Enthroned (BEL) : Obsidium

Black Metal / Belgium
(2012 - Agonia Records)
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Primigenian fluids, emanating black nectars from the hidden path.
A forbidden fruit still to be devoured.
Through poisonous breath we invoke the ancientlores.
The Primigenian call to the ones of Azoth...

Sepulchred Within Opaque Slumber.
Debetvr Soli Gloria Vera Satanas.
A whispering call.
An Invocation in the helix of the red Gods.

Stellar Mantras call my name
In Tongues of fire we drink the elexirs of immortallity.

A shimmering call...
The voices within my blood gathers as one.
Canting the lores of our ancient path.
Splitted then forged within.

Sepulchred Within Opaque Slumber.
Consecrated unto our hidden masks we rise.
Primary valued atavisms from the shadows.
The hidden face of the spirit I am!
The mask of deathis my name!
Sepulchred Within Opaque Slumber.


Penetro Nonvs Sacramentum!

Sacred journey through which I raised.
Through which my whole I achieved.
Through the darkness establish who I am.
In disguise the sacred ladder is climbed.

Wonderful journey whithin the darkness and worth curiosity.
On my long life path shrouded by the riddles no one could Read.
My necromanteion in harmony is wrapped of all things, joy, Hate and wrath.
The smile of light surrounded my lead.

That warm black light shining within my heart.
Its clarity being my guide.
Completion and certainty now walks by my side.

O wonderful journey.
Within the darkness and worth curiosity.
On my long life path.
Shrouded by the riddles no one could read.

Licencia Nonvm Sacramentvm


Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit.
Confined within matt slumber.
Nailing and fucking.
Nailing their last hope on his cross.
Futile answers to an obvious question.
Knowledge seeking knowledge.

The shadows of idiocy branded in symbols.
What is there to see for me?
The flame of baphomet!

Horns aflame... Agios!
Knowledge in eternity, the flame of baphomet.
Horns aflame... See the horns aflame!

Shine O shine in between his horns the goat lord has arrived To bring light on this decrepitude...

Burn O burn, O torch of wisdom, so the children of the lost Might find their way in to my embrace.

Deeply Penetrate the womb of the blinded.
Cum thy leaches for the sake of evidence.
And spread thy acid seed corroding them inside out.
There's no place for haste in ignorance.
Time for clarity has come.
Wisdom seeking wisdom as his horn is burning...


It is that I am of pure heart and steady soul that I Undertook these paths in sacred trust.
No will for curiosity or thrill's sake enters the house of Death.
Free from fear.
Substance I do notrecognize for havereplaced it by symbiosis And violent humility.

It is that I desire to be Azrael's emparthy.
Willingly taking on his burden.
To know all of death's forms and shrink away from none Greeting each as one would welcome firm flesh into thy bed.

Never for my own device.
Violated the sanctity of death's domain nor the catalysts That lays within.
Nor shall I force invitation when none is extended to me, Myself and I.
To know all of death's forms and shrink away from none Greeting each as one would welcome firm flesh into thy bed.

For to do thy will grand, to do the will of the one is Glorious!


As a corrupted spring.
The "righteous man" falls down before the wicked.
For the men to search their own glory is not glory.
He that has no rule over his own spirit is like a broken Edifice.
Without its walls.
Recognition is not seemly for a fool.

Sew the lips and nail the tongue of the pretender.
Thorns through the limbs of those figures of great failure.
Swarm of rats, vermins of the saviour.
As the dove tangled within barbed wire.
Limping oblivious shades.

Come behind my eyes.
A whip for the horse a bridle for the ass and a rod as for The fools daily bread.
As coals are to the burning coals and wood to the fire.
So is a contentious man to kindle strife.

Thy ghostly self shall be chewed and disappear within the Depths of your own deceive.
They call out o your blind sight.
Canting from dusk 'til dawn, on and on the Gospel of blood, But howis it to become whole?

Shall you come to the edge f reason or stand which eyes Tight shut?
Thou so gracioulsy ill shade of grey.
The face of righteousness shall be the everlasting embrace Within thy blood and devoured soul.






Lost and blind through desert sand.
Enlighten by the secret eye,
Pale horns shining through dense black corridors,
A sacred fire burning,
A sacred fire burning inside, to self-wisdom.

A path has shown crossroads to the void.
A path has shown crossroads,
A translucid dreaming.

Quintessence: a voice of silence
Crawling within the nature
Of self evocative serpents fire.

I am the flame: I am the gate
And the key of hidden mysteries,
Of unknown visions,
Of unspoken words!

Beyond the gateless gate,
A sun... an eye... an opal eve...
Lo Sethos!

I am the flame: I am the gate
And the key...
I am all.
I am nothing.

Upon the sea of stone I float,
Under the desert and I shall burn.
Wooden mirrors masked
In pale faceless forms
Grey shadows, show me the path.


Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.
I have sworn and I shall perform, that I will keep thy Righteous judgements.
I am afflicted so deeply, quicken me.
O Lord, according to thy word.
The wicked, the devil have laid a snare for me.
O Lord are you listening to my prayer.
Filthy worm! Father, the silent ones call out to me gambling From the time we wake till the day ends.
But how am I to get you? Rising truth to the skies, and "Clarity" shall be taken up into the heavens.
"Accept. I beseech thee the freewill offerings of my Mouth..."
Faggot! I shall be the spear within the heart of humanity Cleansing your innocence within urine & blood.
Through the vacuums, we are born! I shall be the spear Within the heart of Christianity cleansing your innocence Within urine & blood.
Through the vacuums, we are born! The dark lord offers us Vacuums of assessment the waves of torment are there for us All forever more,
The waves of salvation cleansing futility away.
The waves of depression will wash away them all to the waves Of serenity I am invitede to go.
My virtues may be red as crimson .
Through the vacuums I am reborn. I shall go on and on and no Soul in this world will know where we are. I shall go on and On.

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