Gama Bomb : The Terror Tapes

Thrash Speed / Ireland
(2013 - AFM Records)
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On a frozen night in the countryside
Topless drinking men defended their pride
The concept of a good time taken to extremes
Negligent games with a manly theme
Nudist capers powered by grog
Chainsaw dares, are you man enough to pull the plug?
You have done something to your brain, you have made it high
Why trust one drug above the other, that's politics right?

You got hold of something strong and you put it in your head
You sniffed or drank or shot it up, you ran a mile and shit the bed
You're coming up the helter-skelter, look out above
You never know enough's enough

Escalation, taking a turn for the worse
Self-decapitation, the only way to prove your worth

You can scream and shout,
But you got hold of the wrong stuff, you can't deny
You're on the way out,
Yes, no, maybe you got stupefied

No matter if you're too poor to shite
Get high as the proverbial, every single night
It's a deadly buzz and you can't stop screaming
You're chewing your own head and no, you're not dreaming
Over the falls without ever leaving the room
There's something unpleasant coming soon

Robocop told you winners don't use drugs
But now you've got the munchies for your own face- holy fuck!
You're naked, roaring, drinking hand sanitizer from a boot
Time to face the truth
You've had a trouser accident and you're smearing tonight
Something's just not right

Sadly, you're no longer legit
Hold on, something smells a bit like human shit

You can scream and shout,
But you got hold of the wrong stuff, you can't deny
You're on the way out,
Yes, no, maybe you got stupefied

Look here, everybody does drugs from time to time
But you, sir, have failed to keep this lesson top-of-mind


Lightning quick like a kick in the dick
Like a bolt right out of the blue
The G-force pounds with the throttle down
At the turning of the screw
Accelerating, limit breaking
Propelled by sonic boom

Burn out- send the signal from mission control
Vanishing point- hit the desk 'cause the bird as flown
Ignition- Let the tape run on
'Cause the worst is yet to come

Get high! Get high!
Get unbelievably high!
Terrific speed, the atom seed
Taken to the sky

Outpacing, racing like a cheetah fleeting, streaking into The black
Daring, soaring, blazing a trail, they say he'll never be Back

Nitro- push the needle into the red
Thrusters- you're hanging on by a thread
Light speed- tell all the folks back home,
Son you're on your own

Techno fallschirmjäger soaring faster than a shark with a gun
Spearing through the firmament- but something's wrong
Neutron- don't cross the streams
Detonate- the whole world can hear the screams
Impact in three, two, one
That son of a bitch was a legend of speed


Congregation of witchery that reads from Satan's book
Wearing pointy hats in the night
Its pages can snap your mind with just one look
Tonight is the last day of my life
Triangle embroidered on his hat
His hand is covering one evil eye
So worship or die

See how our evil black magic backwards talk you makes
My trousers are on upside down
Tell them who sent you when you get to hell's gate
Such evil will turn your kacks brown
Liturgy of The Serpent Saint
It sounds like the Omen OST, like Christopher Lee

The backwards bible for you and me
The book of demonology
Bless the evilness
Eternal doom, now there's the rub
Spells Beelzebub

He's reading the bible from the back to the front
And upside down in a mirror
He's flicking the bathroom lights on and off
And screaming bloody murder
He's rubbing his stomach and patting his head
Flushing the toilet and raising the dead
He's counting backwards from five down to nought
He's reading a spell from the pamphlets he bought


Supercop from motor city transferred into town
Shot to bits and resurrected, out to bring disorder down
Leather jacket, shining chrome, cruising down the boulevard
He's cold as ice and twice as hard

Walking slow and talking wise,
An Auto 9 in his Levis
You killed me but I came back to life
You thrill me so come one, let's party like it's 1985

He has no name, he plays the game
Shooting up the party scene
Directives four, he knows the score
He's half man and half machine

State of the art- bang bang!
It's not what, it's who you know
If you wanna serve the public trust
Call 9-1-1 or 9-0-2-1-0

I came to murder Ronny Cox, Ronny Cox is my boss
I have no wife, my wife is gone, I'm here to kill Steve Berkoff
I'm posing as a journalist working for the OCP
You'd buy that for a dollar? Get the fuck outta here!
Hands of steel and a cheeky grin,
Ferrari wheels and a metal skin

Special chair, loves to swear, grieving wife,
Back to life
OCP, banan-ee, tail pipe gag,
Empty mag
Arm shot off, likes to scoff, silly laugh,
Abandoned gaff
Good at shootin', robe- a-lootin', Rolling Stone,
No-one's home
Baby food, knows the hood, warehouse ruse,
Metal shoes
Cobra cannon, no right angles, supercop,
Cocaine drop
Inspector Todd, Clarence Bodd', Judge Reinhold
His face is cold
Read the rights of rudeness in the first degree
Dead or alive, you're coming with me

Searching for the sweet narc action hidden in coffee grounds
Play it straight, stay outta trouble, Supercop's around
Dining out on baby food, I always work alone
Microchips and coils of wire replaced my flesh and bone


It's midnight in the art gallery
Buttering a nappy so sensuously
There's no bulbs in his gaff, no paint on the walls
He spreads the blood across his face and lights up his balls
Willem Dafoe- using chandeliers for sex
He likes to smoke the blow
Willem is a pretty intense guy

Hey, Dafoe!
He cut off his own dick years ago
Smoke the blow!
Roll 'em up in your Lamborghini driving real slow

Offering food with no trousers on
Smashing up a nine bar- cigar anyone?
I never realised everything was so sexy
Nude in the dark- there's a fan on Willem's willy

I've seen all your films before
I thought your name was William 'til I was 24
Urbane and astute
Ass out clause on every film that he shoots

Hey, Dafoe!
He cut off his own dick years ago
Smoke the blow!
Roll 'em up in your Lamborghini driving real slow

Socks vest mickey- sorry all genders no time for a quickie
His unit is sticky
Willem Dafoe, he smokes the blow, and don't you know,
We outtie, yo!


Urchin from the gutter, in this town you'll go far
From tender age you've built the rage, who cares who you are?
We'll gather up the children, put Walkmen in their ears
Singing soon a different tune, we'll give you purpose down here
We're plying them with Pepsi cola, Gameboy on demand
Training hard and wearing masks, they'll get radical on our command
Soon they're stealing TVs, automatic VCRs
Wearing Jordans, striking out, a ninja school is what we are

Don't make me tell you twice
Play the deadly game
A word to the unwise
It'll all go down in flames
We started the fire that burned this city down
We started the fire that stopped the world from spinning 'round

We control the subway system, our clothes are black
Mr. Big rewards the kids, they're drinking Tab and snorting crack
It's written in the pogs you know, the end is drawing nigh
Mark the ruins Zero Year for nineteen eighty-nine
Roughing up commuters, the gutter is our bed
There's a flaming arrow pointing to here and now, it's in our head
Danger in our mission, so you better bring a rope
You may have to scale a building, or have somebody by the throat

Gutter snipe- rule the streets, Savage
digs- under siege, Hitting hard- killer
teens, and now we're, Arsonists-
stealing cars- Murderers- burning bars
Perjurers- sexual


Slip your penny in the slot, you're tall enough to ride
Screw your eyes up nice and tight and take a peek inside
You'll see the scary world that's sort of right behind the Normal one
Where goblin Nazis rule the world and lava rivers run

Look into my Terrorscope, I dare you not to see
I promise you no black ring around the eye for thee
Turn the crank and bring to life just what the butcher saw
Black magic lantern is projecting horrors on the walls

Spiral to the other side
In my Terrorscope
Guaranteed to petrify
It's my Terrorscope

You'll see crudely doodled demons clippity-clopping their cloven feet
Or a Herbie Goes Bananas full of people you don't wanna meet
A spooky realm of badly thought-up terror lurking in the lens
Such creepy and quite shoddy evil coming back again

Spiral to the other side
In my Terrorscope
Guaranteed to petrify
It's my Terrorscope
Clear to see for those who'll die
You'll be horrified
It's all in the eye of my Terrorscope

Look in the abyss too long, it looks back you see
What is real and what is no is not too clear with me
My big long fingers beckon you, I glide you to your seat
Reality's a nightmare now, you're seeing it clearly


Last night I had the strangest dream about the day when it all came down
There were figures writhing and a bell was chiming and fire was engulfing the town
Last night I awoke with a scream to discover it all had come true
I was strapped to a chair and someone was there, he showed me a terrible view

Feast! Feast! Feast your eyes!
Your foot comes out your mouth
Shocked and horrified
Cruelty is what it's all about

Feast your eyes on the world that's sure to come
New world order that eats the older one

One man's poison- another man's meat
Did you never learn- Nothing's for free
Confronted by such savagery
It's time to ask yourself what you believe

Last night I shed my skin and howled like a wolf in the zoo
Contagious lunacy swept the world and mayhem did ensue
People eating skin and screaming keeps the axels greased
The president is drinking blood from a skull, here's to the founder of our feast

Last night I had the strangest dream
It felt like I was losing the plot
The world is ending,
The sky was descending,
And someone had reset the clock
Listen to the chanting, churning rhythm, deeply disturbing, there's no returning
Look in the mirror and see, the cannibals are you and me


Too many drinks, shit yourself
On the brink, shit yourself
The Morning Star, shit yourself
Cadavar, shit yourself
Bad kebab, shit yourself
Caught the crabs, shit yourself
Shit the bed, shit yourself
The living dead, shit yourself

You must take a shit in your trousers, or you will never see your family again.


Am I a projection? Am I just a brain in a jar?
Like a cat in a box, neither dead or alive,
Can anybody say who we are?
The world that you see, it is not really real
The minute that you let down your guard

A meteorite comes from outer space
The harbinger of a stellar scream,
Blazing a trail through the ancient skies,
Nostradamus- the fever dream

I feel like I'm floating in space
You, me, the entire human race

They've got the power to shut the sky
Everything can be undone
My apocalyptic dread is intensified
Burning as bright as the sun

Is this simulation of the universe
More complex than we could conceive
Cryptic symbols spell Atlantean code
Computing at incredible speed

Light in the sky- Look for the sign
They vowed to return- For you and I
A system error- The Dyatlov Pass
The coming terror- the Men in Lead Masks!

Nostradami, drawing near
So many predictions,
Run in fear

Gaining the power to punch a hole
Right through this reality's heart
Who can say who made us this way
Will they reset the system to start?
A visitation- the edge of space
A computation- lost without a trace
Our civilization- just guinea pigs
Something is out there- something big!

Nostradami, drawing near
So many predictions,
Run in fear


I saw this fella with a skinhead at the front row of the show
He's telling me come down, he's shrieking, freaking everybody out
His brain is fried, you can tell it from the look in his eye
Local Nazis, why'd you bother wanna waste my time?

Come here to play a show, now local Mussolini wants a go
Do what we want, when we want, we're not competing with Neanderthals
Someone called security, they're watching me like I'm Jacky O
This is how it's gonna go

If you want a picture of the future it's a kick in the face
You're all alone in this place
Clinging to the past, you're a total disgrace
You're no master race

Here's a lesson, you can speak your mind but it's never trouble-free
If you've got a brain you know it's your responsibility
Don't turn your cheek if someone's talking shit
The human race will thank you for it

If anybody says you're preaching tell them silence is consent
The voice of reason is a weapon, you've gotta use it with just one intent
The paranoia, persecution, preconception, don't be in any doubt
You've gotta say fuck 'em- stamp it out


Another Friday night in trousers tight, no money sense or plan
The demon drink will see you right, scuttered to a man
Not for you the affluence that lies beyond the velvet rope
The chateau in the gutter's your only hope
You had your pints and pissed your kacks
They pulled you by the ear, you couldn't stand your ID off by years

Drinking- ready, willing and able
Sinking- See you under the table

Here's something for you all
Don't fear your beer, just get involved
If you're proud to be inebriate
It's coming straight into your face
Like a wrecking ball

Now the night is young, you're highly strung, you're drinking wine and schnapps
The yuppie life is the only life, you think it's such a laugh
Your nouveau riche and eating quiche, you're cashing in and cooking books
But too much coke is ruining your looks
You rake it in and live in sin
You're playing futures in your prime
You're pissing up on borrowed time

You want the finest cakes, the finest wines,
You want here and now
Just like the bull loosed from the gate
Who wants to have sex with those cows
You'll take the bastard axe to anybody in your way
No matter what the bar tab is you'll gladly pay
Throw yourself into the road escaping this hideousness
Hanging ever since you had your fiftieth

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