Gama Bomb : Tales from the Grave in Space

Thrash Speed / Ireland
(2009 - Earache Records)
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You've never been in a fight but you will be tonight
If you're hip to the groove you will see
You know the end is nigh, you've got to hang 'em high
Get a mallet and take to the street
There's civil unrest, development's arrest
Now the law's no use, there's chaos loose, let's stretch it to the test
Lights out in the city, my shiv has no pity for you
Tear – tear the government down
Behead – the man who is wearing the crown
You're the state of the art to take the world apart
Stand for a slam anthem – let the thrashing start
It started with oil and how we despoiled, uprooted what was left of the trees
The powers that be had no trust in you and me, we ground this world down to its knees
A victim of the age of ignorance and rage
A product of society that's broke
A city like a scab, let's kick it to the slab
All but the hardest will get smoked
Sick of bearing the slavemasters' load
You're raging, primed to explode
Push the tempo to fever pitch, shoot out all the lights
A raging crew three billion strong on a final wasted night
Pissed off your face with a chainsaw and mace
Come on in and grab a tin and help us wreck the place
All the lads are out, but most people are dead
When they're finished they'll cut off their own heads


The challenger from a future time
Sentenced to the past for a forgotten crime
They'll perish him for the perfect rights
Down through the years past time and space

Through the stargate, time and space collapse
The legions fly above the mist
Transport them to their trash

Centurions, of the second breed
Robots, powered by pistons steams
A spectacle for you to see
The new eliminators of atlantis ‒ b.c.

War spilled in the funeral times
Traited powders cross acid lines
The world will see the battle on the arena floor
Defines like the lasers went come to seal your coming on

Razor gate and lose the beast
The sound of bloody war ‒ war!
Exaggerated death-face
Means a fly tucked to the sore

Smoking powders, robots mercies, aliens, and jets
The challenger erects, he's screaming "faces all reflect"
So cast a bomb into the heart, the cities neutrid core
Humanoids a and genesis send to the allstreet floor

In the dying moment the city flows in ash
From out the chaos comes a challenger to vanish in a flash

Atlantis! Atlantis! Atlantis!


A sailor's map in an occult store,
In a place where no shop ever stood before
Making plain that near the old town square
Abandoned ruins still standing there
Scale the wall, smash the lock, tear the ivy back
Break the seal, scale the stair, find them crouching, dressed in black

They'll take all commands, so make your demands
Approach with care, speak if you dare ...
They're blind but they know, so to them we go
So come with me, see witches three

The world is yours, we guarantee
You'll share in immortality
Give your eyes so we might see
Sacrifice for sisters three

Slit your palm and grease the mirror, roll the chicken bones
In the crucible they'll forge your fortune, take instruction from the ancient crones
Like a husband who doesn't wear a ring
Like a thief left alone with a shiny thing
You'll never come to account, just paying one price
They'll grant it all when you scoop out your eyes

Your wishes come true, but what did you do?
Two eyes among three, they command witchery
Lust was your all, now you've got no balls
Eyeballs that is, oh gee what a swizz


Ninjas! Kunoichi and oniwaban unite...
Dealing in murder by blowdarts tonight...
Your shogun is calling, order is falling...
It's time to strap up and obey the calling...

Shinobi, cast off your farmers apparel...
An old allegiance is needed in the time of d.a.r.y.l....
Put down your sodoku, stick on your shoku...
Climb down from your tree and kill people with me...

Fighting! Iron fisted men...
Masked faces drop from above...
All ninjas join forces and hands...
Guerrilla warfare tonight!...

A window is open a mind draws a blank...
A deadly puffer fish is missing from the tank...
A whisper a shadow out in the thickets...
Silent shinigami with his pockets full of crickets...

A man? 'Tis a ninja, the mantis strikes!
A large group of peasants are set upon with pikes
A creak right behind your chair...
Blood and bones and teeth and guts and dinner everywhere...

You've murdered your friends and lovers and tramps...
Chopped of their heads while backflipping down ramps...
Now back to your hole, there's no time to pause...
Cast off your katanas, smoke bombs and claws...

Next time they insult the ten tigers of canton...
They won't find their demise unfounded or wanton...
Dishing out dead legs in the bitter chill...
Killed you have done, and done well was the kill...


Tuffed with hay, coming our way
Mummy cloth sewn up with silk
Cursed and possessed, shabbily dressed
Un-living effigy from the hills
To the mountain we’ll go, drink beer and smoke
Let’s have sex and act like we’re retarded
Smoothing in for a kiss, there’s something amiss
You’re a feast for the deadly departed

Local legend of a gypsy curse
And the murder of a circus clown
Maybe indian bones beneath a field of corn
They approach without a sound
They cannot talk but i understand their curse demands a price
They show me things you cannot know and i return with sacrifice
I watch them seize their victims, i take it in my stride
Ignore the coming terror baby, don’t you feel alive?

Don’t look now – inveterate curse
You’ll see how our roles reverse
They made a vow – i feed their need
Just don’t look now and thrill me

There’s bones beneath their ragged shawls and magic in their joints
They fell upon their victims up at inspiration point
I think there’s something in your eye, feel my hand upon your thigh
You thought it was time to get lucky, it’s really time to die
You wear my ring, you’re my best gal, you call me your dreamboat
But i’m laughing as they seize you now, i’m casually lighting up a smoke



‘coming over here and taking our jobs’ – no-one really believes that shit
Exploiting indecision to spread their crap, trying to look every bit too legit to quit
But we know a brick through the window in the middle of the night is their real idea of fun
We’ll throw a fit before we submit to scum

Heil and dry
No shelter for you here
Bnp, all nazis
In the crosshairs, you know we’re sincere when we declare
Your feet will dance on air
Your slippery slope to genocide
We know your names, we won’t let it slide
Nazis? Fuck ‘em!


Sitting in the house, watching high spirits
Steve guttenberg preparing to rock
Sitting on the bus, listening to the terminator soundtrack
Tahnee cain, solid as fuck
Here's looking at you, michael biehn
When we go drinking, we shout about you
Outlining your career, pumping my fist
Aliens is amazing, it's true
Ronnie cox is locked on target
High-pants women are dancing for him
Shooting his cool gun across the years
His powers surely will never dim
Respecting chrises lee lloyd and walken
And jcvd? Yeah, now we're talkin'
Peter falk can walk the walk, he talks it like it is
Bruno mattei can make our day with his amazing films
Titanic skills and shocking styles
You're guilty of being cool
Razor licks inspired by heroes
We respect you
A pint with dick donner, kebab with j fox
John carpenter was smashing up the drums
We were shouting about john hughes in the kitchen at some guy's house
If you don't like kurt russell you're scum
Bill paxton wasn't in inner space, but by christ we wish he was
Gary busey was in bullet proof, dare bring him up and we'll cause an awful fuss


Livid hands wring rinds of joy from future dwelling life
A ghost of family in every home as society spirals from the light
Patrolling black belly pigs brand identity codes into searing flesh
Reconfigure binary to bring down enemy jets
I robot, resisting arrest
Stamping boot that keeps us oppressed
Apocalypse! Who'd have thunk
Humanity! The boat has sunk
Life waiting in line for a virus scan
Your own child will denounce you for having soft hands
Depredations, interrogations where intruder alarms will scream
They're watching you, so smash the screen then shoot to kill – you know what i mean?
Searching scope that snipes at hope
Ramming injustice home
They've washed your mouth out with poison soap
You will report to the justice zone
Can it be there was a time when men and women laid together with the sun upon their skin?
It's just a crime beyond comparison now in a world where thought is sin
Alternate history of a future past where orthodoxy is the law
If you are a man, you are the last, now a victim to the saw
Spotlights scan the rubble sites were the pigs unleash the hounds
To fall in love is the final crime and will bring the truncheon down


Back to the castle...
Returning you might say...
There's a vat of brains and it's brain mashing day,
The lord of the manor has been up to no good...
And now he must pay...

Refined psychopath with a metal jaw...
Primitive justice comes to call
An angry mob approaches...
Peasants the lot of them...
Toting a priest and some pitchforks...
Just like a dracula film

They were here once before...
Got no satisfaction...
Ruling with a steel jaw, brain wine concoction,
He thought it was fine to mash up their heads...
Now he meets his destruction...
So tear down the gates and slash up the drapes...
For a baron of blood there can be no escape
Found in the garden...
Unsuspecting fool...
Grabbed by the locals...
Gouged up with a spoon...

We know how to deal with your sort...
We'll make no mistake...
Crudely shear his head before they fry him at the stake
Crush his minions in a rage as they batter him with sticks,
Setting fires, they're saying prayers...
Violence and righteousness is surely a winning mix...

Blood! Blood! We want blood!
Back for the attack
Hack! Slash! Cut a dash - it's good to get your own back


Sworn with the medium and take her hands
She understands which almost nobody can
To rescue the child you must follow her command
It tells her things only a child can understand

A powerful force that comes from the other side
The house is haunted, coffins erupt outside
It lies to her and it does as it please
To her it's a child, to us it's the beast

Life force - a light that draws them near!
The terror - that holds their souls in fear!

Beware the specters avail in the graveyard, the earth will churn and powerful beyond the veil, they have returned
For profit, you built on sacred ground
For vengeance, they ?write? With an awful sound
A vortex you'll find down under the stairs they came and took her there

It's jealous of the living and it wants revenge
It will possess your home, your children, and then
At the mercy of intruders that we cannot see
A voice in the static of the tv screen

Such evil, was buried there
Your daughter, it lies to her
Her aura, it burns so bright
Whatever you do, stay away from the light




Wake one day, get out of bed
Drop your choc dip as you look outside
There's a glowing pyramid on the edge of town
Its presence there comes as a surprise

Bony hands that claw and scrab, dessicated devils from the past
Anachronistic corpses escaped from the lab, stiff limbed invasion that came on too fast
News reports are confused, talk of bandaged maniacs causing much ado
Slow moving menace that overwhelms the town, it's hopeless to fight now their claws are on you

Fear of fire – there's nothing you can do
Evils conspire – the jackal-headed god beckons you

Borne to the pyramids, no use to shout,
They can only speak in hieroglyphs
See the doors marked ‘locals in', ‘mummies out',
Oh dear god don't let it end like this
Production line of evil that pickles your skin
Conveyor belt of terror stuffs amulets in
Dehumanizing mummifying like a day spa gone wrong
Then they send you out a mummy to do evil carry-on

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