Fu Manchu : King of the Road

Stoner / USA
(2000 - Mammoth Records)
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Cut yourself off from the pack
Flat out against the freaks
There's nothin' they won't try
Hot head - heavy foot they meet
It's been so many days
And we tried every way
We knew of a Masterplan
So put the keys in my hand

In my hand (x2)

At a time when you would think
All of a sudden it hits the streets
As they're swappin' the big block
Slow-motion - time has stopped
El Camaro never dies
Look closely you'll know why
Outrun 'em you know we can
So put the keys in my hand In my hand

Hell on wheels is no big deal
Road burnin' all across the land
Hell On Wheels is no big deal

Takin' 'em out of the Masterplan
An idea whose time has come
A land ride for everyone
Been like this for years on end
We'll let you know where and when
As he splits the road in two
Underdrive we never knew
Ourun 'em you know we can
So put the keys in my hand

In my hand


In my hand (x8)


Keep it centered - keep it low
Keep it runnin' - let's go
Watch it climb - on its own
The more we see - the more we know
We know

Four wheels and a lift
What we gave - we get
The convoy was down
There was nothing left - no one around
We strapped ourselves in tight
We were the first - and we're alright
It's movin' way too fast
Now shut the doors - and hit the gas

So over the edge
They said

I lift my head I soon realized
I remembered - back in time
What was rollin' along
Movin' circle - on and on
An image so small
We heard the word - we heard the call
Let's keep our story straight
It doesn't matter - it's way too late

[Chorus] (x2)

Keep it centered - keep it low
Keep it runnin' - let's go
Watch it climb - on its own
The more we see - the more we know
We know

The more we see We know the more we know (x4)


Break - One Nine
Got your boots on
Gearjammer set
Boogey Van so far
How do you read me?
Three's and Eight's high
Some kind of joyride
Double-nickel right by
In here - everything I need
Style - built for speed
Mother Trucker runnin' low
Four wheels - overflow
Others passin' by
Still movin' down the line
So say~ the written word
Two down - now the Third
The greatest thing I've seen
Do y'all know what I mean?
Meeting Twenty was the plan
Me and my Boogey Van

Like most - Chevys coast to coast
People start to ride
Dream machine burnin' wides
Layin' a furious yard It smokes awful far
Highback chair is low
Rollin' faster off they go
Tires roll flare to flare
Custom shine everywhere
One-fifty I don't care
Half-way cross the land
Me and my Boogey Van
Movin' on down the line
Here we go one more time


The universal eyes tell me where to go
White line movin' slow
Million miles an hour headfirst and alone
All I got is tuck and roll
All through my head
It's happenin' over again
Under forty over is U.F.O.
Hell bent stacked in rows
The galaxy is lined with hundreds more
Small town you bet we're sure
All through my head
It's happenin' over again

As the day is long They keep movin' on

Laughin' at the notion of a signal light
Knew we'd gone too far
No one knew what happened but it seemed alright
We quickly jumped in the car
All through my head It's happenin' over again

King of the Road says you move too slow!


No time-like now---Straight down
Mountainside---They went-they tried
Overload-2 down---I know
Bright green light---I seen-full flight

No shoes-No shirt-No dice

I might know - Full view--we're told
Sounds allright/High fly---Down 9
Strange machine/This time---It climbs
I know where - Southbound-they said

[Chorus] (x4)


Takin' the next run
Rollin' right by
Takin' the last one

So look the other way That's what we heard 'em say
Blue Til.e Fever

It's brand new-like I told you
No one's seen - the things that they do
Hear the words - and know what they know
The crowd splits - wherever they go

It's all brand new - just like I told you

A grind back at the far end
Signs posted for all of you
Things were alright just when
Now here's what we're gonna do



Days we roll
20 years - all 4 gears
Wherever they go
They go

Back for more
They know what's in store
The chrome it screams - whatever the speed
Wherever they go
They go

Flat out for days gone by
No one knows how and why
Lawless it seems - on by'they scream

Clear the Road

There's no reason why
Stoppin' them don't even try
Lawless it seems - on by they scream

Clear the Road

Side by side
In pairs they ride
Across the road - makin' it known
Wherever they go
They go



Hundreds - thousands - millions
Will appear
He struggles to signal
So says the weird beard
And he rides around
For a chance to see it all
Uncertain and unknowing
We're sure he will fall
So he quickly takes the high road to where is not know
He will return
Down a slide to his throne

And he says - he says
Weird Beard

5 mile - 6 mile - 7 mile
As he sped toward the mountain
An easy place to hide




Built on a huge fort - that much I know
Maybe a good deal - hard to find
Location unknown - again this time

Keepin' the road clear
Hang at the back
Old Miss River
We see at last
Has seen it fall
And 10 times over
That ain't all

Eliminate - and move on through
Learn from the master - like we knew
Early morning hour - time drew close
Over the top - that much we know


Again they roll on and on


Casts his shadow miles across the sun
Keepin' them in sight when they run
All of a sudden we hear the 4 send
Trackin' 50 feet above my head

Like we seen it so... there it goes

Beam in grip - for years
Never found... we here
Taking giant strides upright
No remains, they die



Nobody ever said that life was free
Sink swim go down with the ship
But use your freedom of choice
I say it again in the land of the free
Use your freedom of choice

In ancient rome there was a poem about a dog who had two Bones
He picked at one he licked the other
He went in circles till he dropped dead
Freedom of choice is what you got
Freedom of choice is what
You want then if you got it you don't want it
Seems to be the rule of thumb
Don't be tricked by what you see
You got two ways to go

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