Ennoven : Redemption

Black Ambient / Pologne
(2014 - Self-Produced)
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Wake up the fires
And say their names.
Watch as it rises,
Spill the blood from your veins.

Summon the spirits,
The spirits of all.
A lifeforce of nature,
Of spring and the fall.

Oh, holy mountains !
Oh, hearts of the forests !
Our blood on the snow
Forever binds us with you.

Dance in the pale moon.
The ritual shall be done.
Oh, nature, we call you !
We're children of the sun.


Can you feel
The freezing winds ?
Have you ever wandered
With the streams ?

Can you tell
If there is a God
in the water,
In the air,
In the land ?

Can you name the force
That gave you the life?
The death occurs
At the end of every cycle.

So I dream in my agony.
I go towards salvation.
I dream in my agony.
I walk away from daylight.

(Repeat x2)
I dream in my agony.
I walk away from daylight.

I dream in my agony.
The end is not eternal.
In ethereal winter,
The death, it feels so vernal.




There is a light that outshines the stars,
Behind the veil of our perception.
Oh mother, I hear your call.
I know there is redemption.

To gaze at the firmament
Is to die with every day.
I dissolve in the void
And my soul is fading grey.

Every end is dim, every end is dire.
But in the darkness there is always a light.
As above, so below, there is fire.
As above, so below, there begins the life.

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