Frontline Assembly : Hard Wired

Industrial Electro / Canada
(1995 - Off Beat)
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So strange is the feeling
Sinking down below
Caught in this current
By the undertow

Silence now is falling
So quiet is the rage
Gasping for another breathe
Survival is the game

You kick. You scream
And try to shout
But no one is there to here
Water fills up your lungs
The end is getting near

Dying sensation

Attraction sucks you down below
Shockwave hits you hard
Effectors of hypoxia
Now you can't go far

A tear of blood comes to your eye
Your heart grinds to a halt
Deliverance from this certain fate
Now forever late

Under the water
Where you cannot breath
Chocking feeling
Sinking deep
Eternal sleep

So strange is the haze
The colors turning gray
Shadows of illusions
All looking the same

A spectrum of eternal thoughts
Left so far behind
Things that we had hoped for
Now will never find


Twisted Metal
Pierces your skin
Broken glass
Severs the limbs

Major impact
Smashes your head
Nightmare vision
In your Bed
Plasma surging
In your Veins
Mask the feeling
Crippling pain

The moment is gone
Now it won't be long

Pleasure or pain
Chain of desire
Pleasure or pain
We burn in the fire
Pleasure or pain
Final creation
Pleasure or pain
Final sedation

Burning sensation
Fills your face
Cosmetic disfigurement
Now takes place


A light
In the universe
New Codes
Systematic predator
Now unfolds
Of the universe
Eternalize by myth
New genetic mutations
Informs of monolith

Lifeless and fallen
Bodies lie still
Waiting for rebirth
To strike at will / to kill

Floating in a sea of bliss
Emerging mysteries
The epidemic copulates
Spreading the disease

Decadent Anarchy

The final solution is execution
Foreign intruder
A new persecutor

A vastness of scars
The earth
Illusions so decayed
So empty
And perverse
Not a sound is heard

Two ships collide in the night
Smoke fills the air
Lost in space
In a darkened void
No one seems to care


Through waves
They shift
Below they hide
Corporate killers
Side by side

Process this signal
Final post
Global Defiance
No hope for most

Inform of liquid
Sliding through air
Tracking this existence
Killer hardware

As the sun burns out your eyes
A new world will now arise
Out of the ashes new life appears
A final conquest without any tears

Massive violence
The slaughter begins
Furture Collides
Nightmare begins

Lying faces
Bastards are cold
Growing old

This burning sensation
Won't last long
Eternal peace you must be strong
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
A metaphor will never trust




In silence they scream
How needless they suffer
Dying for the freedom
But someone has to pay

No one hears their agony
The torture and abuse
Simple human dignity
Is lost in the fuse

While the rest of the world
Smiles in all its horror
Crushing all of mankind
For profit, greed and glory

Will no one help those
Who believe in compassion?
This equality of life
Is just not a fashion

They hide in the shadows
The torture goes on
This permanent sadness
They have to be strong

They suffer in silence
The fighting goes on
This permanent sadness
They have to be strong

They won't be forgotten
One day they will rise
Eternal devotion
Their souls will fly high

This engraving cesspool
Which man has devoured
Is slowly getting to
The very last hour
In silence they scream
How needless they suffer
Dying for their freedom
Like Christ's last supper


Machines of madness
Destined to destroy
Body fluids deploy

Sleep depravation
Consciousness grows cold
Organic stimulation
Empowered codes

It's time to wake up
It's time to receive
It's time for immersion
Transparent species

Subconscious torture
The nightmare begins
Symbolic terror
Demonic sins

Uncensored vision
No one is heard
Bionic mutations
Rule the world

Hide below
This damnation
Down to the hole

Collapsing planet
Existence is gone
Corporate killers
The creature is strong

Mnemonic castration
The process begins
Unknown locations
Life forms growing dim

It's under your skin
The nightmare begins
Into your mind
You will go blind


This mark of impalement burned
On my skin is immoral.
The shackle of frailness confines one
To crawl with one self.

A smell of corrosion force
Fully clashes within
Sensorial conditions
Human emmisions grown thin

It's burned on your head
It's burned on your skin
It's burned on your eyes
A barcode never lies

A symbol of power
As dark as the night
No measure for intolerance
We'll keep up the fight

This structure of violence
Now becomes. Silence is hurtful
Beginning our obsession we now
Learned our lesson. Despite

A world of dominance
Will now pervade
Clouds cover the sun
The light begins to fade

This toilsome aggression is
Now getting harder to fight
Solutions of leverage
Internal combustion is tight


This time We'll fight back
This time We'll know
Implant hysteria
Who Really knows?

This time we'll kick back
This time we'll see
A bullent right
Between the eyes
Takes down the enemy

No use in hiding
No use to run
Finger on the switch
Blinded by the sun

Lock down
Shut down
Hang on
Condemned for life

No use in praying
No use to hope
The straps are tightening
Wrists burned with rope

Stand up and face it
Strand up and see
Carnaged bodies
No, just you and me

Lock down
Shut down
Hang on
Condemned for life

Cut the ropes
Break the line
Stand tall
Don't take the fall

Can't you see the daylight
From this cell
No more second chances
From this living hell


A quiet moment
Fills the air
This tolldrum
Of our existence

The faith we lost
In time of fear
Mesmerized by
This resistance

No reason now
For Despair
This final message
Of persistence

We pray
We hold
Onto this dream
This evolution
Of persecution

The red in Their eyes
Constricts the flow
This frozen ground
Of true conviction

Shadows of men
Move through the earth
This human target
Of extinction

A final shot is
Solemnly heard
Who will get this
Final word

The earth covers
The shattered remains
Life and death
Are really the same

The pain you feel
Is not for real
The moments you spend
Wondering how it
Would end

In a time
In a place
In a State
Of honor and grace

In a breath
In a Death
In a sound
You'll be found

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