Forefather : Engla Tocyme

Pagan Black / United-Kingdom
(2002 - Angelisc Enterprises)
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Engla Tocyme
(The Coming of the English)
-Music & Lyrics Wulfstan-

Men of the sea, on the waves they did ride
Drifting toward their new dawn
Sailing forth with the wind as their guide
Fathers of a kingdom to be born

Their blood flows in me
Through their eyes I see
With their spirit I shall bring down my blade
I speak with their words
Their callings I have heard
For their honour I shall bring down my blade

Offa's sons, by the waters they fared
Gliding beyond Angeln's plains
Swiftly on to their fortunes ahead
Masters of a land to be claimed

Old English: Hruron and feollon cynelicu getimbru somod and anlipie, and gehwær sacerdas and mæssepreostas betwuh wibedum wæron slægene and cwielmde; biscopas mid folcum buton ænigre are sceawunge ætgædre mid iserne and lige fornumene wæron.

Translation: Kingly buildings tumbled and fell, together and singularly, and everywhere priests and clergymen were slain and killed among their alters; bishops with their folk without regard to any mercy were destroyed with iron and fire together.

Into The Forever
-Music & Lyrics Wulfstan-

Intensity - A fire does burn in us
Adversity - Nothing can hinder us
Fervency - Strong enough is no enemy
Victory - Eminence is our destiny

Mortality - We're not afraid of the other side
Bravery - From our fate we refuse to hide
Ignominy - In our hearts is no room for shame
Prosperity - What is ours we shall now regain

To the battle we'll storm and fill the souls of our foe with fear
Crush their towers and their rule until all signs of them disappear

Supremacy - Redeeming our dignity
Liberty - free of nonentity
Mastery - toward our own ends we go
Eternity - into the forever we flow

Iron Hand
(The Thousand Years War)
-Music Athelstan-
-Lyrics Athelstan/Wulfstan-

A dark cloud descends on our domain
The storm of dread, the wielder of pain
Pounded by the iron rain up high
Now an onslaught of terror is nigh

A war has begun
The war must be won

Fortress so tall to oppress her
Lord of enforcement, aggressor
Founding a war that will run
For a thousand years to come

Born to rule with an iron hand
Waging fire throughout the land
Work the machine, blood, sweat and tears
This war will run for a thousand years

Baron ways bring barren lands
Feuding for power, blood on their hands
Overlords with ambition deranged
Ruthless rule, a kingdom up in flames

-Music Wulfstan/Athelstan-
-Lyrics Wulfstan-

In times of old beyond the sea
When Wærmund ruled the Angelcynn
To him was born a worthy son
That would in time a hero become
Raiders from the borderlands
English blood on Myrging hands
The time would come for swords to shine
The time would come to draw the line

Fifeldor! Where Myrging blood was poured
Fifeldor! Where Angeln was secured
Fifeldor! Where Offa made his stand
Fifeldor! To hold the English land

Dishonour plagued his youthful mind
A shameful act by his own kind
And spoke he not a single word
But still with time he would be heard
Across the Eider Myrgings came
Demanding that tribute be paid (to their Swabian overlord)
The time had come for swords to shine
The time had come to draw the line

At Monster-Gate the duellists met
A kingdom's fate in Offa's hands
With Stedefæst prepared to strike
Steel would soon shine bloody wet
Around the Eider saw the crowds
A nation saved - a hero made
Knelt Offa at the Eider's flow
And cleansed the blood from on his blade

Old English: Ane sweorde merce gemærde wið Myrgingum bi Fifeldore; heolden forð siþþan Engle ond Swæfe swa hit Offa geslog

Translation: With his lone sword he fixed the border against the Myrgings at Monster-Gate; ever since, the English and the Swabians have kept it as Offa won it.

The Sawn's Road
-Music Athelstan-


Forever In Chains
-Music & Lyrics Wulfstan-

Walls surround me as the years pass slowly by
Wonder I might have been
Battle-slaughter and a kingdom overthrown
Are only shadowy tales for me

My kingly blood, it has condemned me to this fate
I'll never see the light of day again
How I long to have fought with my brothers side by side
Only death shall end my pain

While kings and men are slain
As royal buildings rise and fall
These walls shall be my home
I'll be forever in chains

Darkness fills me but my dignity prevails
Prison walls are all I know
History unfolds as I am left behind
Trapped within a web of time

The nobility of his forebears, his simple manners
His sound views and honourable judgements
The strength of his body and the fire of his intellect
All these glorify the Earl Wulfnoth
Exile, prison, darkness, inclosure, chains
Receive the boy and forsake the old man
Caught up in human bonds he bore them patiently
Bound even more closely in service to God

The Fate Of Kings
-Music Athelstan-


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