Falkenbach : ...En Their Medh Riki Fara...

Viking Black / Germany
(1996 - No Colours Records)
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Once a mighty king ruled in a northern land
His enemies he fought with steel and iron hand.
So many tales were told, his name a glorious sound,
"god-like he is" they said, and by no christian laws was

Long ago in a northern land...

One day they came across the nordic sea,
The man of the cross and camped beside a tree
Which was called a sacred one for all thy heathen hearts,
Where sacrifices were given to their northern forefathers

The elder and wise men amongst them
Watched distrustful to all those
Of the foreign men with their swords in hand
.. And the mighty tree was felled...

Some days gone by and the elder men disappointed,
They found a grave with a wooden cross upon.
So they all gathered at a place near the sea at night,
They all sat around their king, and a campfire gave it's

First words were spoken by a maiden of great beauty,
She whispered silent words to Freya and began to speak.
Her iceblue eyes filled with tears as she told them all what
In the woods three days ago when two christian men raped
Her body...

Many people told what happened and what was done by the
Christian men;
A girl was burned and three farmers died, nine children were
Never seen again...

The king drew his sword and saddled his black horse,
They gave a sacrifice to Odin and to Tyr, the Gods of their
That might before the morning of...

The stars were shining from a dark black sky,
Their swords reflected the light of the moon,
Their torches burned red, the flames blazed up high,
The hour of their raid will come soon...
Revenge !

As the sun at last arose crimson, beyond the nordic sea,
They all stood in armour, with helmet and sword,
And with certainty of what was forever will be...

.. A furore normannorum libera nos domine...

The bells of the christian churches tolled,
Woke them up so much to late,
Two ravens high above watched this bloody deeds
When the steel becomes their fate...

After hours the most of the christian men
By the northmen all were slayed,
The sun high above was shining bright
That day of heathenpride...


Se hon valkyrjur

"Heill dagr.
Heilir dags synir.
Heil nótt ok nift.
Óreiðum augum
Lítið okkr þinig
Ok gefið sitjöndum sigr."

"Heilir æsir.
Heilar ásynjur.
Heil sjá in fjölnýta fold.
Mál ok mannvit
Gefið okkr mærum tveim
Ok læknishendr, meðan lifum."


A world is deep inside of me,
Filled with ancient pride...
No mortal one has ever seen
The horse on which I ride...

The one-eyed God is on my way,
Thor will be my guide,
Freya knows the path I go
The Fenriswolf to fight...




Sunset beyond a grey vast forest,
I'm longing for the night
To break into the woods and darkness
Then will be my light.
.. Beginning of my wandering
Through coldness and grim ice,
To find the one i'm searching for
Before the sun again will rise...

Fire - burns down the christian houses
And shows me the way with it's light,
My ancestors are with me on this wandering
Into this darkest winternight...

Following the foodsteps
No snowflake will efface,
A northern breeze beckons my body
And northern snow my face...

I feel he gets nearer to me,
A lightning strikes with pride,
The thunder roars, the trees now rush,
I sense my master is not wide...

Thors hammer - in chains around my neck,
An ancient wisdom deep inside,
My blood flows wild now through my veins
While my wandering through this darkest

A lifetime i have been in search
For what the elder ones have told me,
For strongness and the truth,
For blood and victory...

But now the time for me has come,
No way to find back home,
The snow begins to burry me,
But i'm no longer now allone...

My sword tears my breast,
I'm spilling my own blood...
The last on this world so i saw
Was the beckoning of my


Beyond the twilight horizon
Above the shadow of the horses hooves
A maiden behind a golden shield
In a chariot rides across the sky

Two ravens are above us
A long forgotten tale
How it is to reach the utter hail
And the eyes of the Valkyrior caress your heart...

Once you will open your eyes
While a maiden is kneeing at your side
And she will kiss you to awake
For you will stride the mighty rainbowbridge

Two ravens are above you
They will show you the final way
Across the rivers and over the mountains
Into the ardent awaited land


From beyond a twilight horizon where mountains were covered with snow,
Once a man on a horse came the way,
On an early autumnal morning, when dew lay chill on the ground,
And the sun's first rays heralded the day,
To rest at last after riding for more than three days and nights,
Through the woods and across the shallow landscapes,
To finally reach the village the rumours where talking about,
And where the heathen king lived for many years.

His golden armour was shining by the light of awakening sun,
And in his hand he held a bronzen shield
On which the runes all were written by a blacksmith of wisdom great,
To guide him on his way so long.
He had come to bring the message the king has given to him,
To be conveyed into all heathen countries,
And he told about their brethern, overtaken by christian men,
Now punished by the cross and christian laws.

So the man dismounted and his horse was taken by it's bridle to be brought into the stabling.
Meanwhile he was lead to the hall where the king sat on his greatseat.
Forthwith he told him the reasons for his coming,
And withing a few minutes all people were gathered by the king's mighty voice.
So he rose on his feet and began to speak about the greatest heathen host ever see,
Passing towards their brethern land....

After three days and nights of riding the frontier they finally reached,
With their hearths wholly determined,
And encountered the christian church in their once sacred woods
As the chaplain just chimed the bell.
At once they put the spurs in their horses,
Hearths were filled with rage and hate,
And in their hands they held the torches,
When Odhinn was amongst and Tyr was leading their hearts
Into a world of anciest mysteries....

The night the longswords where grinded
And the shields were forged in blood,
By the hands of most dextrous blacksmiths,
And sacrifices were given to the Goddesses and the Gods,
In the woods by the mighty tree,
Known in heathen kingdoms as the mighty Irminsul,
That was built as an immense landmark
Of heathen pride and honour
And a symbol of what shall be....

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