Gortal : Blastphemy

Death Metal / Poland
(2004 - Self-Released)
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Las palabras


We are the persecutors, we unleash hell
We take control last days

Do you remember last days of paradise?
Do you feel what I cannot feel now?
Do you believe constantly in their Christ, and his salvation?
Must it be someone resurrection???

Wake up from deep dream, and see reality
Your God is dead!!! Can you imagine?
Eclipse and torture will finish quick your life
From Nightmareland, we arrive to dominate

Blasphemers, maniacs, persecutors
Bloody soul, stained virginal ointment
Abominable devotion, depravation

We are massacre in hands of our men
We follow darkness, shadow and death
We leave no life, we put on stick
We are beginning, of the end!!!

Blasphemers!!! Unleash Hell!!!
Desecration, feel the pain
My fist is so strong how strong is salvation
Obedience for pervert penetrations

Do you remember last days….

Awake the pain, and unleash hell
Open the door of this gloomy place
Eclipse and torture will finish quick your life
From Nightmareland we arrive to dominate!!!



Queen of masses, woman violated
Legendary virgin in feeble world
Pair of lunatics – naivety hunters
Two thousands years – reign of idolatry

In hundreds crucified
Incubation of the sanctities
Cult is falling from the sky
Stigma had never bled

Blessing in curse now
Right, reverend Satan
Evil one as benefactor
Blessing in curse now

Black Purest Desecration
Mind Total Liberation
Black Purest Desecration
Internal Resurrection

Black Purest Desecration

Queen of masses…

Pair of lunatics – naivety hunters
Religion is finished, who did kidnap your god???

In hundreds crucified…


Rituals of Seven Goats, the unholy rape
Virgin turned into whore, Son of Hell will feast
The one sleepless night and lover full of lust
And his caustic sperm, it burns inside

Nine months of shame stigmatized womb
Queen of all witches sing her song
Fetus grows in a cage too small
Nightly suffering kills her

Obscene Nazarene

Angel betrayed by God impregnated Mariah
Desecration, laceration, she will bear the bastard
From angelic blood, it's not godly reason
Obscene Nazarene, you aren't son of God

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