Empty (ESP) : The House of Funerary Hymns

Black Metal / Spain
(2009 - De Tenebrarum Principio)
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I Have The Certainty Of Having Concentred
All The Suffering Of The World In Me
I Can't Understand The Reason For It.
Just As Existance In General
Why Can't I Admit That Existance Leads To Nothing?
And The Being To The No Being...
I Have The Monopoly Of The Knowledge Of Suffering,
And This Is Equal To Live Hanging From A Precipice,
Since All Suffering Is An Abyss,
I Feel In Me A Pathological Predisposition Towards Death,
My Life Is A Sinister Agitation, A Vertigo, A Dramatic Whirlwind
Why Don't I Leave This World?
Why Death Repulses Me As Much As Life?
I Haven't The Minimum Idea Of Why I Am In This World.
I Feel As A Terrible Being Full Of Darkness
A Beast With A Grotesque Grin
Exaltated Before The Hope Of Nothing & The Desperation Of All
Burned By Pain & Hate
Anihilated By Light & Shadow
My Symbol Is Death Of Light & The Flame Of Negligence
All Light Fades In Me...


I'm Not Conscious Of What Is Right & What Is Wrong
I Can't Worship Or Condemn Anything
Because There Is Nothing In This World That Deserves To Be Known
I Feel An Acrid Taste For Life, A Diabolical & Bestial Bitterness
Even Death Seems To Me Insipid
I Can't Define This Dificult Bitterness
I Belive In Nothing Now & I Haven't The Minimum Hope
All That Seduces You Seems To Me A Empty, Senseless
I Do Not Posses The Feeling Of The Past Nor The Future
Present Seems To Me A Venom
My Desperation Leads Me Forcefully Towards
A Lack Of All Hope
As Now I Have Nothing To Lose
How Far I Am From All!


I Live In A Terribly Lugubrious Crypt,
My Existence Passes Far Away From The Real World
Unfortunate Dwelling Of My Linege, Who's Offsprings Reside In Urns
Buried Between Shadows & Stillness
I Have No Contact With The Living,
& Unavoidably I Drown In A Total Desperation
In Company Of Things That Are Not
Or That Where Here Before, But Not Now
There Is No Sanity To Distinguish Them In These Agonic Hours
Now No One Leaves Flowers
At The Melancholic Shadows Of The Granite Gravestone...
Only I Reside In This Hidden Mortuary Mansion
The House Of The Funerary Hymns
Far Away From The Mist That Covers The Horizon,
Palely Shines The Hateful Warning Moon
And In The Very Depths, Where There Is No Light
Terrible Howling Emerging From Desperation,
Between Dark Valleys & Misty Woods,
You Can See Horrible & Grotesque Shapes,
Around Their Pantheons
You Can't Describe It Because It's So Desolating...
Every Where Tears Drip, Between Their Pale Faces
That Fade The Light Of The Stars
Putrefaction Covers It All, And Moss Is The Only Flower That Remains
In My Unfortunate Dwellings Of My Lineage, Who's Offsprings Reside
In Urns Buried Between Shadows & Stillness
Only I Reside In This Hidden Mortuary Mansion
The House Of The Funerary Hymns


The Most Sinister & The Most Serious Art Appears Before Me
The Representation Of The Most Negative Of All Acts
It Results Ironic To Fear It & At The Same Time To Worship It
But This, As The Nocturnal Flight Of The Prophet Raven
It All Most Inspiers Me Admiration...
Victims Of The Most Unfortunate Illusion,
Here I Am In Walking In A Deplorable State,
Where No One Contemplates Any Action Of Hope
Without Daring To Express The Sorrow With The Minimum Sigh
It I Coul'd Here Their Screams
Their Rending Would Make Such As Sinister Chorus
Here All The Birds Caw As Ravensof Tempest
All The Idealisms & Beliefs Are Declared Null & They Crumble
But Even In The Arms Of Its High & Dark Infinity,
My Desperation Is So Huge,
That It Prohibits Me Even The Hope It Represents
In A World Where Nothing Should Be Missed,
Except Nothing In It Self


I Feel Deep Inside Hate, Chaos, Desperation & Pain
I Evoke Lovely Hours Between Dark Memories
Unfortunate He To Whom Memories Only Bring Fear & Sadness
Each Experience Consumes Me & Leads Me Towards Death
I Can't Breathe Beyond The Summits Of Desperation
And The More I Am Accompanied The More My Mind
Leads Me Towards Desparing Thoughts Of Desolation & Desperation
All My Inner Energy Flows Into Chaos & Into An Exaltation Of My Dementia
Only The Irrationality Of This Black Lyricism Possesses Value
All Inspiration That Issues From This Has To Perish In The Most Baneful Way


The Gates Of Eden Are Too Narrow
For Those Who Have Lost All Hope
You Pretend That Desperation & Agony Are Only A Scornful Act
A Mere Act That Has To Be Overcome By Your Ideals
That Your Macabre Agony Shall Be The Only Greeting Of Your Erratic Lives
You Classify The Obsession For Negativity As Egoism
Only Happiness Turns To Fortune
Can You Understand Those Who Can't Rejoice?
Can You Understand The Meaning Of Fear Of An Imminent Drowning?
Have You Ever Had That Terrible Feeling That Everything Is Going To End?
The Conscience Of Imminent Death Persists More Than My Own Madness
And That Leads Me Towards The Ilimitated Exaltation Of Suffering,
Of My Inner Drama
The Complexity Of My Absolute Desperation Is Infinitely
Larger Than The Largest Of Your Allegation Of Hope
Is All Reason At The Verge For Those Who Have Lost All Hope?
I Am Between The Darkness Of Suffering.

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