Eluveitie : Slania

Folk Death / Switzerland
(2008 - Nuclear Blast)
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Papan in tauile
Dera ougra louchint in nemisi
Trinoxtion samoni sindiu


The calling wind on my face
Waving from the summoning of giants
That heals my soul

The virile fragrance of alpine tor
The blowing breath of this fold
That dreams me

Pervading every single nook of existence

Veidon anatlâ
Trireinos koilon monis pantos
Volevos kaion moricos
Ni têrsos tenkos sves nâus-anatia
In litaviâ votno-ûrâ
Mê anatlô
Ge tebô lama deivos skver-ollos

Laden with the burdens of this life
The barque sails through the endless waters
Deep and dark

Yet gestated pristinely and free
Escorting to the biding warmth
Of the womb

" I am a bard do not vouchsafe my secrets to slaves
I am a guide a judge if you sow you will labour "


Welcome to the land of questions
Welcome to the isle of lore
Welcome the veil came crumbling down

There it all began
The germination
Unveiling a cryptic door
There it was revealed
Hopes and aspirations
Unclosing and enthralled door

Escalate the sense
Enhancing to join the dawn

I close my eyes, inis mona
And reminisce of those palmy days
I moon o'er you, inis mona
As long as i breathe
I'll call you my home

20 years i have walked your barrows
Years of emulous youth
I followed the path of the wise

There it all was sown,
The inspiration
Removing the seven seals
There it was revealed
Enigmaand freedom
Unclosing an unseen door


I raise my hand against ye, thief!
For we're accustomed to receive,
Not to give hostages
Hear these words! deeds are overt!

As chaos evolves
In worthless lies

A crucial congress
At saônes banks

Gray sublime archon i've been called
Through all these years i bore up
Now may we all stay the course
This day

I raised my hand against it all
I question now, did i fail ?
Or retain our dignity
And shelter of this defilement ?




What did close in here ?
I can't remember ever shedding tears o'spite
On this ground, cropping up the fatal frontline

Like a soot-blackened palisade yet
Impelled, void and abulic
Legions delineate an ominous skyline

As lifeless demons without soul
These ensentient hosts abide
Engulfing war monger get away from here!

Trod ye the path of vast deceit ?
Every piece of evidence was a lie
The war, the threath's a hyping fake
To move figures on the board!

Stain bibractes ground!

What do you see in me ?
Do you breathe-in dreams ?
What spurred you to come here ?
An oneiric picture of being...

Like disaffected legions taken, lure
I wonder what lies, what threath or promise
Persuaded them to leave their home that far away
... Did they really know ?

As the carnyx roared aloud
I quaked not, yet just asked myself
How their hearts took the bait,
These sweetened words of bitter esscence

Face to face with nameless foes
Scorching words, unspoken lorn
Unheard quests remain the ashes of the dead

Forsooth we'll bear the brunt
Upright in life of in death
Yet still the countless cries echo
In silenced caves of nothing


A murky presage roaming the land
To silence the skylarks chant
The somber kiss is at band
To impart the crimson robe

Heed the darksome maid
Dancing across this equinox
To relegate persistence
As the bleak darkness grows

A cryptal impellent, devoted to the sublime round

Beholden for the boons of light
Retreating into quietness
We harken the somber lay
We sing the somber lay

Close your eyes and heed and vide,
Then you shall see
The sphere revolves as it's promised

Flames flickering deftly
To banish the nipping air
The dark time is at hand
Lighted by bardic chant

Heed the darksome maid
To enwrap all in bleackness
A dark veil o'silence
As quiet insight buds

Darks roaming the land
Long dead the skylarks chant
The dark vis usurped command
To impart the sallow robe

Sure anew light will come
The lifewheel is rotating onward
Given is the promise
Thus assertive we wear on

Life-given impellent, devoted to the sublime round


Catoues caletoi
Urit namantas anrimius
Ro- te isarni|in -urextont,
Au glannabi rhenus
Ad ardus alpon
Tou' magisa matua
Tou' brigas iueri|onas

Budinas bardon
Clouos canenti
Anuanon anmaruon
Cauaron colliton,
Adio- biuotutas -robirtont,
Uolin cridi|i
Are ri|otuten atri|as

A ulati ,mon atron,
A brogi'm cumbrogon!
Exs tou' uradiu uorrobirt
Cenetlon clouision
Cauaron caleton

A blatu blande bitos biuon!
A,m'atriia, a, ma helvetia!

Tou' mnas et genetas,
Tigernias, tecas,
Tou' uiroi uertamoi
In sose cantle cingeton
In- gutoues beronti.
Cante cladibu in lame
Exsrextos canumi




In a virgin world primeval
A newborn bullcalf emerged
Wonderus and celestial
Three cranes to be its witness and droves
Its honour mantled the face of the earth

A blessing unleashed to the earth
Unseathed the embodiment of life

Tarvos - the embodiment of life
Tarvos - the genesis of time

The earthly heathlands roamed by esus
Questing condign sacrifice
A divine yearning hushed by the prodigy
Three cranes to wake the slumbering taur
To warn him 'gainst the imminence of a huntergod ravenous

" A drawn struggle through innominate days
As ultimately the sword of esus
Pierced the bulls heart
Three cranes to lament as its blood laves
Creation wept under an eclipsing sun
As gloom descended upon world
Three cranes to catch a drop of blood
And leave far away... "

A blessing deprayed from the world
As snow fell for the first time on earth

Three cranes returned
Pouring out the blood
To the ground of tarvos' death
And out of nothing
The soil scarified, the divine bull was reborn
Under a newborn sun nature rejoiced
Thus spring came back to earth
Overcame the brumal reign
Though esus came back
To fell the bull, the eternal cycle has begun

Tarvos - will always be slain
Tarvos - ever to be reborn again


A nexus fruition
Whirling cogniton
Ulterior, the failing of words

A pageant to leave me bewildered
Lurch at the sight of the clandestine ascendancy
Pervading anima
An awe-struck principle, an adytum to find our home

Long for rapture again
Crave for the pristine light

Vastness engulfing the soul
Unfurling this truth , an orbit in sovreignity
Sown into deep darkness
The grain has to die, perish to ebstow new life

A vis major painting a rapturous view
Heralding a vivid theme

Heed, it's like calling the rain
It's like bearing in pain
Like embracing life and decaying in death
Heed, it's like calling the rain
It's like the caress of a mother
Like life to go withered, a perennial pneuma
I will not forget what | arose from

Decidual the forest proclaim
The glory primal, the rapturous supremacy
Vanquishing the vile
Burgeoning beyond, bearing the essence of life

Crave for rapture again
Long for the pristine light


The light, the life, the strength, the harvest,
Gratefulness in four moons the antlered one will go to rest


(See lyrics on track 1)

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