Elephant : Tears of the Tortured Trees

Power Metal / USA
(2006 - editora desconhecida)
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He descended from the moon, eyes ablaze with the ardour of strength
The last survivor of a great civilization destroyed by a Dragonthrone War
Integrity beyond his years, able to see large vistas at once
Hero and saviour, seeks not conquest or crusade but peace

Three protectors as counterparts transcending the hemispheres
The Moonslayer, the Countess and the Wolf interceding against a persistent evil
Charging on a nightmare, hurricanes of flame
Invoked through spells of vengeance twining skyward

To remedy an intolerable pain and oppression
Demolition of the axis inside
Witness the mystery of this uncorrupted angel
Whose volcanic return shall release the elixir of light

Taking up the Demonstarsword
Roaring out from astral sanctuary
Riding a rising swell of anger
You should not wound that which cannot be killed!!!

Dismal clouds boiling in the glowing storm
The prodigious angst of a banished race
Ridden with wickedness, lost to fear
Usurped by a darkness baptised in devastation
He will become air and sky - amorphous and invincible
Despair cannot defeat him, he has routed the abyss
All the suns shall fall and the beast's mouths not avail
When the dead soar over the burning forests he stands a triumphal beacon

Embracing the destiny that brought him to such a time
To resurrect the forgotten dreams of this final generation
As desolate and alienated as a god
Driven by the need to create a new home


The drums of war are playing on the wind
Legions in a golden blaze advancing
The air is riddled with ash and fire
A twisting spectre against the heavens

Like the sullen scowl of blackest woe, a land grievous and besieged
Hammered by storms and pestilence, never to rest
Hell beyond hell, eradication, burning ferocity
Swords erect pounding at the sky - a desperate tantrum of futility
Never will a leader fight his own battles
An amphitheatre of fresh fodder
Crimson axes, a cold moon in chaos
Cannot escape the martyr's curse

All for one greedy king's quest for power
Only a conqueror following the common ruinous path
The powers are bickering while their people are suffering
And there is no wise counsel within these fragile walls
An exalted scepter, an internecine damnation
Baleful causes tending toward chaos and disarray
Knights in horned helms on an impotent crusade
Without legacy or deeds for remembrance

By the ruthless dictatorship of the sword and spear
The axis of demolition is crafted
For the blood on a cross on the hill of the skull
The religion of warfare, deliverance through demise

Wave after wave of armored fury broke upon the ranks
Berserker rage without any mercy, mountains smashed to dust
Driven by the madness of revenge, battle turns to slaughter
Victory dies at the hands of annihilation
Countless were the dead that fell by my hand
I saw them through my tears - those beloved now useless
Barbaric devastation, carnage taints the soil
Blasted earth and despair, a thousand voices roar in agony
Even the gods are silent
All the perished weep
The eyes of the dragon shall reveal
The dark has no end
A sole lord throws down his weapons and leaves the battlefield
Disgusted by the doom of a poisoned struggle
Hailing the few brave enough to wage peace
Mortal thrones are like falling leaves in a gale


Nighted, mystical, soaring dungeons - demesne of the gallant dead
Frozen shrines and blazing palaces, undulating opaline towers
Above the coruscating majesty the stone sky casts a pall
In the grim and gelid dawn of winter's foul despite
Sorcerous winds and turbulent seas
Rise and fall like a dirge
Monstrous suns and fiendish storms
An armada of cruelty and horror
The new universe - a strange thrill - a five-sided equation
Divergent paroxysm of Anaak Gigas, atavistic pestilence
Bone and blood - obdurate permanence - spawn of the nemesis star
A towering sphere of glowing ichor, the forest far beneath
The lilies have turned to asphodel
Panacea which was once liberation
Anodyne into living death
Your womb shall become your grave

Sycophants of the hybrid dictator
Sentinels of the island empire
The creator needs an author to justify his land
Occulted in the lore that dragons keep
As some lamed master bereft of theurgy
An equinox of mordant fear
A malignant ferocity in the ebon lake
Beneath the revenant of the dolorous moon

Inverted abysms within the mind's lair
A riot of raving madness and paramnesia
Falling upward through invisible gates
Vertigo of mirrored portals

This baffling prescence
A suspended void of cosmic hate
I saw the gleam of my ambition
And I saw the machinery behind it


I demand to see a sacrifice
By the Icesword of the Invisible Empress
Eruptions in the depths of a labyrinthine mind
Concentric rings of orgasmic fire

Proffer a venom of amorphous malevolence
On the meridians of the nocturne forest
Gaze into the soul of the being who created
The portals in the veil of this twilight abyss
Balancing on the delicate matrix
Poised in awareness
Tampering in weird dimensions
A theatre of processes

Swirling mists weaving countless realms and forces
A kinetic glow in the crypts of frozen light
The air shimmers with a tapestry of power
A column of glimmering argent twined with a vine of darkness
Winds of sorcery beyond imagination
Ridden by Moonslayer and caressing the Wolf
Not even the gods could imagine such power
Uniting the universe at its essence

The inward eye and the sightless sea
She is the water of transformation
Beyond the emerald frontiers
Structured within a web of sentient spells

An elaborate trance of incantations
Screaming for the spectral jewels of Aldebaran
Rarefied by bloodstone vengeance, beauty has turned to rust
I will never feel the love of you


I ride the black waves on the oceans of night
The demon who makes trophies of man
A journey giving chase across the galaxies
The chameleon adapting to any environment

Amongst the violence and the conflict I will be
Drawn to the fighting and the craving for the kill
Indefatigable in my pursuit
Ruthless in my attack and taking no prisoners

Curvilinear hieroglyphs on subterranean pyramids
An alien labyrinth under eternal mountains of ice
The solar storm radiates deep phosphorescent shadows
The hunter's moon is full in the sky - Let the sport begin!

Consumed by the slashing knives
And the laser's blast
Garish in my bloody vision
Ripping out the spines
Harvesting the skull
A token from the corpse of my prey

Atop the grey dawn
In the first heat of the new day
Harsh sunlight upon the valley at war
Into the battle the dragonangel descends

From the auroral dust of the spirit world
To the sleeping dunes of the holy desert
Spears of lightning desolate between the clouds
The darkbringer stalking the ethereal planes
Calling with the voice of one you know, turn around and kiss the blades
Glimpse the disappearing eyes camouflaged by bending light
Suffer from the fear that curses souls before the final strike
With the inescapable certainty of an execution
Stealth and silence through the forests, jungles, caves incarnadine
A warrior's noble conquest spiting ignominious defeat
At safari's end I prepare destruction to scorch this no man's land
Victorious I continue glorious supremacy


Transform this decayed form into that of The Everliving
Regenerate me in the horrid embrace of my sarcophagus
Isolate me from the cruelty of my twisted reflection
Grant me immortality in exchange for perpetual servitude

Necromancer of the pyramid in the darkness of Third Earth
Lifeforce from the foci of the merciless four winds
Jagged teeth, glowing red eyes, bound hands mummified
Relentless, invincible my wrath shall be
Time travel through mirrors
In the wizard's dreams
Eternities into the sky
The dreadnaught will arrive

Daunting spires beneath a cluster of veiled suns descending
From the draconian majesty of the black rainbow
Prisms of shifting angles, internal alienage
Threshold of inverted light trembles on the unknown

Colossal serpents walk as men beneath a morbid Sphinx
Avian monstrosities brooding in the primal wastes
Mutants in the pits of doom initiating fate
The menacing dark core of the circinate stronghold

I've survived upheavals of cosmic savagery
In the seething twilight of this living abyss

These ruins obscure, an immemorial sadness
Whispers from the east, Ancient Spirits of Evil
Divine water moves within a swirling void
Prophecies and frenzied rites now lost to silence

I am blight and anguish dancing in the plague
Devastating galaxies in the sight of the sleepless stars
My kingdom unchanged by the passing of aeons
The heavens await my return




Haunted by scorn
The Wolf retreats amongst the tortured trees
Grim, alone and betrayed
A doomed son hangs his head

Lost to dying, a hideous sensation
Brooding in desolate gloaming
Beasts of darkness, demons of light
Have hunted in my dreams since the last extinction of man

Those of the sky
Those with hearts of iron
Those who have loved
Have long since died

The entity unknown has awakened to its ancient name
The heaving serpent in chains of the underworld
He makes the deep sea boil and leaves a shining wake
Commander of the falling waters and of all the creatures within

The dragon wears a crown of stars
Serenading the return of The Countess and the one from the moon
Exploring the seas of distant planets
Melding with the benighted waves to where no man durst follow


The light from the trees is gone, the old dwarf sighed
Frigid swells like blossoming stars on the waft of a threnody
Transience arrives in requiem
They've stolen the moon and depression once more haunts the woods

Roam the forbidden path in the shadows forlorn
Their spoken names echo amongst twisted agony
Buried in a tangle of secrets is mankind's greatest gift
Hope lies in a deep grave where the sun is seldom seen

Steel rules the night
Forged by an elder hammer
I gaze into the ebon lake
Reflecting tears of ice

Trolls in the menacing fog
Dim, grey nightmares howling in the rain
In the cold eclipse, by the sleeping hills of Glom
Whispers caress in the wind mocking the tortured cries
Peals of lamentation - the plaint of a thousand mourning their loss
Endless hours of thirst and fear decay in thought
In the darkness I shall dream under an aegis of viridian leaves
As soothing as the breeze between the planets - sanctuary from the lords

Cleanse the forests with flame
Sorcery without reason
The glorious past lies in ashes
And the dead will soar
Once again the three are together
The Moonslayer, The Countess and The Wolf
A trove of knowledge beyond imagination
Ivory towers of an ideal future
Those afflicted with the humor
Laughing in the mantle of time
Together shall wait
And watch it all

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