Glum : Shout of Sight

Black Metal / Iran
(2010 - Metal Throne Productions)
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Somewhere into the gloom... Imprisoned in tears
Innocent thoughts from nihility and portraits over the place
Staring to the gleamy moon, unrelated lines on the walls
Like bloody blade when it's walking on the skin
It seems be true... When nigritude is growing deep
Despairing words and thoughts... Infected my all
Where i'm saying these pains... When i'm saying my pains?
Reminiscent of silence and horizontal nothingness
Remember sentences for digress, remind me suggestions
She's sleeping groaningly and i'm still tearing for myself
These dire desolations of time with blind eyes abhided in lies.
For what no one can hear me, for what no one can hear me?...


Gloomy trace dark embrace, broken mind of grace
Mortal rays in days from darkest praise
Restless pains from base, no tears and despairs
Don't denial these lies when i read in your eyes
Control your everything, don't feel your nothing
I'm here still... Just for heal
Digression from air to the space of fair
Paranormal insanity for final amiability

I don't want my groan, i don't want my life
I don't want my tears, i don't want these cries
I don't need to light, i don't need to sight
I don't need my heart, i don't need these lies... .


"i'm put the speeches in the blackness and vanity... Can you name it life, when i've drowned in chaos?
Unhand me again... I'm introspect anyway... I killed my soul in my desolateness"

I may thank myself, not from me
Look at this misunderstanding and kill me again
I'm against the life and existence
Fade me slowly in this slowness.

I've desire to cut my flesh,
You killed my wishes, desires
Fade me slowly in this slowness
And look at this misunderstanding.

Unhand me again
Hey you there!!!


For disillusion i'm ready and i'm talking with reasons, i've heard it of old.
Can you hear me now? I don't think so... I dont care a snap of... Forget me. (...)

Unhand me in bloody words
Disprison my all
Isolate me from material
Drown me in darkness
For all seasons... Anymore
This natural psychosis
I was dying here
You have not any knowledge
Where is the wisdoms
I can not see this dirt
This unnatural dirt
I'm crawling still
The questions are unperfect
When letter is burning
... This abbandoned place
Among the roots
I will write my poem
With the bloody ink
I must dying tonight
Ignorance is here
Oblivion and moral delirium
Reminiscent... That's nothing
Devastation... The future
Preface... Restless words

Psychosis, material, oblivion, ignorance.


I'm nothing it's true alone and quiet with despairs
Call me secretly, am i dead in pains?
These moments are nothing... Build a truth
Research me in silence and reflect these lies
Burn the candles for last thoughts of mind
Call me secretly, am i there... With pains?
Find the last lights of obscurity when i a the beauties of gloom.
Burn the candles for the last night.

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