Emarosa : Demo 2006

Post Hardcore / USA
(2006 - Self-Released)
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Wait! Before you go..
Just leave love, beloved,
Dance, dance i will watch,
Smile as it burns.

In your white room
Pictures fade away.
So quiet I'm losing my voice,
With your voice.

Tonight we dance,
And fade all so quietly away.
With looks on fire she lured him
She said with words of a bitter past
Our future may lie a lesser known fiction,
My salvation my destroyer
You leave me wreckless and without,
So wreckless and without.

There's no one above you,
These words hold true and if I found you
I'd love you forever

These thoughts that I have thought without you
Feed a blackened heart.

I see a light,
And it's my life,
My question to the night
I ask
Will you ever hear my song?

Two worlds remain in harmony
As I stand by myself...
My God
Help me to find a way
To reach to you without
Falling apart myself,
My conscience-
A reason
To mask all of my doubts
If I ever felt brushed with your greatness,
I would always know I'd only weigh us down.
And when it all ends,

I felt nothing at all




Consider this a picture perfect sweet sorrow.
When you've never been wrong before.

Never been wrong before.

As much as you wait, time wont wait for you.
As much as you wait, i wont wait for you.

Let me fight.
Let me fight.
Let me fight and pull away from you.

You're always right

Time won't wait for you.

You're always right.
Let me fight.
You're always right.
Let me fight.
You're always right.
Let me fight and pull away from you.

Though I said, I would try for you.

This time tonight.
I wont die

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