Enthroned (BEL) : Armoured Bestial Hell

Black Metal / Belgium
(2001 - Blackend Records)
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1. Humanicide 666


2. Wrapped in fire

i've distorted my flesh... I've open my veins. the twisted joy of my acts
are exalting my sense.
for tonight i meet my father SATAN...
Shall i stop or shall i purchase??? Kiss me deeply my blade!!!
For Shall i weep but before my arms full of blood i shall distort my penis
and open thy legs OH!!
My bride gave me my new born messiah son for i must burn him now, should i
wait a bit more...

Burn!!! Baby Burn!!!
Burn!!! Baby Burn!!!
[lead by nornagest]
Burn!!! Baby Burn!!!

Now the almighty hellfire unleashed upon mankind, the new born holy sons
will be consumed alive
into a black coffin, and all humanity shall fade away... Alea jecta est ad
limina apostolorum...
BURN !!!!!!!!!
Ashes of the world, dust of holy angels fade on the light forever...
Mors ultima ratio lex, est quo notamus ad majorem SATANAE gloriam... BURN!!!!!!!
I can feel the hatred, the fire burns inside my heart
Incinerated bodies, that burning smell excite me so much... BURN !!!

There's not enough humans to satisfy my pyrodesires, kiss me deeply my
blade. For I Shall weep
but before i go my arms full of blood.


[repeat chorus]

Alea jecta...ad majorem SATANAE gloriam...

3. Armoured Bestial Hell

No other words could be found to explain those verses i sing,
My hatred created by human fag, can i live? should i die ?
My lord is calling me, my father sing for my return...
I know that my time isn't finished yet on these grounds
The mission that he gives me to spread his laws,
I haven't completed! no fiction, no lies!!!

Father, hear thy son acclaiming your grandeur,
Dweller, give me them back what they gave you...
We're only waiting for your...

......Till the end......!!!

the ones who sang the hymns are back... we know that the "time"
isn't finished yet on these grounds...
OOOHHHH, i feel thy presence within my blood

[lead norbagest]

Worms, the sky of your heart will be fulfilled by rain and thunder
The strangulations of your hypocrisy will fell
Your health will turn into an incessant fire... burn...f ire... burn

The kingdom of my father has arrived, he brang with him all his gifts...
be the one fo us,
Be the chosen one. Flesh, blood is all we need...
your sufferings will exalt your sense...


4. Enslavement Revealed

The signs were burnt within my flesh. i've been taught the left and path, since my birth
Through Satan's realm my soul has been regained in torture, and in a hateful power created by my
father, i'm the hatred one.. I'm the killer! I Am the one who will enslave you all,
I am satan and satan is your master, fear and disgust my pleasure.. I rule the world with
perversity, my ecstasy!!!! While fuckin' the innocence deeply when the blood of a thousand pussies
runnin' over my body, there's no mercy driftin' within my bones... I only believe in sin !!!

Rejection of the cross, i was that soul whom poisoned your holy life,
When you'll feel my pleasure surrounding you...
My curse will follow in the shadows, but surely for your torment
Like a sword entering slowly in your heart, i will be there...!!

Like a long way through razor lands, cut from all over...
for sure you shall succumb in my name.

[lead by nornagest]

I Am the opposer, i am the opponent...
I am hypocrisy, i am cheating, hatred.
i am deception, i am desolation, sodomy, perversity, lust, laziness and war.

I am the prince of this world, SATHANAS, thy angel of all extermination, i'm time and pain,
which leads you to your enslavement... I only believe in sin!
This delectable feelings runs through my brain. i need more of it!
To tear apart your hearts makes me cumming...
To tear apart your daughters makes me bleeds...

Your sons dedicated to god, not for so long... soon they'll be within my flesh, as they're already
my slaves. In the realm of the purest fire reign. In the kingdom of light, I dwell !!!

Obey me! i'm your king
Love me! i'm your father
Fight me! i'm your slaughter

5. Spells From the underworlds

Across the desolated fields where only death prevails, there in a distant world where the
moonlight is eternal, darkness descends on our wizards tombs, bringers of pain.
My shadow is speakin' the hatred words which will make them walk again but not alone...
A horde of demons is circlin' this vast empire

[lead by nornagest]

women were brought, naked and perverted as whore. Those female cried of joy and pain hot and ready
As the infernal orgy is takin' place the sabbatical rites.
Lord of chaos, thy trifixion will soon be completed to let the hecatomb of time and space appear

bring us the unbounded terror, for the remains of jesus the nazarene,
for the blood of virgin mary to celebrate our sabbatical rites here.
bring us the unbounded terror, for the remains of jesus the nazarene,
to celebrate our sabbatical rites here... and within the underworld

[lead by nerath daemon]

I was asked the my one thousand years old wizard where i came from:
"i'm from that place you call ASSIAH where souls can be taken by many,
where spirits could rule as gods and where blood got the most marvellous taste...
Time as come to walk those grounds my son!!!"
By the earth, by the ground, sorcerers are rising and with them one hundred thousand deads are
walking the sacred ground of eden.

"Rise from your tomb, rise and join our strength powerful wizards, join our rite to call our father...
The horned one will give his sentences towards christianity, no place for wisdom,
evil conceal a presage of desaster...
They'll never see the light of the sun again, they will be leads within the underworlds...
they'll gave their blood for honour to celebrate the unholy rites here..."

6. Spheres Of Damnation

So many years i've been following the path of my damned lord, in each of his wills and toughts
i've raised my sword. Faithful children of the mighty, i am spoken avenger swearing in his
forgiven name, to pull-down our traitors, bloody liars !!! as weak they are, as strong they think
to be... but already dead they are! in my journey through the dark i've learn from the one!!!

The war against losers will arrive finally... those masked behind their "own" darkness will be
crushed without doubt by the burnings from thy throne.

Betrayer you whom infiltrate our hatred fulfilled world, will your own knowledge be strong enough
to face our score, "No one can pretend to be a son of our lord, just by the meaning of a few
humanized words! you belong to him away !!! Burn ! Miserable rats! Burn !!!

In nomine dei nostri SATANAS, sanctus dominus...
In nomine dei nostri SATANAS, animus vocatur...
In nomine dei nostri SATANAS, christus trepidum...

[repeat chorus x2]

7. The face of death

Sanctify! sanctify my being through my blood by my spirit,
Bless me! bless my devotion by your grandeur, father !
Burn me! burn me into pleasures of pain and flesh !
Sanctify! sanctify my being through wrath by my health!

each night i hear the voice of my father...
he oblige me to sate my bestial instinct:
I kidnap weak chicks for my perverted pleasures, my lair is the corridor to
death, the entrance
towards hell!!
I sew their eyes open wide, then they cannot close them anymore, then they
could see the face of
death... MINE !!!!!

They're alive when i break their weak bones, when my clock slash their
cunt, their small butt!!
i drive nails within their chocked eyes, just before i draw arms and legs
to finally eat their guts!!!

I'm the gates towards hell... I am "death" and i am everywhere...


8. When hell Freeze over

[trilogy part 1]

[Narrative by nornagest:]

1632, Namur in a forlorn corner of the town, "striking midnight, the
pendulum ironically engaged us to remember wich use, we did of the fleding day.
Today, fatadical date, friday 13th we have although everything we know
about the way to lead the PATH OF BLASPHEMY..."
[J. Carnières 1585-1641]

"We've blaspheme jesus, of the most incontestable gods, like a parasite he
his!! We've got everything to please to the coarse !!
Satan's worthy vassals we are insulting what human loved, hail our mighty
father, as we walk through emptiness, our unhealthy symphony's enveloping
souls till their latest and eternal dwell... in HELL !!!


[1st lead by nornagest]
[2nd lead by nerath daemon]

[demonical story by sabathan:]
In the shadow of the light dark beings had found their path, strange noises has been heard,
it seems that evil spirits haunts his town, or perhaps strange men who came from another world, another dimension?

As i was told by our forthfathers... corpses were found skinless, crucified, like the holy son,
women open wide their children in their arms, nails through the head !
Maybe this story... is related by someone who know it all...

We've blaspheme jesus, of the most incontestable gods, like a parasite he his!!
We've got everything to please to the coarse !!
We are demon's worthy vassals we are insulting what human loved, father what they fear !
As we walk through emptiness, our unhealthy symphony's enveloping souls till their latest and eternal dwell..

sadness, servile executioner, the weak who's wrong through our spears,
brainless strongs we hate... and to the master we deliver our faith !
Kiss the stupid mater lick their mother with a mighty devotion, from putrefaction,
Bless the pale gleam, at last we've to drown griddiness into delirium...
Us proud reverends of the blackened horde !
Whose glory is to spread the inebriety from darkness !!!

[1st lead by nerath daemon]
[2nd lead by nornagest]
[3rd lead by nerath daemon]
[4th lead by nornagest]

In our destructive consciousness we blast the candle of life for the return of evil emanations,
from the very depths of satan's kingdom, 666 mutilations achieved the gates are now shut, shadows
and whispers have disappeared, the town seems to be quiet but a unholy presence still rule the
streets at night, waiting thy loneliness to catch you and open your chest with their spears made from your fears....

NOW THE GATES ARE CLOSED TILL THE DAWN OF A NEW MILLENNIUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[when hell freezes over is based on a true story]

9. Premature Satanicremation


[trilogy part 2]

10. Terminate Annihilation


[trilogy part 3]

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