguise
An unholy cat
But it's a secret
We keep until we are dead

We all believe in baphomet
We believe in what we see
Your disciples,
Belong the thee

Building up our strength
Behind the walls
They accuse us of a bloody sacrilege
Behind the walls

We would never betray
The one we adore
Yours are our lives
We sacrifice it in war


The order's end is near
Templars flee filled with fear
Heretics, homosexuals and magicians
To be exterminated by the inquisition
The order of pope and king
Lets them leave behind everything

The fleet is ready, ready to sail
No one knows its destination
Gathering all the victims
Victims of persecution
In quest of a better world without hate without deadly peril

Over the sea
And far, far away
Over the sea
Into the night they flee

Many templars succeeded to escape from the Christian hate
They found their peace in Scotland
Since Robert the Bruce was banned
When he stabbed comyn in a church
Giving the order shelter in the highlands


You say that we sold our soul to the devil,
That we're out of control
Your torture my brothers, torture my sisters,
Kill all friends
You say that we worship a god, like a cat,
A devil in disguise
You execute my family, steal their breath,
And burn them till death

I'm burning, i'm dying,
I'm burning, i'm dying,
Oh Lord, won't you help me
I'm burning, i'm dying,

When i feel my end is near
When i feel the reaper's here
Crackling fire i can hear

When i feel my end is near
When i feel the reaper's here
I watch the demons
Dancing round my tears

I'm innocent - it's not true i never prayed
We will all be treated the same way at doomsday
I curse pope and king - you won't make it another year
The last judgement will decide
Who was wrong or who was right


The wind lashed in our faces
The English found our traces
On moss-covered land
Scotland we defend
At Stirling bridge we try to last
But we fail to stand fast
Blood mingles with pouring rain
Writing tales of pain

Help - else we will perish
Help - else we will vanish
Look - heaven's sign
Look - ship's graceful lines

White knights appear
Silhouetted against the dark
In the battle of Bannockburn
The table turns

Few knights appear
But masters of the fight
In the battle of Bannockburn
The table turns

They draw their glaming swords
Two knights one horse
How they swing their flail
Ending the bloody tale
Just like a bad dream
English disappear in fog
Finally - victory
Highlanders' victory


Revolution in their minds
The children start to march
Against the world in which they have to live
And the hate that's in their hearts
They're tired of being pushed around and told just what to do
They'll fight the world until they've won and love comes flowing through

Children of tomorrow live in the tears that fall today
Will the sun rise up tomorrow bringing peace in any way?
Must they live in the shadow of atomic fear?
Can they win the fight for peace or will they disappear? Yeah!

So you children of the world listen to what I say
If you want a better place to live in spread the word today
Show the world that love is still alive you must be brave
Or you children of today are children of the grave yeah!

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