Emil Bulls : Porcelain

Alternative Metal / Germany
(2003 - Universal Music Group)
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1. 40 DAYS

Yeah check one two ... now I`ve got the clue baby ... let`s dance
This garden was full of boxes filled with my favourite toys
I never felt remorse when I provoked the winds that blew them all away
I`m creeping on all fours again I`m begging for rain
To wash all my sins away...crosscountry
Now it`s time to use my brain because
For fourty days I was caught in a room without a view
My head`s spinning around from all my dirty thoughts real filthy thoughts
I wanted to find peace of mind
but all I got was hate and self deception
In the prime of life the dead of winter has arrived
I`m feeling fagged shagged and fashed
Come on treat me with a little love
You know I like it hard and dirty
This garden was full of people
I should have kissed but know it`s too late
The wind blew them far away crosscountry
that`s the end of the line god bless and happy drinkin


Here all our wounds can heal
scars and blisters disappear
we`re safe just as long as we stay
in this cocoon I melt away with you
oh yeah in this cocoon no one can disturb
our dreams our eternal sleep
yes here love takes root and it grows
adrenaline and dopamine begin to flow
we`re one just as long as we stay


Here I lie on a bed of ice
Under a sheet of broken glass
Watching out for demons that may rise
Echoes from inside
Vacuum in my head
I get on my knees to pray for a virgin day
Let the sweetest things collide
My girl her kiss and I will be ready to start life
Please open the skies
There`s nothing more helpless irresponsible and depraved
Than me in the depths of an alcohol binge
I never learned to say no
So I pass out once more
These self inflicted wounds will heal so I increase the dose again
Oh right here I feel safe sober and clean
Open the skies ...


Right here heaven fell on the earth in shape of flowers
Hear angel trumpets ... hear devil trombones


Please don`t stop moving
Keep your body on grooving
A thousand shivers are crawling
Smooth and slow
Up and down your spine
I wish that I could give you everything you die for ... or maybe more
You`re made of my wildest dreams and you save my cells from dying
Sex in slowmotion
A lonely bird over the ocean
The grace of a feather
Dancing with the wind to the end of this world... weightless
I wish that I could give you everything you die for... or maybe more
You`re made of my wildest dreams and you save my cells from dying
I hope you feel the same way
Handle love with kid gloves
We were on fire baby
Lost in lust and love
We left the world behind
But then it all stopped


Your phone calls send me from heaven to hell
I never thought that such a sweet voice could cause so much harm
Please stop saying that you love me
Don`t fuck with me
The golden sun will shine
In my own world tonight
I`ll ride a comet through the skies
I`ll forget about life for a while
I´m always wrapped up in the world of my own
It`s impossible through words to describe
What I feel what I fear I`m up shit creek
I just have no kick left
There are no mistakes just happy little accidents
There are no mistakes just happy little accidents
Nothing is ever for sure that`s the only sure thing I do know
But my love is for real
There are no mistakes just happy little accidents
My love`s for real


I have driven rusty nails deep into this love
You`re so right it`s all my fault
Trust me
I lie to girls to save this paranoid love affair
I`ve pushed my luck again
Now it`s time for a radical change
cause I´m about to break down
The mental war machine creeps on
Little strokes fell big oaks
It`s like starring on the clock that tells
time is threatening your life
I implode and explode
You destroy the thing you love
No- it`s the other way around
What you love destroys you
You keep on thinking it`s your fault
I swear next time I have to choose
I`ll choose myself
Maybe I`m fine when I´m alone
I`ll push my luck again and again


Now all my people come on ...
whatever gets you off...
you will find it here
Now all the things become crystal clear
You`re the sucker and I`m the god in here
Take a look at this world she`s smiling at me
I dance with angels on my way to hell
No I won`t sing about summer and love
Cause tonight it all turns into a winter of hate ... cold
I left the earth when the cold wind came
I saw a darkness along lover`s lane
Oh when the drugs began to take hold
I heard CASH playing " I`m leaving now"


I`m watching over you
We stick together like glue
Even when you`re dead and gone
I`ll live on you
I`m your parasite you`re my host come feed me
I`m the parasite gimme more gimme more
I breathe you in I breath you out
Feed me make me dream about
Sill being nurtured by you next summer ... girl
Don`t waste your time and try to leave
I´ll track you down at every turn
Watch the lump under your skin
Guess who`s living within
Me the parasite inside your skin
You the host that takes me in
Me the parasite inside your skin
You the host that takes me in
Parasite ... I am god
Parasite ....I am god


Whiskey vine dope stale cigarette smoke mud blood beer
stale cigarette smoke......
I`m so mean I make medicine sick alright
Don`t waste all my batteries killer of my fantasies
I`m drowning taking hold of me
I´m loosing my grip on reality
I`ve lost all my fantasies
And I`ve got the vigor of a five second porno stream
A monster creeps inside of me
It`s sucking all my energy
I`m aching for serenity
Corrosion of mind takes hold of me
I`ve lost all my fantasies
And I`ve got the vigor of a five second porno sream
Deteriorated to the level of a dumb beast
I beg your pardon but that`s the real me
I`m so mean and evil I make medicine sick
A fool creep burning effigy
Behaving rudimentary
Makes it all easy
Makes living easy
Whiskey vine dope stale cigarette smoke mud blood and beer
I´m so mean I make medicine sick alright


All play and no work makes christ a dull boy
His life`s a misty lane
I´m waiting for the night -to come
I´m waiting for the spots -to shine
I invite all my friends to be part of this dream
Tonight something extraordinary is possible
There`s no right or wrong to our way
This day is mine this day is yours
Take a deep breath - it`ll blow your mind
Sample the moment - loop it again
Tape this day and rewind it
I know you never get enough ... ha... are you ready ... let`s go
Come feel the blood rush into your head
The sound it creates in your ears
We`re gonna dance tonight - for sure
We`ll get our curtain call - once more
Yes tonight we`re the boys with the most cake and toys

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