Eschaton (GRC) : Causa Fortior

Black Metal / Greece
(2006 - Nykta)
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A penetrating cry, a reflection of the past
Succeed the oppression, of the Calvary cast
Through the catacombs of carnage, the omen of decline
Drawn to our see, a life in ophis cycle
For ages we roamed, we the only heirs
Of the greatest civilization, shall now claim back
What we deserve, a shooting star
No reverence, from the ashes revive

Sun flies in a fog of ghosts, at the end of this world
Paints my betrayed heart with the colour of death
The sudden birth of pain...
From these freezing woods, with fright they look
The sudden birth of the storm...
Through chaos, that lives inside me, and is hungry for death

A penetrating cry, a reflection of the past
Succeed the oppression, of the Calvary cast
Through the catacombs of carnage, the omen of decline
Drawn to our see, a life in ophis cycle

The sun with the dark light
Symbols in eternity
Almighty for ever
Awaken again with a pride of hate
Avengers of the false

Hanged by the tree, the wisdom of the universe lies beneath
Closing the eyes... the mystery...
Rya great goddess


Our most glorious crusade, a symbol of our power,
We stand with pride,
Defending the throne, marching upon traitors
On bloodshed fields
Awakening the fire still burning.
Burning inside
Ageless our remembrance divided in time,
Tradition of loyalty and might

Leaves of Christian hallucinations, are strengthening our storm,
A blasphemous trampling unpon the
Throne of god

Devoted to our fortune we shall prevail
Now shadows move and the wild hunt is tracing out
All of our hatred shall determine their fate
We shall return, and the ground will be raked
Blood let khaos, blood red skies,
Bloodstained steel, hunt them a fate of doom,
Crushing the cross of lies

Our glorious crusade, titans of our past,
Intruders shall be crucified,
We shall return
Impious we shall revenge

H επἰθεοή τωv λύkωv


From inside, out from the logic
From the ashes of mind
...Feel the pleasure at last time

The legacy
The view of a torrent / but a starless soul...
Responsible a cage within 20000 years
(My) personal cold wildernesses are forever
And the hatred feelings are well hidden inside

The universe and the minds plagues
Behold the face of god I beset
Primitive war ! / Now in array

Outgrow the lines of those untrue morals
The crushing of the false was started...
Your vision transfigured to action
Passion for this eternal mourning
Despise... / from this cage within 2000 years
I keep the torch of final collision / under the frostmoon


One climbs the lonesome place of stately soul
The high genuine of the strength
That which move across the sky eternally
One now opens the doors of the horizon
Dwelling in ice building of the primordial
Walking in alchemical paths under a pale moon
In search of known-unknown universe cracks

Within time the end seems futile
Only as great as the last mass appears the path
Upon it marching against the winds of cast
While seeds of wisdom collapsed eternity changed

For I am a spirit as the edge of time
And I fly straight to eternal path
War becomes my breath - hate becomes my speach
And I own strength at abound

Strength at Abound !!!

I open the awaken soul fighting the false
With true great mystic veil shading my soul
Under the ancient stones invoking the old I howl...
Fulfilled is my heart with Strength at Abound !!!!


Those with no tongue, thus spoken
Obsolete curse, divided in three
Those with in blood shall spill upon the ground
The innocence of the one (the goat)
Horns of the Christian reign, reconquer the throne

Those with no tongue, thus spoken
Those with no blood shall sacrifice the goat
From the depths of Tartaurus, now great goddess rise
With snakes devouring the lie

Howlings and mourns, beneath the tombs
Feel the breeze, through the pierced black hearts of those
A purified presence...


Death walk across the bitterness of life
Souls are thirsty for salvation
Wide open the eyes
A distant light in lovely darkness
Light that stands against life and death

Gathered under the same moon
Under the spell of Capricorno
We await for his call
Coming towards the twilight of Apollo
And buried me inside a tomb
Deep in Melanus garden

I was born on the flickering
A thunder that blows out at the horizon

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