Evergrey : The Inner Circle

Progressive Power / Sweden
(2004 - InsideOut Music)


1. A Touch Of Blessing

[Music: Englund, Lyrics: Englund]

Climbing walls of an endless circle
Walking paths you never heard of
Struggling in an endless battle
Searching for a higher purpose
Drowning in betrayals river
The freezing cold will make you shiver
Join the world of greater learning
Crown me king and be my servants

Mislead by beauty
One you rarely find
So loving and friendly
It's one of a kind
Their arms wide open
Willing to take me in
No doubts in choosing
A world free from sin

All the dreams I had
All my future wishes
Put aside for a greater journey
All the things I planned
Left my friends so coldly
Put aside for a

2. Ambassador

[Music: Englund/Ekdahl, Lyrics: Englund]

Show your soul for birth of freedom
Leave the cold to share our vision
Will you follow me
Will you walk with me
We'll hold your heart if it bleeds
Let me be your hand of guidance
No more solitude
No more independence
If God weeps he weeps through me
And if God hurts it hurts in me

I am
Light to cast away shadows
The Spirit, Holy Ghost, and even Jesus
God walking earth

Scattering all dark thoughts wandering
I shatter all doubts surfacing
This is my rescue and salvation
Undivided and blessed vision

3. In The Wake Of The Weary

[Music: Danhage, Lyrics: Englund]

So high on believing
Not seeing your changing
I carry the weight and I'm weary
We're rounded severely
Despite of your vision
You claim seeing so clearly
Can't respect your decision
In the wake of the weary

Your angels are calling
The aim is rewarding
Through ashes and falling
So helpless and withering

We're wounding severely

Despite of your treason
And a future I'm fearing
I try to run when the walls come down
Try to hide from the feelings I'm fearing but still.
Can't respect your decision

We're wounded severely
Should see it so clearly
And I can't take it no more
A life in a lie where I scream and I cry
But she won't lie no more

4. Harmless Wishes

[Music: Danhange/Englund/Zander, Lyrics: Englund]

Relentless I'm speechless
I'm fooled by my inner weakness
Enticing Inspiring
Your words were so convincing
Delightful but soulless
Claimed harmless wishes seems less
Just frightening

No more dawning days
Only whispers of darkened ways
Forever falling tears
Forever falling
No more screams in vain
No more dreams put to shame
It's only me
Only me

Defenseless and smiling
Her innocence is shining
His own flesh and own blood
His words were so convincing
Delightful so beautiful
Can't stop what he's been told
She's three years old

No more dawning days
Only whispers of darkened ways
Forever falling tears
Forever falling
No more screams in vain
No more dreams put to shame
It's only me who's forever
Falling, sleepwalking, desperate, calling

No more dawning days
Only whispers of darkened ways
Forever falling tears
Lands in the hands of somber fate

5. Waking Up Blind

[Music: Englund, Lyrics: Englund]

Leave the lie you got to find a way
Ask yourself why and give yourself a reason to stay
Leave the lie I am begging in vain
We're all left to fight with why
You're not the same.

Left behind we are stranded not free
In silence I cry what went wrong was it me
Led to believe in a truth that was false
Truth built on greed and the faith of the weak

Walking up blind and blind you must be
So stupid of me to believe in your hypocrisy
Gave it all up for life in a dream
So foolish of me to not stop your infidelity

Unfaithful to life

6. More Than Ever

[Music: Danhage, Lyrics: Englund]

Time for a breather let it all sink in
A pause from the deceiver and to reach deep within
I close my eyes if only for a second
To let my courage rise
All I need is one more reason
To fail you as you failed me

Waiting for the waves to break
Hoping for the tide to change
Embracing the awaiting aim
Believing more than ever
Believing more than ever

I've tried too many times to leave you
Just as many times as I've cried to see you
Every road has its end and my end's here
And so does my faith

7. The Essence Of Conviction

[Music: Englund/Danhage/Ekdahl, Lyrics: Englund]

Her gentle hand in his
Revelation serves as bliss
They walk away from sunshine
Led to believe the lie
His lust for untouched youth
A well kept secret sealed
His every night confession
Reveals the most profane obsession

Their trust is won and fate is conquered
The essence of conviction

Why me?
I did no wrong
I did not know
You lied to me
I meant no harm
And I am blaming me

Hand in hand down the altar aisle
Her father's presence brings her to a smile
A grand welcome from the assembled crowd
Greeted as the "circles" first child
Undressed to nothing and held to the sky
Her smile is gone and she starts to cry
Desperately seeking her father's eyes
But he sees nothing
He's blind.

8. Where All Good Sleep

[Music: Zander/Englund, Lyrics: Englund]

In depths so deep I can't believe
Confusion conquers and frustration wins
Into where light does not reach
This is where pain and sorrow meets

Into denial
Baptized into a liar
Give me the power
Would you
Could you

Caught in a world where angels weep
Where hatred battles greed
And frustration wins
Chained to a world where all good sleep
This is where pain and sorrow meets

I'm doubting still denying
The truth was more than shocking
I'm doubting I'm hiding, hiding
I'm running knowing they're watching
I'm still in disbelief from what I've seen
Where I'm hiding.hiding.

9. Faith Restored

[Music: Englund, Lyrics: Englund]

In a moment of clarity
It all became crystal
And now I try to find someone to heal me
I'm broken
Through the mist in a dream where I show you
Through the rain and the dark that holds you
Heal me, I'm broken

Time to discover what lies hidden in the sand
Time for renewal and to be cleansed by the hand
To heal me relieve me
Heal me
Release me while I'm still breathing

And when it all came to clarity
There was no perfection
Dreams where shattered
Hope was washed away

Through the mist in a dream where I show you
Through the rain and the dark that holds you
Heal me, I'm broken

Time to start over
I'm given a new chance
And time to discover
There were no treasures in the sand
To heal me relieve me
Heal me
Release me while I'm still breathing

10. When The Walls Go Down

[Music: Englund/Zander/Danhage/Ekdahl]

Lord, if you don't help me I can't get through this.
I can't...
Lord, I'm too old for games,
Foolish wisdom...
And I'm tired of rhetoric, meaningless rhetoric that never changes things...
Lord, just help me,
Just help me...

I was feeling god's pain and I've never had anything that's been any worse to god,
In my fifty years that wasn't born in agony, never, never...
Damn empty...
And I know that simons won't do it,
I know that revelation won't do it,
Comedies won't do it,
I know now, oh my god do I know it...

Until I'm in agony,
Until I'm in anguish over it,
I'm preaching sermons...
Oh god...

I broke down and I wept and I mourned,
Does it matter to you at all?
I can't handle this,
I can barely make it into here...

Little by little you're losing me, you're almost caught...
Love with christ.
People I know that were my friends,
I've seen them go one by one, some of my closest friends...

You're changing from what you were,
Little by little somethings happening to you...
Will he bring you to your knees?
That's all the devil wants to do take the fight out of you, and kill it,
So you won't in prayer anymore,
So you won't weep before god anymore,
Go to HELL,
No weeping, not one prayer, still nothing,
This is life and death - and the walls go down and ruin sets in...

Where's the tears?
Where's the mourning?
Where's the confessing?
The love of christ?

I had to get the agony of gods heart...