Fu Manchu : The Action Is Go



6 hours before
with an evil grin
better brace yourself
straightaway or win
Call power slide
Separates them all
Never touchin the brake

Evil eye has set his plan
...Erasin' all...
Evil eye has set his plan
...Erasin' all...

Pushed through the floor
Halfway through the turn
As we ride up high
The dirt starts to burn
Wheels of his heap
Hits the backstreet wall
Evil eye has signaled

Evil eye has set his plan
...Erasin' all...
Evil eye has set his plan
...Erasin' all...

Evil...eye...will fall


Like so with gasolene
On more we ever been
Went back another day
Off the road..we never made
Mola sinnin until before
Between the lines..readin more
Across the field with little known
It's what they said get in it and go!

Accelerate ..to the floor
Observe the light .. observe the 4
1000 feet had passed us by
Make up the time .. we have to try
Motionless .. and revived
Up above .. a blinding light
Once again .. a different route
Give us the time .. we'll find it out

It's been hidden away .. for 50 years
So says the four .. so says the four
At first they were cleared .. until the 4
Had gained control .. had gained control

A certain sign just like we found
It's what we see .. it's what went down
Urethane has given way
Breakin' down .. just like they say
Light seems to pass on through
A cover up .. is what we knew
No time to check the facts
Never told ... we'd make it back!



Hold still the sight
When it falls down
Came back to life I see
No one around

Like I said

Look 'em in the eye
For a minute or two
Of course that was all they saw
Nothin' left for you

Like I said

Most of them knew
What they had read
Objects from underneath

Was like I said


Circle the world
And Fly by night
I had a hunch
Why did they try..?
42 days long
Turbines had fried
Genius says alright!

Burning Road
Seen more than they know
Burnin' road
On and on they roll

Center space has gone
Keepin' a straight line
El Camino soars
Disappeared from sight
Big block made news
Try to analyze
The pressure crew
Genius says alright!


Waiting for
Close at hand
I think you're right
Now what's your plan
A few hours passed
Now lost sight
Ask me again
Genius says alright!



Awhile down's been left in the dust
All through the town
A' Several years since we seen them near
It's the dying sound!
Divide the time on another ride
Forget the sign...
I do believe when they say shift down
Guardrail to the right

Been 15 times .. I never holded the line
A fever speed on them .. startin over again


Modified.. added lean
Whatcha get... is whatcha see
Full code.... get it straight
Top of the line... never late
Showpiece.. on the bars
Expired sails.. KT scars
Out ridin... backin' day
4130.. only way!

Better check your code, cause he never king
(I thought.. better check your coat)
Table toping load like we ain't ever seen!

Pro perform.. throwin tabs
Hefty doubles.. tuff mags
Numbered plate.. ahhh kiss this
Chicken scratch.. hit or miss
Pimp suds... spaced invade
Mouthful.. fade away
White knuckle.. pitched out
Full bore.. all about




Behind the wheel.. some told
Their turn.. realizing what's in store
Hardly known... under the lift
Seems like forever.. since I seen one like this!
Seldom wrong.. narrow ride
Turning towards.. ain't ever seen inside
One on the floor... one out the door
Aint nothing left just like we heard before
Take the turn go the ride
Unlike before, this happens everytime
Locate the sound ...from the star
Get to work gonna take this thing apart

The transmission begins
The crowd silent grins
The transmission begins
The crowd silent grins

Lights fade lost sound
Easy ride... drive into the ground
1,000 plays behind the wheel
Turning slow gonna make the final deal
Roll the dice, lost the round
Through my head theyll never understand
As they lay engine dies
Time still as they come in from the sky


Quick turn away...I see them again
No explain the sound...Must be the end
Looks like hell on earth..ain't no figurine
A clumsy ride is all....went by unseen
Quick turn away...I see them again
No explain the sound...Must be the end

Behind the wheel..or so I'm told
Your turn... realizin what's instore
Hardly know..under the lift
Seems like forever.. since I heard one like this!


A million years ago!
I headed down the road
A million years ago!
I headed down

Drivin for the south
Nowhere down
I got the news
I figured it out
A secret search
When at last
A shrunked mooose
We could use
Since we found
Said no big deal
Next time we leave
Watchin them go


Five months still..now our turn
Just like before
It broke in two....straight to earth
Or so we thought
The so-line read...like it should
Of course we knew
We left a trail....there was no sign
They went through.....

Green lights were beginning to fade (fade)
Chevelle runnin' were on our way (on our way)
Straight at us from either side
Looks like we'll run it one more time!



The almighty hand in sight
Been shown it from time to time
And life exists for the chosen few
They return showing what to do

Invisible to the human eye
Follows the pattern everytime
Social science it moves on sight
One step ahead as it passes by...

Your closing in never knowing the truth
Search light blinds... now what do we do?
Angel hair fell made the news
The ends in sight.. they never knew!


3 weeks after!
Made a discovery
It was linked with
I had witnessed..
Refused to admit
Rumor of the voice say..
Jolted down the broadcast
Second Time today

Dealin with the hogwash
As you know

flyin through this trail
A blue rain fell
Just before daybreak
It was a huge mistake
So around midday
Or so they say
A close escape..
On our way

[Chorus] (x4)


Casts his shadow miles across the sun
Keepin' them in sight when they run
All of a sudden we hear the 4 send
Trackin' 50 feet above my head

Like we seen it so... there it goes

Beam in grip - for years
Never found... we here
Taking giant strides upright
No remains, they die



Half moon closer to arriving through
More than a week ago...
Bet ya can't ride the highway of size
Follow that take it too
In the valley of nine... landed right
Nothing left to do
Knee'n deep in the ground... understand
Yea we'll drive it through

No trace found
Unknown machine
No trace found
They cleared everything!

Formation sighted by two...outside the range we've known
Since then I been to where...from the horizon its shown
Slight collision repairs the seam...loss fuel at me
Engine running on 20 years, nothing like it seems!

And ive seen it with my eyes
Gonna be there one more time
Smoke dust up from the side
Burned into my mind
And I see em with my eye


Spacemen destroy...mega asteroids
Certain time and place
Floatin' out to space
4 billion years to cross
Universe so vast
For several days they tried
This will never last

Saturn 3 takes hold...losing all control

In the second stage...life returns for now
The huge ship has climbed...they'll make it somehow
Reducin' their speed..the message passed
What are they up against
Time to release the hatch!

The silence group strikes
Something has appeared
Recheck a report
Just as we feared..
A closer visit planned
Way beyond our reach
When the smoke has cleared
Gather for the speech..


What are you gonna do
When they come after you

What are you gonna say
When they drag you away

Nothing said nothing done
When you're not the one

You just watch

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