Gojira : The Way of All Flesh

Thrash Death / France
(2008 - Listenable Records)
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Serpent of light, movement of the soul
Crawling stately alonf the spine
Mighty phoenix, from the ashes arises
Firebird cycle, life, regenerate the cell

Life burns fierce, recuded to ashes
Resurrection from the flame, ageless process
Quest for absolution, out of bounds introspect
Self-consuming womb, ever-present, meet no end

It seems like I always knew this
Since I'm a child I can feel it
My inner light everlasting
Revolving within a circle

Extended wings I'm flying
Over the valleys and planes
the curve of space I'm leaving
Death is just an illusion

Oroborus symbol of eternal life
Dig a tunnel for light, through ignorant walls
I'm counting the days but I'm dying
Grow up with impatience I'm falling down

On the peaks of radiant moutains
This truth is growing before me
My attention fixed on this silence
Rediscover life while I'm breathing

Designing the shape of material
Frozen icon distant reminder
Mankind has forgotten the gateways
By the mouth of the serpent regenerate


Mysterious form, soul in the dark
Under this heavy sewaling concrete waves
Followed by servants, funeral cortege
This pale ghost is gathering his strength

Ghost, pale, the procession is crawling

Plastic form dead things it is now so clear
How could I fail to understand
Cities are burning the trees are dying
My heart awake but still
Pain is killin me

Take this pestilent destruction out of my way
The great padific garbage patch is eshausted
And the world is sliding away
In a vortex of floating refuse
With the sacred one you have lost

Plastic bag in the sea
It's a plastic bag in the sea


Reflecting ourselves in th blood of all the being we slay
Misunderstand each others, out of control we remain
There is a mistery, we're facing a sight to behold
This is what we makeof the world, we throw everything away

The way we all behave is not understandable
It is so sad to see the wealth of our planet fade away
We all behave like children, taking off the head of teddy bear
To see what's inside, taking, not giving back
We drain the oceans and suck all the blood out of the soil
We spend the time we have left fighting and killing each other
Lust for comfort, entertainment becomes an obsession
And there is so much time to kill

The way I see things is so simple
The fact I'm walking standing on this land
Ehausted is the realm of nature, friends are dying
The living creatures on our side
The way I see myself so confused so sophisticated
I have to stay away from me
But I still don't get the point what's worth destroying all the worlds
Try not to get it anymore

You burn yourself, set fire for good
We die eyes closed, dig your own grave now
Tossed in the blaze naked in the flame
Lost with no pride, drowned in the filth
The giant snakeis coming down to eat your head
And the floods we kill us, mantus is rising from under

The way I see things is so simple
The fact I'm walking standing on this land
Ehausted is the realm of nature, friends are dying
The living creatures on our side
The way I see myself so confused so sophisticated
I have to stay away from me
But I still don't get the point what's worth destroying all the worlds
Try not to get it anymore


I'm scared to death when I see them arrive
Infected eyes, red, staring at me
The time has come for retribution
Now they're counting my actions

The cries and shouts are confusing me
Falling in disgrace, I don't want to go now
And I am facing them, it seams they recognize me
It's too late for regrets

They're growing darker while approaching me, creeping
Prowling vultures in the sky
Devoured by a ravening beast
Raised, fallen from the dead

Endure the pain that they're giving me slow
Flashes of the life blurred by suffering
Distant reminder of funeral piles
Thousands of people dying

I'm taking back all the pain distributed
Through ages unconscious
My brain scattered, feed habitants of this cage
Consuming my heart

I've killed so many, I don't want to count
I spent the life slaying raping the world
Both far and near before you now I come, please help
Creator, faultless one!


Are we left all alone?
Mother has no time but she cares for me
And she cries all the tears
I am joining now the river flow
I am three days old
Now the time has come
You have to be a man
I don't want to destroy
The only chance I have to survive down here
The wind blows I'm so scared
And the waves so big, I'm not pepared
I will have to be strong
But for now I cry all the tears

Now enter the storm and feel electric sword
My entire life is about to burn
I'm struggling, life is illusion
But I keep the dream for a better time

This secret knowledge I receive from where I am
So precious the treasured icons
Extended to this point
Forget the ones that hurt
They all want, they struggle
Hey fight and try to dry theirs tears

We're all left on our own
We are bound yet by each others lives
Now I'm leaving this world
I will never forget the river flow

The pains and traps of life
I put my scars away and love
I have to face the truth of living
I left my boat behind
I am not taking it
Where i go I won't be crying
I die




Everyone is doing their best to destroy it
Simplicity's forgotten
And we all dring the ground
I stand free
I refuse to be surrended
The stos and dust bite hostile
Devours flesh and bones
The weakest lost in hatred
Consequence is upon your door
Responsible for my own life
I'm reborn again and again

Driven to increase my own power
By creation the purest choice
Destined to rule my life
And go the way of all flesh
Nature is my only master
I will bow to no one
The ground is dry like rock
Without any hope left
But now I decide to grab my life
With my hands
Crave for freedom build my own life
Adoration for none

Ractioon is a weakness the strong cannot affrond
My path is not determined by actions of others
They fill themselfes with hate
Covering their faces blackened
The wolves are back and crave to kill
Slip on stones and break their legs
Try to hide from termination
But the time has come
You will have to pay the debt of nature

And now you are the one
To change the face of the world
You wield the sword the pain is left aside
I have left my tears behind me
So I're find a way that I know
so bright to me
And I only adore the fact that we are the creators
Of our own life
Lust for power is the master disease of our time
This force alone devour the weak
And rule the strongest

So mired in convolution
It chokes the life from your throat
Break the chains of complication
I breath the air of freedom

There is no room for your judgment
My life is mine alone
I purge myself of resentment
I breath the air of freedom


Breathing slowly, mechanical heartbeat
Losing contact with the living
Almighty tv plugged, hybrid empty brain
Don't see anything real in the game
The tension is buiding constantly
No reason just a reflex I have, driven by clockwork
I try to keep an eye open
And I realise I haven't close my eyes in a long time

Neglected emotions leading to catastrophic voyage on the other side
I have been given the gift of so small hope deep inside
I haven't close my eyes in a long time, I am trying

I cannot stomac these forms end colors anymore
But I'm here to continue, after all I have been through
I try to keep my eyes open, I am realizing
This life and death more precious than anything

I won't bring no material in the after life
Take no possessions, I would rather travel life
I'm of this kind thatkills all day
But I don't know yet how to die

Art of dying, is the way to let all go
Within I practice in the secret of my soul
My shape is the reflector
Has now for ever, a life on it's own


You have the power to heal yourself

All illness can be healed
The cell regenerates
Disambiguated situation
There is a secret code
In the structure of the mind
You have the power to heal yourself

Flesh bodies mute and blinded
Roaming uncertain, lost
Infected misinformed
Releasing a black enormous insect
Out from he chest
Archaic form disease

Esoteric surgery a dissection of the soul
Unsuspected precise power
On the wounded astral body
Projected beam of light

All illness can be healed
The cell regenerates
Disambiguated situation
There is a secret code
In the structure of the mind
You have the power to heal yourself

Suspended floating in empty spaces
Descending swift like a fire running down
Obstruction disintegration life force
Overcoming all circumstances
Release the pain


The sickness of this world is destroying all the dreams
The fools are kings, tearing apart the soul
The race for complication communicate reaction
The lack of heart of men, I grow distant from the core

Borrow this body for a lifetime ,eathly material
My soul unreveled out of mental
The shell return to dust

I focus on the present concentrate on what I find
Accelerate for vision high beyond the curse of time
Bring light to my attention, the walls of vacuum fall
This force increase and tells me where to go

Follow, I enter my dimension, awakened heart for life
Enforce my senses, I'm understanding,
I find the will to live straight

I feel the change I see the vicious circle
Finally turn into a virtuous one
Having the whole world in my hands, filled

Out of the frame I feel so vast I'm all around myself
Imaginative interaction
But I keep struggling inside to all this always
Forever there

Is it the fear to fall in space that keep us from understnding
The only way to find the power is to look inside
Increase your fall on purpose and let this river flow
Now you hold this secret appeard out of the vacuum of space

Remain in what you are, the center of your life
You made it to this point no one can tell you how
You crawled and bled all the way but you are the only one
That was tearing tour soul appart, you finally find yourself


Wolf Down the Earth
First of all you will eat all the bodies
No matter they pray for freedom they'll kill you
Forward you crush those going backwards
The wolves are now your lords
Voracious flames upon the earth

Second step you eat all the creation
Swallow the trees the lakes and all the valleys
Crush the moon, and drink the rivers flowing
Burning all that lives

The teach you how to conquer and rule the world
The towers that you built so string, no man can touch
They tell you how to find and raise t he fears
And let them grow inside of your heart they need no walls

Is there a chance you face the void inside?
Winds of doom will blow your pride away

Behold the bright lights coming down on time
Before these altars black, made for your sacrifice
You take for granted what's been there for ages
Inside the womb the new blood gets ready to fight

The buildings of our fathers
Crumbling in dark vibrations
Wolf down the one that made us all
No hope, you wolf down the earth


Anithing that has a shape will crumble away, disappear
We belong to the circle life of all creation
We crawl and deny ourselves, refuse this evidence
That we project our gratest fears on death
And forget our power
I want to live my life in close touch with the sacred
Pacify the disturbances of the mind
I face my own death

Lower and lower is the pressure, I can feel the parts of me
Collapsing one into the other
Higher state of consciousness awaken, I can see the light of this next world
Leading my soul reborn

I find it hard to believe that thispicture on the wall is everything
I do understand all the prayers, life is so sharp and hurts so bad
What does it mean to be dying, what if you take the guts and brain away?
Is it this blood and heartbeat that you call life
Every effort to ignore it is unavailing we all have to die
Is it too late to dull the edges of the pain, I have to try
This is an other dimension
You can scatter aches to the winds
And even buried in the ground I'm still it here

Do not be afraid you are dying
And the four great elements oy your body are collapsing one into the other
It feels as if you are being crushed by mountains
the light of this world has faded completely
But the light of the next world have not yet appeared

Your breath is now still, no warmth to your skin
Do not be afraid, there's no way that you can stay here
You are leaving this world
All lights are fading away now
Leave behind the loved ones and all you know
Do not be afraid and let yourself go

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