From Autumn To Ashes : Abandon Your Friends

Metalcore / USA
(2005 - Vagrant Records)
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1. Where To Draw The Line

Lay it down one last time, let this be the last time,
I have seen the sunrise just one too many times.
With open arms and minds.
Stay with me till I find,
What it is we search cause I know we want more.

On earth as it is in a dime store. For all the amateurs that you've
Knelt before.
Breaks my mind in two.
They surrounds us.
One more night without you.
They surrounds us.
Take my will with you.
They surrounds us.
Break my mind into.....

One, breathe in to be free
Two more time and you'll see
Three, it will numb all the pain
How hard is it to be sane?

Won our will to be seen
Raise our hands and we'll scream
Speak your mind and you'll see
What it is like to free

One breather in to be free
Two more times and you'll see
Three it will numb all the pain
How hard is it to be sane?

2. Inapprope

Mothers nursing orphans, retreating through the beams
I think that you exist but do you really?
Electric correspondence, you cannot pay the rent
With hand me down appendages for chemical enslavement

It's not indefinite, it's got a lifespan
You try to nurture it, hope for extension
As far as right and wrong, I know the difference
But right is oh so dull, and no one's interested

Amsterdamage doctors, prescribing recipes
With side affection stapled to your black jeans
Expressions are revealing just where I'd rather be
But I'm thrown under the bus to try to resurrect a dead scene

Buckle down, when it becomes a threat you vocalize a hard truth
So here goes
I've reached the top of this ladder but what did it matter,
It's on the wrong wall

3. Sugar Wolf

Less of a singer, you are more
More of a prostitute
With aspirations for a life of sex and drug abuse
When did the music turn into a beauty pageant
Lately my sense of pride has been chronically absent domesticate
So much for combat
My worst habits are mounting a comeback
Dollars and pence, cubic or metric
You can sit down but the chairs are electric
Lay in the street, embrace the gutter
Its easier than working towards something
Better pull on my boots, run through the back door
Should have been more careful what I wished for
Less of an artist, you are more more of a xerox machine
You sit tracing the pages of juxtapoz magazine
When did the music turn into a beauty pageant
I've become a participant in something I stood against
I should have never given birth to this monster
From all this shame I'd like to hide my head in the ground

4. Vicious Cock Fight

Twice as arrogant as I am talented
Inspiration has been diluted
I'm dependent on this solution
Thank you Tennessee for your contribution
Keep conspiring towards my reduction

There's a nervous breakdown building beneath
This calm exterior but no one seems to notice
Not exactly a charismatic speaker with rising demand
I just get buried deeper

I think it's time I let you know
That my rope ended miles ago
When progression bottoms out
You must consider another route

Anthematic patrons that practice masked identity
For the socially anxious stop the acting
I'd rather navigate the peaks and valleys of unchartered

5. Streamline

I see and empty space next to the yellow bumble bee
That could be the perfect place to park my broken down ten speed
Just tell me when you get off work and where you'd like to meet
Then we can pedal up and down the crowded New York streets

My shoes are worn out, because the breaks don't function
I just put my feet down and let them drag on the pavement

When our legs get tired you can pick a spot to eat
Evelyn's so elegant and Nikolai's right by her side

Under one umbrella, just talking and joking
And I knew that I'd love you, for as long as you'd let me

And I haven't caught my breath since the moment that we met

We can be alone and not feel lonely
I've been drawing these robots with the pen you sent me

6. The Funny Thing About Getting Pistol Whipped Is

Extraction, no one moves
Aggravation is the current mood
Closed accounts, prosecute
Dressed in these outdated suits
Transmission incorrect
Is there anyone that's competent?
Dismissal but I can't vacate
Forcing my seeds to germinate

Like history in the making
Can we please blur the edges
Of this past memory

This will make for a great story that we will never repeat
So nod your head and tap your feet
Because that's the only review I need

The capillaries ball into a fist
I tuck it safely away inside my pocket
How can I be more obvious
Blazers are worthless when you cant produce a hit

And I hope to be the biggest disappointment

7. Placentapede

It's not a far commute to access the company of brighter pigments
Administer abuse, detach then release a pixilated statement
Recessive paper weights in training, school children infiltrate the brainstem
Sexual organs start exchanging
It feels like I'm in a Darger painting, Henry must have been lonely

Van city's got a wide array of suspects
They're not afraid to do whatever you suggest
Seems to be no shortage of the excess
So let's dive in, let's dive in

A contraceptive verse, deceiving, so no one figures out what I mean
I'll harvest my tongue, negating lyrical parasites in waiting Zip driven amputee
Frustrated, can't seem to get a clear connection
You may have hit eject, impatient, feels like this room is going to cave in
And it could happen this instant

Submerged in an amber grave, that's not how you'll calculate your worth
Don't consider it a waste, cannot keep from moving in reverse
Don't question me about the content, I'm not in the mood for explanation
So figure this out for yourself

8. Kansas City 90210

Always a spectacle, it's a public show,
Unimpressed so it's time that I let you go
Reputations from these antics
I may not be pure but I'm not all that toxic

Now I'm checking out and enlisting for stable living
So let's drop the act, I've found something that's more appealing

All this dependence on modern machinery
Come for the weekend and you'll stay for the scenery
Tear down the building, bludgeon the architect
Biased opinion from outdated intellect

If I wanted to make a comeback would kids receive me
Unemployment, I've been ruined by young hands clapping

And we keep sailing, with a fear of failing

Listen while they say your name
Sail on (Josh)
We hang our heads and take the blame
Sail on (Josh)
A daggermouth is in control
Sail on (Josh)
These chemicals will take your soul (Brian)
Sail on (Josh)

9. Short For Show

I'm not here to discount
The opiate of masses
But I've learned so much more
Attend lectures and classes
Through verbal dissection
Ideas are in suspension
We crash like criminals
In bed with loss prevention

We move when they say
And beg for shit that we
Will never ever need
So keep the receipt

We've become the children
Of paralyzed ambition
A fraction less human
Dining in modern kitchens
Prepackaged warmth with a
Touch of your personal flair
Arrested emotion
Wax poets with a cold stare

Don't you
Try to tell me
The your life
Feels empty

10. Long To Go

Believe it or not the notes are trying to talk to me
I've got to applaud such valiant efforts
It's not always the party that it seems to be
It can be a complete debacle
This is not the most routine 9-5 you see
There are some occupational hazards

Perhaps you'll try to save my spot?
Just until the album drops
Then I'll be at the Capri shop
Adjacent to the graham L stop

Believe it or not we're not the ideal guys to date
So I guess I'm a risky decision
But you did not write me off, you knew that I could change
So I'm studying my guide to safety

It's so hard to tell if this is an artistic achievement
Or am I singing for obligation
When all I want is to feel my heart rate
Accelerate, and we accelerate

11. Jack And Ginger

We all have things to hide. We know what has been tried. The hard part
That we find is putting pen to paper. I know I should expose everything
That's inside. But the question that plagues us is can we open our

I lay it out on the line, for all to see
This is how we strive for greatness.
Let's share our dark sides, this has to be our time.
This is our time.
I'll open my door with this I let you in.
Come one come all.
This is our world, feel free to come along.
Come one come all

Robotic full of doubt
Lets get our frustration out
This microphones a weapon in conjunction with my mouth.

12. Abandon Your Friends

Young women and young men
Forgive us if you can
Abandon your best friends
It's demanding and filled with detriment

Leaving your lover home waiting
Putting much faith in her patience
Don't fool yourself it's not endless
Phone calls are poor consolations

We've abandoned our best friends

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