Exodus : Tempo of the Damned

Bay Area Thrash / USA
(2004 - Nuclear Blast)
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Oh say can you fucking see
The missiles fall like rain
Bloody mountains majesty
Dead bodies on the plain
By the bombing's eerie light
See the crimsons waves of red
What so proudly they all fell
The twilight of the dead

America - the violent
The indifferent
God shit is grace on me
America - the arrogant
The belligerent
Will live in infamy
We the people, for no people
Secure the blessings of tragedy
Do or dain we have enstablished
The scar spangled banner

We pledge allegiance to no god
Only to the blood
Liberty is just a dream
When dying in the mud
This, the land of the deceived, home of the depraved
Bombs, they drop like falling leaves
And the deadly flag still waves

Red - the beautiful color of blood
Flowing like a stream
White - the color of bleaching bone
Lovely and obscene
Blue - the bruising color of flesh
Battered, ripped and torn
The colors of the flag of hate
Of violence and porn
What you see is what you get
You haven't see the bloody trail yet
I'm no patriot, just a hate-triot

Blood sport, my sure bet
See the flag, get a body bag
Salvation form a .44 mag.
Nothing left, no one saved
Cause our goddamn motherfucking bloody ass
Banner still waves


You put your faith in Christianity
I put mine in artillery
My m-16, my lord and savior
Christ never done me a motherfucking favor

Pay for all of those in pain
For those who died in vain
Scars from battle nevermore
Still we march off to
War is my shepherd

Hate it if we can't comprehend it
Kill it if we don't understand it
Pray to god and your fate is sealed
As you die alone in the killing fields

Farwell, Graham and Farahkahn
They need god, i nedd napalm
Praise the lord and pass the ammunition
My sermon is my demolition

War is
War is my
War is my shepherd


It is no mystery
What you get is what you see
You betrayed my loyalty
You've gone and done me wrong
Now i do you harm
My revenge is guaranteed
You stabbed me in the back
Spit right in my eye
Dragging me into the fray
Take you out, right you off, there's never enough
Ways to throw you away

You'd better start runnin'
Cause you know that i'm comin'
Cocked and loaded and i never miss
I'm onto your game
And i'm layin' the blame
And i'm addin' your name to my blacklist
You shoulda thought twice
Cause your playin' with your life
You must have some sort of deathwish
I haven't any doubt
That your time has run out
Cause i've added your name
To my blacklist

You tried to beat me
Thought you could defeat me
But how you we ever wrong
I rise to the occasion
Character assassination
To put you down where you belong
You've got a lot to say
When i'm so far away
Now you've got a problem with me
Take you out, write you off, when i've had enough
Of your verbal debris

For all the shit you talk
You've never walked the walk
All you do is run and hide
Slander me, slag me
I'm not a man you should deride
I've heard everything
All your mudslinging
You better run, as fast as you can
Take you out, write you off, are you brave enough
To stand and fight like a man


Christ on a cross
Such a symbol of loss
Since what seems like the dawn of time
It's just an engine of grief
Yeah, a bloody belief
One that has no reason or rhyme
You're cruci-fucked
And you're out of luck
If you put your faith in the flock
Your only sin
Is when you piss in the wind
They've never had any key to the lock

I believe in nothing
Least of all in the word of shit
So hide in your shroud of urine
Because i can't take the smell of it

God isn't great
Just an icon of hate
Intolerance and despise
Believe in me
And i will set you free
I never heard a bigger pack of lies
It's ludicrous
That anyone of us
Would want to be lead by the blind
It's all in vain
It'll be your bane
If you're looking for the divine

Forgive and forget
Such an empty threat
Religion at the end of the blade
The insanity
Of Christianity
Is just a fucking masquerade
You're cruci-fucked
And you're out of luck
If you put your faith in the flock
Your only sin
Is when you piss in the wind
They've never had any key to the lock


In life you're moving forward
But sometime for the worse
Always keep a step ahed
Never in reverse
The cars are stacked against you
In everything you do
But you try to get out alive
When you don't have a clue
You always feel the tension
Breathing at your back
To be the best that you can be
To be on the attack
Kicking down the wall
And kicking your face in
Means i'm moving forward
My new life can begin

Forward march in your face
Taking back, taking place
Before you die, living fast
Take a chance, hauling ass

Never, no never, no never
Move in reverse

Here i am, i'm moving straight
Fuckin' forward, and i'm taking all
The steps to blow on right past you
I'm never gonna back down to you
And all your people who think that
You're the best, no one can
Beat you, well i've got
Some news for you, you motherfucker
There's a new man in town who isn't
Any sucker, so if you don't back
Down i'll put my bat to an
Angry motherfucker such as yourself

Now i'm going to wipe out
All those who say they're first
I'll be the first in line
My attitudes the worst
Because i am so spoiled
And never second best
I will leave you in the dust
And lay your ass to rest
So never understimate
The mind of evil thoughts
I will bring you down
Spit you out before I'm caught
Because i have to power
And the upper hand
Everybody in the way
Will know that I'm the man

Forward march in your face
Taking back, taking place
Before you die, living fast
Take a chance, hauling ass


They're everywhere and everyplace
Scum of the human race
Stickin to my skin like a rash
Society's their scapegoat
But i am the antidote
And it's time to take out the trash
The world's a big cesspit
Of puke and piss and dogshit
But i ain't gonna be its whore
Follow and i'll lead the way
Predators are now the prey
Results like these are hard to ignore

You may think i'm insane
Or maybe just a little absurd
What you don't understand is
I'm just culling, i'm just culling the herd

I know i'm not the only one
Who thinks that something must be done
To clean the garbage up off the street
Dare to look me in the eye
I bring the truth, never lie
To me, they're just another piece of meat
The punishment will be swift and sure
For this desease, i am the cure
No problem, the doctor is in
My prescription for a better life's
A riffle or a razor knife
Remove whoever's under your skin

But please, don't call it a murder
Cause murder's such a dirty word
What you don't understand is
I'm just culling, i'm just culling the herd

When will everyone realize
Some people should be sterilized
Their tubes are only fit to be tied
All they do is shit and breed
To ignorant to ever succeed
Stupidity should not be multiplied
Lend them not a helping hand
Or the future will be damned
The world will take a turn for the worse
The human race should be purified
Or we'll all be mongrelized
Implement the cure for the curse

You may think i'm a madman
Or maybe just a little disturbed
What you don't understand is
I'm just culling, i'm just culling the herd


The honeymoons over and the loves gone sour
Her nagging has got you down
But you picked the wrong way to deal with it
You chose to slap her around
When you exchanged your wedding vows
Nobody said "you may now fist the bride"
Now that the little woman went and got her gun
The love ain't all that died

She knows you can't live without it
The bullet's speed
Cutting right through all your bullshit
Wedded bliss
Begane for her when the bullet's hit
Sixteen rounds in case she missed
Sealed with a fist

When she took your hand in marriage
It didn't mean right across the face
Small woman, big man, it takes a lot of guts
You're just a pussy in the first place
But now that your wedding chamber's
The one the bullet's in
Brave man, look at you, not so tough
When the hammer's cockin'

The little woman had all the shit that she could take
Her intuition said "lock and load"
He-man, what's your plan to get out of this
She's gonna fill your ass with bullet holes
Guess who's bigger when she's squeezing the trigger
I got news, it isn't you
When they carry your body out over the threshold
You'll wish you never said "i do"


Forgive and forget
A sign of weakness
No more mouths to feed
Say what you will some hearts bleed
Stay away from me
Now my conscience feels no more
Hold my own from no one
No degree of guilt possessed
Now i suppose that i am hated

I can't deny anything
I'm sick and tired, I'm burnt
You can't rely on me
To be the one who saves you

I get off on negativity
Makes me laugh to see your strife
I won't succumb to your numb
I owe nothing to no one
Are you sick of me
I don't care
Never be a kiss ass
No degree of guilt possessed
Now i suppose that i am hated

Feed me the blame like it's my fault
I'll put it back in your face with an assault
Crack in the back and i'll raise up
To crush mindless fools like you

Throwing down


Comes from the land where night is day
The people live in fear
Been this way for oh so long
Another four thousand tears
Everyday he hunts to kill
You know he can't help himself
Same routine time after time
A way to seize the wealth

Drinking blood don't mean a thing
Life means even less
Impale your wife, slay your son
Another gory mess
Born in hell, left to die
Now out for all your blood
Living his life day to day
To stake you to the mud

What you see, he don't care
Now you bleed, start to stare
Cut you down, rip you up
Watching warm blood run

Crush your skull strike him well
When you land, just impaled
Freshly done, there's no hope
Watching warm blood run

What you see, he don't care
Now you bleed, start to stare
Freshly done, there's no hope
Watching warm blood run



When you feel the darkness calling out your name
Don't try to fight the power surge
Don't you laugh, for this is not a game
Your powerless, don't resist the urge
So many balck hearts answering the call
Legions of the musically possessed
Congregations joining in our free-for-all
Unleashing all the rage they've repressed

Come to us
Succumb to lust
Giving in to our ministry of sin
You know the drill
Do as you will
Dance like the demons of the din
All will yearn
For our nocturne
The dawning of our cult is at hand
Come and pray
We know the way
Bow to the tempo of the damned

We are all leaders of the horde
Keepers of the apes of wrath
Heed the call of the volume lord
High priest of the bloodbath
Serve unto us, surrender us your souls
And great rewards you'll receive
And when the tempo has taken the control
Even the heretic's will believe



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