Enter Chaos : Aura Sense

Melodic Death / Poland
(2004 - Metal Mind Productions)
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Where's the fucking god
When i kill
Where's fucking god
When i decide who's next to die today

I've got a gun. I kill, am I god??
Or only his tool
I pull the trigger again

Who really cares what the war is about?
Fuck it! Kill them all!
They shoot at me, they're my enemies
The rest is only an excuse

People die? who cares!
They're just pawns created to higher reasons
Their death won't change the world
But someone will win the war

Blood mixes with sand
Red stains remain on snow
The will soon dissapear
And I will kill another freaks

Shoot! Kill!
Finish off it necessary
With no order, with no reason
Just for fun


To shine in the firmament
It tempts to much
Prospect of being a star
Blinds you

You give your soul
Defect your sensability
Wipe out any traces of humanity

The joy of life fades with the fall
Of worship for you
The will of being the idol
Destroys you

Love for unlimited power
The will to enter masses' minds
Self-satisfaction through existence
Calms your conciousness
And missunderstood power

Star in the blue sky
You will never shine equally for all
You won't exist in minds of many
It's only your stick desire

There's no rescue for the sick
The soul's rotten to the core
There's no cure for your imagination
You're just "sentenced to success"

Sold out for your own request


Possessed by your other "me"
Devilish embodiment of your alter ego
Given to the trials of endurance
Of your human psyche

So furious your existence
Begins to make your being crazy
Unability to connect personalities
Pushes you to fury

Uncontrolled convulsion
Body longing for fulfilment
Its deepest desires
Where are you?

You want to get out of the madness
And rule your mind
Just you and you brain
You don't wont to serve until the end

To get out of the fury
To discover your real self
The most important in your life
Is to stand with yourself, face to face

Humiliated you need to touch
Your real self
Stop the tolerance of strange thoughts
You want to act on your own


Hidden conspiracy to take up the fight
There's no greater satisfaction than to win

Hidden in the shadows of screaming heads
You'll soon deprive them of thoughts
Too many empty words
Time to rise into the new world

Better to die than to live
With people pretending to be good
Than listen to their lies
Get checks not to be released

Time to wake up from vanity
False, lies and betrayal
Nobody wants to be victim
So what's the reason to torture

Turn loose from the sick minds
It's better to live like a man
(The wicked muse leave
That's the will of the new era)

The time of victory
Many never come
You rist the curse of your brothers
And eternal damnation

Like white angel cover with blood
With your sever words and deeds
You'll bring the new world the message if you win


Sounds destroy the silence
Just like a thunder roar
Torture your ears
Rise your fist and bang your head
Smell the realm of death

Metal is much more than leather
Metal is much more than black
Metal is what flows and boils
In my veins and in my heart

Sharper than hell razor!
Faster than the light!
Darker than pure evil!
Hordes come and go
But metal still remains
The lover of my inside

Pentagram on your neck
Exclaims that you're evil
Corpse paint on your face
Makes you being deamon
But deep inside your heart
You're weak, shit worthly freak!

Metal is such power
You cannot understand
Dont even exert yourself
Go on! Scream you're the truest
I don't give a fuck

The true shal true remain...forever!!
The metal shall remain...forever!!


I think about you baby
When I lay down to sleep
I long to lick your trigger
And take the souls to reap
Death become my obsession
All life is my possession
I feel the need to kill
Again, I know i will

I take all life
When my handgun by my side
I have control
No time to cry when the breath is gone

I hear his sight, I'm going crazy
Come baby, come right on my face
And leave the body down to waste

Blood explodes from your pierced head
Your heart no longer beats
Yeah! You're already dead

When my handgun starts to speak
The night black, cold and wild
I hear your whisper in my head
I have to help them die
I have to see them dead!


The colour of our senses
Reflecting our souls
Feel my energy through your eyes
Read me through your touch

Recognize the states of the psyche
It's so simple, don't come closer
Whem I'm the agressive-coloured
Try to understand it

World without senses inside of me
Taste its rainbow
Enjoy the red of aura
Hot like a beating heart

Your may save both of us
Pay attention to the colours
Feelings are so close to them
They become one

Learn me as I learn you
Discover colours of the conciousness
Anger, sadness, enthusiasm
All clearly visible

Don't give up
It's worthy to find out the depth
Discover each other
Deel each other through energy

Beating radiation of our bodies
Shall tell more
Betray all our secrets
You don't have to obe shy


One day so happy
The next, world's over
Your choice turned to be missed
You bear an unhealing wound in your heart
Words and deeds no more the same
You can't recognize yourself
Ignorance no longer helps
How to cease the series of hurt?

One day so wonderful
The next, like a hurricane
It's time to release the forces
Connect with the crisis centre
In your mind
Rise to treat the feelings
It's pity those memorable scars
Will stay in your heart forever

Wise after the loss
You return to yourself
You'll never feel similar pain
The dead silence
The great dispair
Crisis centre disconnected
You're like a steel wall
Echoing the trash with rumble
"Hit me again
And I'll show you my fist"

Destroy your crisis.....


You think you're wise
Always think twice
Great, you want to throw litter on those who are worthy that
But not make up your mind of useless matter

People unworthy of your attention
Why waste the time and energy
To explain them the're wrong
That they destroy each other
And everything around
Don't be fool

Don't let them involve your in this game
You don't need another worries
Leaving bitter taste in your mouth
Letting you down till the fucking death

Your calm or total war
In advence sentenced to failures
Don't be ideal
That's not your part
Not this act, not this stage
You must be fool

To throw yourself into the abyss of unfulfullment
World can be sick
People can be strangers to your conciusness
Why take care so much
You won't win release for your soul
Neither now, nor forever

Disability of the world is not your fucking business
Don't waste your force for unreal
It's not worthy


You can already see yourself on the top
You seem to know what you are worthy
You believe your own streanght
But is ut based?

Stand next to body and mind
You feed upon the colorful reality
Not able to release from the pression
Of your pressure

Everyone attacks you
Everyone wishes you failure
They want to kick your ass
You think how to bite it

Pathetic fight takes up your mind
"What shall i do
To become the great and the beloved?"

It's your great, lost day
Beggining of the first end
Give up the pedestal
Look around and see
You're just like all the others
Just your mind took a break

Do you really think
It will last forever
Is it really
The way you want


So many kings to rule the world
So many people in mask of goodness

Unlearned by time and history
The're still making the same mistakes

Madness has settle in their minds for good
Massacre is their way to gloss over their crime

And you - human being
What do you have for excuse?
Have you ever wanded justice?

In mad run for the highest trophy
You're living in the egoistic cage

Even now, when reality stand upon your door
Derisive smile didn't dissapear from your face

Bowing to your new king
You're ploting how to deprive him of power


(See lyrics on track 6)

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