General Surgery : Left Hand Pathology



The tiles splattered with waste
Intestinal fluids and sinew
If these walls could talk
They'd regale with tales of horror

An anthology of vitiation
If these walls could talk

Mute witness to the horror
A sanguinary cataclysm
Malicious vivisection
Vile dismemberment

An anthology of vitiation
If these walls could talk

A desensitized beholder
Of decadence and bloodshed
A murderous dystopia
Filtered crimson red

Cold harsh stone
Clotted with offal
A permanent audience
To regular dissection

An anthology of vitiation
If these walls could talk


The sirens indicate death
Cadavers acquired with ease
The aftermath of mischance
I prey on such tragedy

Mangled flesh supreme
Fatalities and grief

Fragmented shards of bone
Gathered with perverse glee
Sanguine cause and effect
A covert euthanasia spree

Leeching off the carnage
Meat wagon allure

Abusing the grievous outcome
Leeching stiffs in the aftermath
A Machiavellian approach
Total stealth invoked

Stalk the EMT's
Appropriate the corpses
A modern Burke and Hare
Grand theft fatality

Vile forensic deception
In the guise of assistance
A harvest of broken bodies
Gathered with perverse glee

Bribe the paramedics
Ensure a tragic outcome

Mangled flesh supreme
Fatalities and grief

Leeching off the carnage
Meat wagon allure


Abnormal tissue abounds
An irritant to rid
A fitting treatment found
Electric currents assist

Wrap the deceased in foil
Attach a couple of clips
Plug the whole package in
Flip the switch and let her rip

Spit on the laboratory griddle
Watch the sparks increase
Fulguration in excess
The stench of burning grease

Fuses blowing one by one
Highly irritating
A surgeon needs to be prepared
with an extra generator


Recklessly puncturing veins
Cascading crimson rush
Artistically spread the torrent
Bask in the hematic flood

Ex-sanguinate the carcass
Bleed the riven limbs

Leech the clotted plasma
Pump subsiding flows
Smear the viscous cruor
Consolidate the gore

Reveal the vascular organs
Dichotomize the rapidly failing heart

Methodically dissect the flesh
Slice and lay open the skin
Relish the glutinous mess
Savor ensanguined death

Unleash the hemic fountain
An imbrued deranged feast
Extract the maximum claret
Pierce the arterial conduits

Escalate the carnage
Encourage venous spatter

Spray the grisly substance
A veritable sanguine artiste


Gristle, bile and grime
infesting every surface
Surreal patterns of rouge
The penance of being careless

The need for professional
Containment of disease

Scour scrub and wipe
Yearning for a sparkle
Underneath the human waste
Reveal the tiles and marble

Dial 1-800-mess-be-gone
For all your clean-up needs
A drug addled enthusiasm
Compensates our lack of expertise

A predilection for gore
An unhealthy zest
A psychotic fixation
In dealing with death

Scooping up remains
Pouring into tins and jugs
Redistribute the filth
Regurgitate the past


Disinter and subjugate
The freshly buried corpses
A vaguely high-brow fetish
For me and my distinguished colleagues

Exhumation an honourable task
To rid the cemeteries of their casks
A gentleman and body snatcher
A closet frenzied carcass slasher

Venerable dissection
Undignified post-mortem
Unauthorized vivisection
A villainous consortium

A nocturnal raid on the morgue
To relieve them of superfluous corpses
An impossible task to perform
Without my fellow deviant surgeons

Venerable dissection
Undignified post-mortems
Unauthorized vivisection
A villainous consortium


Exhume to investigate
Reflect on corpse criteria
The perfect specimen, suitably fresh
Untouched by disfiguring trauma

The grave robbing business
A lucrative offence

Appropriate subjects in shortage
Mucopurulent stiffs refused
Gaseous corpses discharging pus
Unacceptable for medical purpose

Create your own cadaver
Deliver the recently dead

Defile and disinter the freshly deceased
Inadequate to meet the growing needs
Furtively smother the sacrificial mark
A fine cadaver to pride the anatomy slab

A lethal business venture
Anatomical counterfeiting
A murderous vocation

Cadavers fermented to gunk
Entirely inappropriate
likewise the crushed and gored remains
of bloody industrial mishaps

Efficient body snatchers
Reap the harvest of death's mailing

Defile and disinter the freshly deceased
Inadequate to meet the growing needs
Furtively smother the sacrificial mark
A fine cadaver to pride the anatomy slab


Splinters of bone - Flesh turns to mince
Sinew & phlegm - Fragments of skin

Flesh and muscle stripped
Layer by putrid layer
Strands of reeking waste
Fetid strips of meat

Splinters of bone - Flesh turns to mince
Sinew & phlegm - Fragments of skin

Noxious putrid corpses
Rasped and razed to stew
Effectively ground down
By this murderous contraption

Untested apparatus
With a penchant for structural failure
Unproved waste disposal
A heinous carrion grinder


Are we lying comfortably?
I hope that you fear not
Your stay here shall be lengthy
Depending on just how quickly you rot

Apply a quicklime mud pack
Hinder circulation
Artificially inflicted gangrene
Hasten the maceration

Rendered impeccably clean
Stripped to the ivory core
The cleansing of your fetid flesh
Revealing the divine gleam of bone

Strings of muscle tissue
Yanked away with ease
Luckily I removed your tongue
I'm distracted by agonized screams

It probably won't hurt too much
The sedatives will bear you through
The pain eventually subsides
When your nerve ends turn to goo

Bound to be gored
Intravenously fed
Destined to rot
Your skin to be shed

Trimming off loose sinew
Your appearance is still a mess
My psychopedantic maniacal glee
Matches your distress

Cleanliness is godliness
Unbound by rank decay
I admire your skeletal remains
As I hose your fetid carrion down the drain


Deformed facial features
Cranial wounds abound
Abrasions and incisions
Bruises and severe contusions

The finer things in life and death
Viva! blunt force trauma

Crushed, smashed and ruined
Structurally redefined
Mangled, battered and beaten
The hilarity still abides

Fundamental gore
Viva! blunt force trauma

Excessive bodily harm
Shattered and protruding bone
The miracle of extreme force
in conjuncture with human forms


In the company of fellow carrion the deceased seem to come around

In the hidden realms of the morgue
Contained behind locked doors

My thoroughly sound-proofed cellar
contains abducted corpses by the bulk
In the v.i.p. room of the morgue,
an orgy of dry-frozen hulks

Refrigerate the stiffs
Minimize the decay
A collection of fresh playmates
for a better day

Degeneration kept at bay
Necrological lust denied
A certain virtuosity
until the time feels right

A pathological binge
A sub-zero soiree

Mingle in the festering crowds
as the festivities slowly mount

Stiff-limbed hedonism
An orgy of dry-frozen hulks

A pathological binge
A sub-zero soiree


Ravaged and obsolete stiffs
Cadavers infested with mould
Purulence oozing from slits
As mortification takes hold

Embrace the decay
Assimilate gore
Revel in flesh
Be one with the corpse

Hysterical anatomization
Ingesting fetid brawn

Embrace the decay
Assimilate gore
Revel in flesh
Be one with the corpse

Shredded epidermis
Discarded shards of bone
A tragic clutter of corpses
Chaotic science honed

Autopsy Induced Amnesia

Preoccupied dissection
Offals and flesh displaced
Severed parts unaccounted for
Mortuary waste astray

Disentangled innards
Discarded hacked off limbs
Segregated entrails
Absent-mindedly mislaid

Reassembled corpses
Doctored up with haste
A conglomerate of parts
To obscure the amnesic mistakes

Temporary burial shroud
Concealing post mortem harm
Prosthetic limbs replace
The mislaid body parts


Scourging the morgue with sickly malice
Rank antagonism brought to a head
Disquiet on the forensic front
I sense the gathering of purulent adversary flesh

Slashing at blistered & ulcerous limbs
Keeping the rancid stiffs at bay
The ongoing struggle against dearly departed
A justified frenzy of pathological rage

Putrefactive waste I do adorn
A foul internecine reward
The gains of the battle, reeking of bile
To the victor the spoils of mortuary wars

Surgical tools aid my success
over the malodorous cadavers I dread
Their insidious advances I repulse with finesse
Strategical mind games with the recently dead

Necrobiosis prevailing
My ally in decomposition
A festering triumph accomplished by force
The shredded rank corpses my cowed and crushed foes

Putrefactive waste I do adorn
A foul internecine reward
The gains of the battle, reeking of bile
To the victor the spoils of mortuary wars

Scorch the fetid waste
Replenish the source of flesh
Gather a fresh batch
of rancid, rank opponents

Joyfully await the next occasion
For the fun to start again To recreate with my malodorous chums
This thrilling, exhilarant game

The gains of the battle
The sweet stench of bile

To the victor the spoils
of Mortuary wars


Pathological waste abounds
Cadavers lined wall to wall
Foul-whiffing stiffs all around
A bonfire would clean it all

Frenzied cauterization
Now seems slightly passé
A more gleeful method seems fitting
To spread havoc and disharmony

Dispensation of carrion embellished
In a delightfully mirthful way
The disposal of my spent toys
A most superbly distasteful fray

Mannequins discretely exchanged
For a different fashion model
Now view the spring collection
As worn by bloated corpses

The ghastly remains strategically placed in public spots
Much to the amusement of my like-minded pathologist chums

De-truncating limbs, slack heads are lopped
Soak the pieces in preservatives to debar foul rot
Wrap the stinking presents and then regroup
To deliver bloody packages to your front stoops

Blithely positioning cadavers on a park bench
Horrified children recoil and blench
Hang a corpse by its intestines from a nearby tree
For the public to admire my disposal methodology

Our gruesome tasks masked by off-putting gaiety
The jocular demeanour veils your repugnance but barely
Jovially dissecting and disposing of the gore
Our brash disposal methods leave you shaken to your core

Unauthorized surgeries
Dismantling anatomy
Solemnizing necrotomies
Convivial Corpse Disposal Methodology

Suspended stiffs on wires
Make for hours of entertainment
A pus-dripping puppet show
An enchanting display of debasement

The jovial sense of misconduct
Derived from the publics disgust
Young and old repelled by the reek
of rank, putrefying meat

The mortuary waste diminishing for every prank
Cadaveric clean-up of my vile, putrescent body bank

Tossing rigored stiffs from embankments and cliffs
Setting carcasses ablaze, and other procedures most comedic
Our ingenuity is tested when our patients die
Inventive methods of disposal our modus operandi

Villainy demonstrated with our internment techniques
Bodies stored in 50-gallon drums until they start to leak
Mincing the dead into finely ground organic scrap
Mulching your garden with our latest mishap

Rollicking through our disposal drills
Dispatching the murdered is better than the kill
Slowly dissolved in acid, encased in tar
Or dumped in plastic bags from a moving car

Unauthorized surgeries
Dismantling anatomy
Solemnizing necrotomies
Convivial Corpse Disposal Methodology

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