Give Up The Ghost : Ice Age

Hardcore / USA
(2002 - Malfunction Records)
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A cold world is one where you think hope's alive.
Where "friends" aren't really "friends", where love can't survive.
A cold world is one where life takes your life, where day after day is a fight after fight.
This world has made me cold, but I know, you've got to break your back to hold your ground,
And bones will heal, so I'm standing strong.
It hurts.
It breaks.
It kills.
It takes.
We'll fight.
We'll win.
We won't give in.


I won't go because I've been there before, and it took twenty years to pick my face up off the floor.
I'm not "sorry" if "things" aren't the "same"
But sleepless nights are hardly worth the cheapness of your game.
And if you know what I mean then live for yourself,
Because life is too short to waste it on somebody else.
There was a time, and I swear that I cared...
I got burned , and now I walk with this fist in the air.
I don't care what they say, they're not the ones who have to live with the pain.
Black heart breaking, broken bonds.
I should have known all along.
Don't talk to me.
I'm as deaf as I am blind.
Thanks for making me cheap, and thanks for the wasted time.


When we were young, we thought the days would get better.
Today I talked myself out of ending this.
I've been out chasing silhouettes, losing frozen smiles to a thousand regrets.
And all the way home, I could see your breath though we looked dead.
"I'm so far from here..."
We laughed.
"Our time is running thin."
But I always knew how the end would end.
I never said I'd stay to the end.
Fuck you, fuck all of you.
You'll never know what I wanted to say.
Those words are as dead as the air I breathe.
Life is just a big second guess, a broken staircase of mistook steps...
You can trust me, it's not okay...


Never thought the world was going to end..
Always knew I'd come across your face again.
Still healing broken hearts and holding broken bones..
Singing taps off key and breaking quiet phones...
You dont know what youve got until you're left all alone.
See the strain in my bloodshot eyes?
I'm a hollow box, empty as your lies...
And I know I can't live,
Because the price that I pay will be the love that I give.
Nothing hurts like that look in your eyes
Fuck the day I thought love was more than a lie
I only die every day
Sit alone count the no's of the yesterdays..
Those seven days sure made me weak
And when I'm dead and gone(shed a tear, bless my memory)
But I cant go on...
All I want in these dying days is a breath of fresh air, and some sanity
But nothings ever good enough, So i'll take a sad songs sure enough...
The feeling I'm feeling is a feeling I've felt for far too long...
The feeling I'm feeling is a feeling I've fought for far too long.

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