Extreme (USA) : Waiting for the Punchline

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So you're a self proclaimed messiah
Or maybe a blasphemes liar
A clever hypnotic hoax
A hallowed heretic coax
Who tells these stories so old
No, never the same twice told
Speaking in distorted thruths
I see that thomas wants some proof
Did you come to heal the sick
With one more magician's trick
Ye generation seeks a sign
While blind keeps leading the blind

So you say there is no god
Just a clever man's charade
A once upon a fairy tales fraud
Has god made man or man made god

There is no god

Confused thy talk in parables
Accused thou walk in parallels
A simple game of simon says
This month's flavor sciences
Today's fact, tomorrow's fiction
Leave the rest to superstition
If knowledge comes from learning books
Wisdom comes from discerning looks
A fool that says there is no god
Don't feel for that sorry sod
Who needs proof then he'll believe
I wonder if he's been deceived

There is no god


Today don't look so bad
Compared to tomorrow
If time is all we have
Then we're living on borrowed
Yesterday's for fools
Who try to remember
The good ol' days
Weren't always that
Much better

Cynical fuck
Well i ain't nothing but a
Cynical fuck
It don't take much to be a
Cynical, all you need is love
All you need is what to be a

And whatever you do
Someone's done it first
Though it's sad but true
This us just another verse
If you can't take it with you
Then what's the use
I never saw a u-haul
Being pulled behind a hearse

Looks like my brighter side
Has gotten a bit darker
I must have stepped over
My four leaf clover
'Cause someone drank my
Half-filled cup of water


Sun going up,
Making its rounds
It keeps on moving,
Painting the town
Before you know it,
She's sinking low
So tell me something . . .

Something i don't already know
I don't know?

Toward the south,
Then turning north
Whirlwind spinning,
On a circular course
The answer my friend,
Returns to blow
So tell me something . . .

Something i don't already know
I don't know?
Tell me something
I don't know?

As for the wise men who pursue
Their knowledge
Same as the fool, free falling
Prey to folly
Can only one fate befall
Them both
So tell me something . . .

If every song been sung,
Under the sun
What's left for me then,
Eat drink and have fun
It must go on, as for the show
So tell me something . . .


You'll be gone tomorrow
You'll be gone tomorrow
Gone tomorrow

You're preoccupied
With the latest fashion
Hip today, hip today
With wide open eyes
On the next big thing
You can cash in
Hip today, hip today

No never contrived
It's an overnight sensation
A clever disguise
That hides all of your
Sally's selling out
Her seashells for souls
Hope i don't die
Before i get old

Hip today
You'll be gone tomorrow
You'll be gone tomorrow
Gone tomorrow

Dancing in your head
Visions of rave reviews
Hip today, hip today
Believing all that's read
Conceiving another guru
Hip today, hip today

Having made your bed
Falling short of filling shoes
You've been left for dead
'Cause there's always
Someone new
Sally's selling out
Her seashells for souls
Hope i don't die
Before i get old


So you want me to take it off
Just to see what's
Underneath my cloth
I'll show you i'm every
Inch a man
Measure all that you
Think you can

I'm more than what
Meets the eye
Flesh 'n' blood is
Often a white lie
By the cover you misjudge
The book
Open your mind and take
Another look

Naked, and i'm unashamed
Naked, with no one to blame
Naked, ya you want the truth
Naked, here's my birthday suit
Naked, naked, naked, naked

I pretend to be not anyone
Except me and my imperfections
There is nothing i
Expect of you
That you wouldn't
Expect of me, too

Will you excuse me for my ignorance
'Cause i can see only one
Those of you who seek to find
While all the others choose
To walk 'n' talk blind




As for this song
I'll set the mood
There's nothing wrong
Prefer solitude
Alone to think
Of what i don't know
The deeper i sink
The further i'll go

Nothing to fear
No need to hide
I'm already there
Came in from outside
Safe in my nest
Home sweet home
No invited guests
I want to be alone

Leave me alone
Leave me alone
I wish you would
Leave me alone
Leave me alone
I just want to be alone

It's better this way
No one will get hurt
If you stay away
I won't lose my shirt
If i have become
Too defensive
I'm not the one
You have to live with

I want to be, i want to be
I want to be, alone

Don't feel sorry
It's not your concern
Only the lonely
Are the ones who get burned
Safe in my nest
Home sweet home
No invited guests
I want to be alone


Always everybody looking for some
Who do you think you're gonna get it from
Anybody here deserving of none
Tell me what makes you think
You're not the one

No respect, no respect none
No respect, no respect none
No respect, no respect none
No respect, no respect none

Why be concerned with
Public adulation
Pat on the back crying
For attention
Finding out what it really
Means to me
Honor comes only after


Little lamb come out of
The rain
You'll catch your death in
The cold
A helping hand to come ease
The pain
In peace you'll rest in
Our fold

I can be a watch
Towering light
For those of you who can't see
I'll separate the truth
From the lies
Blind faithful come follow me

You name is on my list
I'm your evilangelist
In what god you trust

Close your eyes while i
A friend in need to confess
You've been denied the cock
Crowed thrice
Surrender all you possess

Your name is on my list
I'm your evilangelist
I was betrayed by a kiss
So many claim
To come in thy name
Promising peace they'll bring
Lest ye taste
The fruit of the vine
They're just wolves in
Sheep's clothing


Last round
Looks like i'm in for a fight
Knocked down
There is nowhere left to hide
Stick 'n' move
When i try to run away
Old one two
I only end up face to face

Mirror mirror getting clearer

It's just me and my shadow
Dancing round the ring
I try to fight it
But then how can i win
When i'm only shadow boxing

Time out
I'm looking for a
Standing eight
No doubt
My inside has come out to play
Bob 'n' weave
It's conscious of my
Every move
Been deceived
Can no longer ignore the truth

Mirror mirror getting clearer
Split decision blur my vision


So tell me what can i do
That you couldn't see through
From the very start
There is only one thing
Yet to come from my heart

Loving you, unconditionally
Loving you, unconditionally
That's what i want to be
What you are to me

Can you see why it's so hard
For me to break apart
From all the things i hold
Closer to a heart
That has grown, far too cold

Loving you, unconditionally
Something new
To a heart yet not free
That's what i want to be
What you are to me

And though it seems impossible
When both of my hands are full
That's the only condition
That keeps me
From loving you. . .


Prentending to act so serene
On your so called submissive knees
A shopping list of begging pleas
Adds to your complacencies

As soon as the sun don't shine your way
And you're saving it all up that rainy day
It's a matter of time before you get down 'n' pray

Fair weather faith - protect me from the storm
Fair weather faith - gonna right all my wrongs
Fair weather faith - you know i'm doing alright
Fair weather faith - out of mind, out of sight

Well I wonder if the man upstairs
Will bother to lend an ear
If you took the time to share
Another one of your puppet prayers

I ain't talkin' 'bout the weather


You might say hey, i lost my sense of humor
I'm quite surprised i didn't lose it sooner
Why waste your breath on anything less
Then talk so trivial
As a man who ran out of material

Why did the chicken go across the road
To get to the other side
I'm still waiting for the punchline
Whoever said the grass always grows
Greener on the other lied
I'm still waiting for the punchline

The good ol' days i was known to wear a smile
Like all good things they've gone out of style
I will admit, usually a quick wit
I found bemusing
What used to be, no longer are amusing


It's nothing that you said,
No nothing that you did
Must have been a bad joke,
That's gone over my head
What me worry, another tragedy
The latter plus time, equals comedy

Why can't i get to the other side

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