Extreme Noise Terror : Being and Nothing

Crust / United-Kingdom
(2001 - Candlelight Records)
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A dead end void, puerile existence
Killing time, ambitions now just a vacant urge

Soul desecration
Content to just dream
Lost aspirations
Buried in the past

Empty inside, devoid reality
Staid to stagnate
Sinking fast in the sands of time

Unborn, aims, buried in the
Sands of time

Forsaken, the existence of mind
Malevolent thoughts bring demise

Can you feel it turn to hate

Life defiled with convulsing rage
Nightmare scenes still breed inside

Mind over mayhem
Beneath a mask you hollow inside
Mind over mayhem
Racked with guilt you view this life


Forsaken, the existence of mind
Malevolent thoughts bring demise

Can you feel it turn to hate

Life defiled with convulsing rage
Nightmare scenes still breed inside

Mind over mayhem
Beneath a mask you hollow inside
Mind over mayhem
Racked with guilt you view this life


Run before me, with terror in your eyes
Cowering in your corner, pathetic waste of life


For I am the violence, you alone despise
And I will be the sword that cleaves
The flesh of lies

You stand alone
Innocence laid to waste
You will burn with me
Left in your disgrace

Poisoned by hate there's an axe to grind
Twisted you burn as the anger returns


Destruction for our personal gain
Conceited by so called advance
Though our lives are torn apart
For all that's left is dust in air

Sucked dry by parasites for far too long
The time has come to make a stand

I'll never live this way with such desire
Consuming you with no respite
There's nothing left
What will you ever achieve by these means
You would see the truth from the gutter

From this man made hell
We are born to suffer
I now wish you dead
With all I muster
Can you feel the crushing grind
Of this pathetic existence
You will...

Blinded by appaling truths
Thought left to fester
Death scenes cloud my thoughts
My conscience so relentless
Wake up and realise the truth
You hate yourself and what
You have become

Our fate held in the balance of our greed
Left to us, left to us will tumble to decline


Lost in a circle of deceit
You live out a facade
With decadence to feed
Morality starves

Damage limitation

Blind, blinded by a greed
In a false paradise you drown
Mentally imprisoned by
Poison insights


We stand, against all odds we thrive
The time has come for change
For nows the time we take whats ours

No longer apathy

Year of believing, in this web of lies
Betrayed by the power that we gave
Our loyalty

Force fed, broken glass of hate
Exact the pain on weaker sides

Brainwashed, beaten into moulds
Become what I always have despised

Generations no longer born as slaves

The scars of years we bear run deep
We cast our future to its fate
If forsaken, we shall burn with pride


You die, by my hand and nothing else
Nothing left to say

Ferociously I tear at you
Flowing blood
No mercy as you cry and beg
No remorse
And I'd like to read your thoughts
As you draw your last breath
To feel that truth with pain and fear

Erase all memories of your life
You will have never been

I'll blind you to your deity
Crush your faith and hope
For it is all you have

Pleasure in such foul torture
Searing flesh
Violate the ones you love
Before your eyes
Take a knife and gouge them out
Nerves incised
Revenge is all that's driving me as its all I have


Working your fingers to the bone
For what rewards
What have I ever received
Watching worthless fools
Clinging to my wake
But not for long

Far too many years of this life
You have been the cancerous side
For now is time to cut you out
To sever these bonds my only thought


Pale existence built on lies
Realisation, routine torn from me
Becoming the fury through what I see
More and more, we're told when to breathe
Told how we've failed in our lives
Never known a life without rules
So now do you realise
Can you see the truth

Nameless - They gain
Heartless - They gain
Faceless - They gain
Unstoppable, unleashed violence

The systems machines crusing you down
The future is yours
How long has it been since freedom
So many promises broken
Smothered from within by these rules
Join me in hell


Refuse admission of defeat
A constant grind to find the truth
In vast deceit
Dogma burns like acid in mouth
With a non belief for insipid creed

Contort against a world of deceit
Values based on immutable falsity
Bleed, confusion bleeding, you dry
Breeding hatred inside

With agony, realisation tears at me
Contempt, contempt for a wretched life
Desolate place uncertain, unblessed
Where you burn

Awake, drag yourself off your knees
Stand your ground
Find the truth you fail to see
Predate your thoughts of the past
Cant regain, the fabrication crashes down

Reborn shed your skin
Cast it to the flames and not a qualm
It served you well
Carnage, the prophecy, it will come come
And with sweeping change it must precede


This prison I alone suffer
Brought face down
Have I not suffered enough
Sardonic stares all my life
Detestation everyway I turn

Thoughts screaming through my head
I break
A prisoner held by my own mind
I break
Abberations of which I have no control
But I must
If only to exist away from this
My own private hell
Through this I repent
Constricting me to pulp
A shadow of my former self

Human nature revolting me
Disdaining looks burning through
The blanket of scorn, suffocating me
Never wanted, never will
Life is taken never gained
And I wish you hell

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