Gandalf : Deadly Fairytales

Melodic Death / Finland
(1998 - Wicked World Records)
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My future is somber,
And so are my eyes,
When the lights turn on,
This marks the end of time,
The choice of a new generation,
Is choking in my mind,
But something new borns,
When something old dies,
Day by day I search,
For the absolute truth,
The knowledge of mankind,
To become an oracle from a fool,
Days turning to weeks,
Weeks turning to months,
Changing colours from an underdog,
Into a god,
Unchain yourself from the temporal power,
And you will finally be free,
My future was somber,
And so were my eyes,
But when the lights turned on,
It marked the start of a new life,
The lust for a new generation,
Is filling my mind,
Something new borns,
When something old dies,
Unchain yourself from the temporal power,
And you will finally be free,
Free from your mental slavery,
From serving time,
To have all the time you need.


A vision of mortality - all spirits reign supreme
Watched and controlled - these emotions are crucifying me

Who can you trust
When you are lost
Who'll show the way
When you're astray
Who tells the truth
To the world and the youth
Don't need an answer to this
'Cos I’m in a sacred bliss

When you're a marionette
Locked by your lost emotions, dancing to images of clowns
When you're a puppet
Looking through the eyes of the dead, on your lost, burning soul

Who is the fool
Is it me or you
Do you know the way
When you are astray
Try to find out
What life is about
Don't hesitate
Before it's too late

You hail to the king
You know that he will win
But in the mirror you see
A puppet with a face of grief


Have you ever asked yourself
"What am I doing here?"
Life is hard but it can be an enjoyment
As long as you treat everyone's life fair

So if you want to rock a cradle
Then be sure it's thine
If you want to mess with my life
In the end you will die

Life is a sacred gift
Which can't be treated too well
The one can't ever be thanked enough
The one who created the incredible spell

So if you want to rock a cradle
Then be sure it's thine
If you want to mess with my life
In the end you will die
If you want to rock a cradle
Then be sure it's thine
When you hurt me you hurt yourself
And then revenge will be mine, all mine

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger

Have you ever been on the edge of death?
Felt the insanity and pain - the misery
Lost and confused, dying to get home
But you're not alone on the way to reality


Convulsions, silent tongue
I ask you not to speak
Tomorrow I will learn
Erase my memories

Past, darkness rose
Crying tears within
Happiness, lost emotion
Pain, no more

Dark... Old... Memories

Behind minds curtain
Blind eyes can see
Secrets of what I’ve done
Captured to remain

Controlled stupidity
Violence achieved
Crimes against humanity
Soulless again

Ignorance, the biggest reason
You don't understand
Ribald, language spoken
Dreaming of blood


Now the ghouls are back on the streets,
Capturing new victims and starting to feast,
The lost souls haunted eyes show shame and guilt,
Soon fresh blood is set to spill,
Dressed in disguise,
They offer their friendship and trust,
But what they really want,
Is to suck you dry in lust,
Have your spirits,
Disappearing in vain,
Your shadow fading away,
In emotional pain,
Your heart is being torn apart,
When you try to dig yourself,
Out of the dark,
You fear of losing your rests in pain,
But take a chance to see what you have to gain,
Don't think that this is your destiny,
Living under the spell of a charming enemy,
You fear of losing your rests in pain,
But take a chance to see what you have to gain,
Don't let your mind make you a shadow,
To have your heart and soul - fade away.


Isolated from this world,
As the deed is done,
No turning back,
Now my days are gone,
Hiding away,
From my future,
But I can't hide,
From my conscience,
I'm breathing but dead,
Imprisoned inside my head,
Never free again,
Never to see again,
All is lost,
No hope for me,
But for what I did,
This is the price to be.


Now enter the hall of infinity, where is no light of day
In this darkened tomb of misery I walk through this haunting daze
I'm out of it, I’m out of it, in these eternal tears of pain
Divine intervention in this unholy land is just a life away

Left alone, in my misery
Forever forgotten, and eternally forlorn

Time after time, I just want to die
I give up all principles in order just to get high

Left alone in my misery
Walking through my mind with no sign of this world
I'm out of it and mentally deceased
Forever forgotten and eternally forlorn


I rule my world,
I am immortal,
I'll show you where,
The light is to be found,
It gave me life,
I never thought existed,
A greater ride,
Than ever before,
Who needs a god?,
If you are in seventh heaven,
Who needs a goat?,
If it only speaks for the dead,
I am alive and in,
Fire - keeps me vivid in flames,
Fire - and I’ll make you feel the same,
I'm free at last,
From the ties of this world,
Just follow your soul,
And it can be eternally yours,
Just one life,
Before you die,
Become your master,
Before it's too late.


Feed us with your wisdom,
As you sneer at our beliefs,
We will know who stood behind,
And who did not,
Feed us with your contempt,
As you underrate our power,
Soon it's time to even the accounts,
Once and for all,
Let the talk flow,
Behind our backs,
You will never know,
Where our ears are at,
Now we strike you out,
And fight you back,
It's stime to even the accounts,
Once and for all,
The scars of darkness,
You show us to prove your strength,
Are just marks of the weak,
In the end,
When you feel our power,
After you started the war,
Stronger than hell,
From the body, mind and soul,
To the core,
Congratulations on the paths,
You have chosen,
But we're not going to sell,
Our souls to your lord,
So let's raise the stakes and see,
What your hand really holds,
If you dare to even the accounts,
Once and for all.


Emotions lost in oblivion,
Getting open the gates of hell,
With an open mind and open to die,
Shivering creatures start their ride,
The desire for the truth,
Lives on and on and on,
The ride for new dimensions of life,
Go on until they are gone,
The decay of man is true,
When I watch me in the future,
When I see the look in your face,
I feel like a creature,
Never I will tear your soul apart,
Never I will make your heart bleed,
Never - again,
Never I will leave you alone again,
Never I will make you go insane,
The painful memories of a forgotten world,
Makes me cry,
Locked up in a cell,
With the horrors I created for myself,
I take what's mine,
And break it to pieces,
Just believe my word,
Never again,
Just make a prayer and wait for a miracle,
From the sky,
But what you see is a star,
With new heights to find.

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