Gorguts : And Then Comes Lividity

Technical Death / Canada
(1990 - Self-Produced)
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The liquid of life
That is captive under your skin
Is deeply Infected
And slowly perishes from within

You're looking at your body
Your skin turns to a morbid color
Suffocates endlessly
For this case you won't find any doctor

Your veins become dry
And then your organs putrefy
You vomit blood down the floor
To leave your corpse soaked deep in gore

For you life you pray
Intense cardiac decay
No more human fuel to stay alive
Too lets your insides mortified

Painful drainage of your body
Without a drip of blood
You will be
Hematological Allergy

Putrefaction is getting close
Arteries had decomposed
Clotted blood drains from your nose
Rigor mortis takes control

Hear no more heart beats
Death, you try to defeat
No more oxygen in your cells
Your brain rots inside of it's shell


A process of inflictation
That make humans older mentaly
Annoys cerebral evolution
But leaves the body like it used to be

Physicaly being like a baby
Who can not stand alone upright
But mentaly already adult
To compute without trouble

This premature evolution
Is fastly and easy accomplished
By a painless stupid injection
Of a liquid in the nape
When the intellectual dudation
Has reached a too high level
Intelligence turns to insanity
Institutionalized... poor little baby

This process of inflictation
That makes human older mentaly
Upsets your mental situation
And brought you to perpetual insanity


Every body wants to see
The other sides of misery
The best example they could get
Is when they take their last breath

Theres a world, we had all wished to see
Far away in infinites
It's miraculous, you have been told
But for now you can't behold

Tell me why, why do we die?
You will answer me, because!
Anyways, I don't mind
We will never know the cause

Reincarnation is the most obscure thing
That we can't be sure
We shall all come back to accomplish
All the things we missed in the past

Migrate souls
From one body to another
And gives them birth
In a new mother


Lie in my bed
Waiting for my fate
Will I live again
Or is it too late?

Fight this unbearable war
That I didn't choose
So how can i know,
If I win or loose?

Scream to bear this pain
Thats enough to go insane
Tons of questions are in my head
And the only answer I found is death

Intoxicate my body
To leave the stage of agony
In hope of getting a ease
I'll never loose the vicious disease
Treatment is always the same
No results are yet obtained
I'm digging a grave in my bed
O dear god wish a was dead...

The only good thing
Doctors decided to do with me
Was to sample parts of my body
For a elaborated study

Calamitous mortification
Is the main cause of my mortality
Leave my body to putrefaction
I will be the mortician's depravity

Lie in my bead
Waiting for my fate
Will i live again,
Or is it too late?

Fight this unbearable war
That i didn't choose
So how can i know,
If I win or loose?

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