Endstille : Infektion 1813

Black Metal / Germany
(2011 - Season Of Mist)
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I cut out the persistence of time
Unslaked hunger for life
Man´s got admirable moments here
Perchance he´s death so near

Formative ideal

Disillusioned image of death
Agony of a new age
Enrooted in a metaphor of war
Like an endtime-occult shadow humanity

In dimension
Once initial helplessness
An affliction of unlived affects

Formative ideal

The combat as an inner experience
Anomic researched bunkum
A miasma of a corroded civilisation
If there will ever be
A new barricade erected
I´ll greet the tempest of exaltation...
...with a bullet in my heart


Reborn out of a generation of venom
Seduced genome like poison spreads the agitation
An infected nation

Arising from a trench - a dirty tomb
Nursed by enormous stench
Unavoidable consequences! untraceable coincidence!
The global perdition, discrimination inquisistion

The barbaric march
Of a fallen one
Uncontrollable discharge
Millions of souls were undone

A restless mind
And accrued hate
Leads the blind
Into a deadly fate
Unavoidable consequences! the global perdition!

Reborn out of a generation of venom
Seduced genome uncontrollable discharge of the fallen one


The battle of Hürtgen along the Siegfired Line from 1944
To 1945 is one of the greatest myths of World War II.
It was the longest battle on German soil,
Known as well as the "Verdun in the Eifel".
The largest American defeat in Europe ever.
Even the official US-military history speaks of Hürtgen
Forest as a "black-green ocean of forest,
In which Hänsel and
Gretel had lost their way".

Probably they found the Hurt-Gene here...


A place more hostile to life
Blinded by darkness
A unique surreal situation
The desertation of life

This is the deepest place on...

Into the nothingess
Zero existence
I´m the only one at the
Deepest place on earth

Salt in the air
Mixes with the sweat on my skin
Stagnant air fills my lungs
The sound of crushing steal

This is the deepest place on...

Into the nothingness
Zero existence
I´m the only one at the
Deepest place on earth

Where did you lead me?
Why did I follow?
Who´s to blame?
Myself or the enemy?
Am I the only one
At the deepest place on earth?

The worst has come to the worst
But the worst part isn´t over yet

Hope is the last thing to die
And to die is the last thing to do, too
I am the only one
At the deepest pace on earth!


The lasting grave has now been made
Still unbroken the inner pride
A suicide where all brightness fades
Disemboweled by the hordes of Kathaaria

For the honour of my left hand protector!


"Do what thou wilt
Shall be the whole of the law
There is no law
Beyond do what thou wilt!"

Glorify our doom
Our eternal chaos
Accept no retreat
Obliterate society

Frailty in creation
Accept no retreat
Perishing manking
Out eternel chaos
Descend into the absurd

Imagination of the non-existent
Predictable twilight of idols
Enforce our heresy

The seeds of this world wither
Captivities blood-red sunset dawn of a new era
Our satanarchism will infect this fucking world

Our ravenous horde swallows the sun
To enlighten the undefiled
Immaculate, satanic heart

Fuck Hell!!!


There is a time in darkness
Which fills my last hope
For a recent warmly light
An outcry from the deepest grounds of hell

I will awake our realm of this new age!

A mount of souls tower heaven and ennoble me
For the declension of sanity, law and fear!
No need for god!

Here I can´t find no peace.
This is a place I want to burn! Burn!
Set this world aflame!

Once no day will ever annihilate this dream
You will arise once new... captures for a deride!
For I will never be reborn!!

No god with sense of grace
Captured in the trace of pain
Like paradise shall decay to deceptive gods
These lacerate flames fill my lungs
The ancient humanity converts its mind
As far as the cross draft its arms
This is no place for me to return

But sprouts decrease in the realm of this fading world

On a throne of grace erected by fire and ember
We will save this strayed child
So I set this world in flames!


Creeping devotional something
Entitled, denounced
Repudiated, but once loved
Inferior to god

Structured your own world
Raging inner flame
No comprimise!

There is no way back
To eternal love
Wrecked is your life
...Fucked god!

A cold heart shatters in emotional wastelands
Radical lunacy devoid sense

White snow is falling
Salivate with pleasure
Beatiful naked temptress
Devastating erection

There is no way back
To eternal love
Wrecked is your life
You bastard whore... fucked god!

Inglorious declaration of war
You pathetic, lost soul
Wrecked is your life
To eternal love
There is no way back



The death of one man is a tragedy,
The death of millions is a statistic.

(Iosseb Bessarionis dse Dschughaschwili)

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