Golem (GER) : Eternity - The Weeping Horizons

Death Metal / Germany
(1996 - Invasion Records)
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At the prologic shores of illusions
In dark eternities cold
Materialized afflictions
Decomposed in our hate

Human fatality, in delusions rich
So as we deny our flesh we drown our dreams

Arising from deep shadows of low dimensions' lies
Escape from this grievous misconceptions truth
Undignified we feed our delicious egos hunger
With years of desire in greed so poor

Mirror of epitaphs, reflecting disgrace
Equalize your visions to your own pleasure

Captured in twilights of languor and ignorance
A mastery of blindness in mental enslavement


Our sweet agony, we unconsciously await
Bury our hopes before our funeral
Let restrictions confine our minds
Perfunctory lives, wasted in apathy

Our imperious decay, lovely communicated
Veiling our weakness, the reversal of evolution

Falsify your innocence in perpetual subordination
My slight throne of liberty, your eager insanity

This scraps of ataraxy I secludedly embrace
Its irradiation so calm, my little sanctuary

Enjoy my social malfunction, feeding your dislikes
My broad sky of fantasies, your narrow horizon


Open the night, feel the dark
In emptiness I drown
Nocturnal ways, illogical applied
Reveal the silent quandary
Explore the weakness to overcome the bounds
Of this shadowed maze
A dynamic process of dreaming and searching
Egocentric and absurdly deformed

I am the restless, reaping the dawn
Never satisfied
I am the sceptic, inquiring the mind
Perpetual perplexed

In the naked gardens I'm desperate and sad
In quest of truth and wisdom, a confining misery
In the frost of endless languor I'm longing to be dead
The screening of perception, a deceiving tragedy

Conquering the heights of true entity
Eager to discover
To watch the place where those cannot see
Disclose the last eternity
Squaring the land for mental desires
To reach the blooming sky
Noetic conclusions to nourish the greed
For intellectual supremacy

I am the hunting, seeking to prove
What you feel to deny
I'm the resisting, confuting your words
Meaninglessly repeated

Despite ancient feelings I try to conceive
The macabre of reality
Bearing the pain that logic hurts
To defeat simplicity

North from the sun I profess my guilt
To look beyond horizons but feel no regret
Possessed by fantasies of final predictions
Break the spear of lunacy, I'm renewing destiny


Laying in fields of beauty
Watching skies movement
Escape from visions of purity
An obsolete requiem of decay

All our fragile love, so luscious and snug
So narcotic an false, a tragic abuse of trust
Harmonize this bleeding desire with sweet agonies tears
Perpetual sensuality in a denaturalised variety

Heinously breeding passion
For a so lethargic life
Is this what I boast ?
An overture of hate !

A deceiving shade
Of my final arising
Expendable satisfaction
Is that what I have to esteem ?

Silent articulation
So speechless these disruptions
Fascinated by this broken heartbeat
Mystify my cold obscuration

For my vigorous elusion
Reality is what I'll rule
Obnoxious eloquence of weakness
I'm the lord of virtuality

Devine sunrise elegicates
So as I will wait at the gates of eternity
Longing for my favourite darkness
Breaking the chains of convention


Lords of sorrow, expressions of grief
A work at our love
Misunderstanding of times cynisms
Which burn in our hearts
Lachrymations silence for our dead
Built on hopes and dreams
Watch their graves, weep for the gone
We are mortal

Lifes end followed by tears
Confusion and lament
Feel the loss, pain acts
In mourning for the deceased
Faded their youth, harvested their bloom
Absolute and final
Darkening dawn, drowned in repression
A laughing past, so banal

Destiny afflicts
In injustice so rich our lives elapse
Eternity breathes cold
Time is the fire we burn in

Vanished and forlorn we roam under the sun
Dreaming on your dreams
Questioning and searching we defy fates cold
Honouring your bequest

Taken away from our ways
Their souls became undone
Divided by this walls of death
Their sleep will be eternal

Dedication and devotion, sadness and despair
Our limited future we will try to bear

For all those who died we pathetically play
To freeze depression, to release our grief


Deep, dark and sanguine clouds are covering the sky
With pain, grief and sorrow I kiss the frozen darkness
Effortless I will get lost in my bitter future
My cold doom

Springs of dying trees embrace my soul
All alone in forsaken woods
My mind is touching the surface at the lake of yearn
Chains of sorrow

...Heart is gone
In the silence of my forlorn tears

Grey solitude in the fields of helpless hate

Majestic instincts of ancient lust and pain
Hedonic memories of euphoric times
The spoiled serenade's romanticized
A bleeding ebony frame

Heart-sore emotions, breeding in my vanity
Paralysed afflictions, imprisoned in existence
In the beauty of a bird's innocence
An exhumed bitterness

...Dreams are gone
In the sensuality of my sickened destiny

Stony seclusion in the fields of helpless void

Eternal flowers' bloom
Destroyed by distrust and maze
Symphonic played heartstrings
Distorted and sarcastic deformed

See my cynism growing
As misanthropic attitudes
Cold rain touches my lips
While standing at the grave of love


A beast kills instinctive to win the fight of life
A beast kills beasts, only to survive

The men kill greedy, in fanatic faith
The men kill men, with morbid shining eyes

The man is old, two million years
But he could survive
Used his bestial instincts
Invented the lie

Slowly grows my certainty
An incarnated beast to be
A bestial instinct sleeps in me
To awake in lunacy

We can't deny our true breed
When we are killing more than we need

We changed our appearance
That's the only difference
The inside is the same
There burns the bestial flame

Blessed with intellect and brain
We found for that a name
And called it incarnation
But we are mutations

We can't deny our true breed
When us invades the passionate greed

Incarnation, incarnation of the beast
Incarnation, incarnation of the beast


In dark years of pain
We borne the life
The perfected dying
We can't more survive

At first was the fire, the beginning of the end
Then was the man, the dying began
He took a torch into the hand
Blind with rage, sick with hate

The remains of the past decay to dust
Winds blow away the message from the past

In dark years of pain
We borne the life
The perfected dying
We can't more survive

Storms of torches weakened the land
The ruins of fire still are present
A peaceful man, a deceitful shine
The fire is present, the torch still in the hand

The remains of the past decay to dust
Winds blow away the message from the past

We will forget the dead of wars
We are naive enough that to ignore
A peaceful time, a blooming land
I prophesy the coming end


A planet at the edge of the abyss to the grave
To ashes burnt earth, devastated
A planet at the edge of the abyss to the decay
Deserted and empty, desecrated

The fall of gods creation
The fall of all the nations

A creation at the edge of the abyss to the grave
To ashes burnt brain, desperate
A creation at the edge of the abyss to the decay
Hopeless and astray, isolated


The final ruin of the human race

A lost paradise, inhabited by a supposed intelligent race
All the messages of rest and peace died away
Never heard, unheard !

The fall, the fall

The final ruin of the human race

The paradise of the planet earth
Destroyed by the hands of humanity
A human life without a worth
A time of inhumanity

A planet at the edge of the abyss to the grave
Devastated, isolated
A creation at the edge of the abyss to the grave
Desperate, isolated


The final ruin of the human race


Effortless desire for controllable reality
Sweet terrible suffering in useless logic

Melting sky, decomposed
Beyond dawn, extinguished
Bloody shades, expurgation
Rotting thoughts, extermination

Low-dimensional thinking, hedonism of excrements
Perseveration of xoanons, thanatoid lethargy

Vortex of mortality
Scorn for doubtful levitation

Hard coldness claps my senses
I breathe the pain of eternal grief

Melting sky, decomposed
Beyond dawn, extinguished
Bloody shades, expurgation
Rotting thoughts, extermination

Bring out the manure on the rotting soil
There are the writhing entrails of lost ages

Reflections of eternity
Approach to the certainty of death

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