Gortal : Unleash Hell

Death Metal / Poland
(2001 - Apocalypse Production)
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Las palabras


In factories of weakness
Abominable rituals
Bigotry and devotion
Fear of damnation
Blackness and odour of blameless testimony

Sacrifice against lust
To live in plenty and debauchery
Or die under open sky

Deadly sins of humankind

Six dirty christwhores
Mad adorers of candlefucking
Vexation of celibacy
Masochism and perversion

Six dirty fuckin' christwhores


Impurity drains my veins
Unleashed rigid fury
Something burns deep in heart
Spawn of hatred explodes

Arctic frost of indifference
Nuclear hell of lust
Internal storms of blood
And sperm from the shroud of Christ

We are spawn of hatred

Euphoric morbid joy
Flows from my interior
No place to love Christ and suck his holy flesh
Satanic intent, holy intent, cross is devastated
Abhorrence, pandemonium, animate Jesus fuck

Blasphemous prayers
Nocturnal defloration
And blood for the goat

Destruction of purity
Quartered messiah
The saviour dethroned

Spawn of hatred
Spawn of lust

We are spawn of hatred
The ultimate disease
We are flagellation
Rite of putrefaction




From flames, nuclear antichrist
Desecration, the earth burning out
Hammers smash and choppers cut
Immemorial conflict lasts

We are convocation
Antichristian violation
Predators for the weak
Vileness immensity
Envenomed with hatred
Conscious of danger
Watchful and ready
To attack with fury

Vengeance like vermicide
We take no prisoners

Our fundamental truth
Above all not to fall a prey
Unchristened men
Born from unholiness
Unmerciful faith
Flows in their veins
Dying with honour
Battleground boils away

I am one of the elite
The ultimate massacre bringer
Antidote for human griefs
Through flames and emptiness
War-buldozzers will destroy
Interplanetary tanks control
Gazeous clouds of desolation
Cadaveric glassy eyes

We blaspheme against crucifiers
Spiritual pollution, dissolution
"Drink from the chalice of blasphemy"
Drink from their opened veins

Goat's head and thunderbolt
Signs of war against god
Sentenced to death
Christians possessed
We'll fuck you Christ
We'll fuck your confessors
Battlestorm spreads
Armageddon spreads

Nuclear antichrist
Unvanquished holocaust
March the way of destruction
Our standards rise
Revenge has been achieved
We cleanse our empires of stains
And proclaim our victory
The conqueror conquered

Nuclear antichrist


By stealh, hidden in blackness
Horned monsters revive
Bloodthirsty, venomous miscellany
Shunning the light
Shrieking curse and blasphemy
Disperse to hunt
Windless night, defenceless minds
Parasites feed on your life

Empty angels of debauchery
Guardian angels of destiny
Empty, mouldy like haunted flies
Hungry god, oracle of lies
Inveigled souls in web of heaven
Kingdom built on human fear
Stench of rotting servants of god
Empty angels of debauchery

Theft of conscience
Ego emasculation
The unconcerned machines

We upside-down your cross of calvary
We upside-down your deformed body
Death to your angels, extinction for god
Time to repeat suffering of your son
We desecrate two wooden boards
We give the fire back your mad stiffened corpse
Madness in heaven - the blessed suffocate
The last flames go out - your kingdom is dead

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