Emarosa : This Is Your Way Out

Post Hardcore / USA
(2007 - Rise Records / Standby Records)
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My hands lie in vain
I wont let go but ill walk away
Ive got this fear of flying
Ill pick myself up off the floor
And im still standing
Im holding on this time
And i wont let you go this time
Ill let it fall apart and watch you tremble
Im watching the world as they're pulling you down
Its better to believe
I know its better to believe
Nothing can stop this from happening

Is this what you wanted?
Is this what you need?
I watched you shakin'
Callin out for me

Could it get any better
Better to believe
I think its getting better
Better to agree

Is this what you call home
As you turn it around
I know youll never mean it
Youll never get the hope that you deserve
Its no suprise that the air keeps you still
On this stable ground that
Once shook so lightly


Far away from somewhere
I'd like to call it close to you
The problem is
Ive finally found a reason

Im hoping that your safe now
Now that you've found your way out
Truth is the silence cant speak for you
Theres to much to say
But words arent enough to speak for

You cant forget all these things that you know
This is the day of your reckoning
(pray for your life)
And i watched you create all of your shame
I know of a place that can
Save you from the things you fear

No one will hear the things you say
I know the things that you need

I wont be the one to pull you
Will you find your way back home
When everything you know is gone
Tell me im the one who missed you here
What have i become
I try so hard just to forget

Before the crowd of a silent mouth
Like air in a dream of drowning
Youll find yourself inside this moment
And confess that your at war
With what keeps you breathing

Your holding your thoughts back to
Keep you from speaking the words
You know you cant mean in the end
If this is what you want
Then this is what youll get
I watched you fall to your knees as the waves
Came tumbling down crashing upon
This wreckless abandoned
Hope that you painted
Inside of this life you live


Consider this a picture perfect sweet sorrow.
When you've never been wrong before.

Never been wrong before.

As much as you wait, time wont wait for you.
As much as you wait, i wont wait for you.

Let me fight.
Let me fight.
Let me fight and pull away from you.

You're always right

Time won't wait for you.

You're always right.
Let me fight.
You're always right.
Let me fight.
You're always right.
Let me fight and pull away from you.

Though I said, I would try for you.

This time tonight.
I wont die


You will forgive your foes
Pardon all transgressions
Prepare for an ascension
Love your last
And in an attempt to save yourself from what is at hand
You will pray


I'm watching the sky turn from black to the grey
And this is the end i know we're not afraid
Surrender your hands its to late to let go
We're still breathing, dont stop breathing
The ground is falling under my feet
We're still around here
We're fading with time
There's no fear open your eyes
We're standing still now
We're going nowhere
Its not to late to crawl its not to late

Reach the end ill meet you there
In a world that never let you in
In a world where you found grace
I watched the water pull you in
(as it carries you away)

I know you wont let fall on my own
There's no reason reason to abandon here

Open your eyes and witness the power
Of a place thats lost control
His creation at its finest
Its what we call our home

My life passes by as the sky starts to fade
If this is the end i know im not afraid
The meaning of this is becoming so clear
Prepare for the worst this is going to be hell
I know you wont be there i fall alone
Tell me why i am still standing here


This time we heal the wounded
We fail again
Im falling down with regret
Look away from everything
And tell me what you see
There's no coming back from here

Everything ill ever be i am
Everything i ever was
Look away from everything i am
Its all around me

And im not looking back
Where everything was so familiar
But so far away, so far away

Oh my there is no ending
I cant escape for this anymore
Oh god there's no way outta here
The walls are closing in
Everthing ive ever loved is gone
Take this for what its worth
Ive found there is no meaning
This is the end of me
And im not holding back
The worst is over
Theres no tomorrow
This is your way out

My god you lost a world you tried to make us love
We havent seen the world
Since you took our bodies and led them to the skies
As it carries us away
I can feel his hands as they pull me in
By your grace god let me fly
Set me free
Let me fly
God let me fly

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