Edenbridge : The Grand Design

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Welcome home, welcome life
So unknown, when you arrive
The fire, so cut the wire
Your eyes, your small eyes
Your eyes, your hopeful eyes
Welcome life, welcome home
Welcome to a world that's so unknown
Dust and dreams, fall or shine
Welcome to the world
The grand design

And here you are, and here you stay
Into the light to your entree
Innocent child, so pure to the core
It is a long way to explore

Go on, never believe it's done
It is a journey unknown
It is life that only has begun

Terra nova, nova era rise - blazing a trail
Terra nova, nova era rise - one in a mankind's dream
Terra nova, nova era rise - rising to fame
Terra nova, nova era rise
Why not blazing a trail and change
A new world is waiting a new world is here

The spirits of youth, when you're in your prime
Nothing can tire out, you never mark time
The shifting of scenes, the cushy life's gone
Reversing the roles, the game is on



Cosmogony, a world to rise

Cosmogony, a world to rise
It's the legacy of the wise
Just one providence marks the line
Cosmogony, a world divine

One, one small hope
Is lucently lurking in all
A leap in the dark
The final incarnation's call
The hard lot of earth
Will have turned to rebirth
When a love of a man
Takes on the venture, you can

Welcome home, welcome life
So unknown, when you arrive


How could it happen, that I was wrong?
Speaking those words, a malicious tongue
It chokes me, I'm scared and I can't breathe

Another day's passed, to crown it all
A trial of patience before the fall
It never rains but it pours

Waiting for this one dawn
The grand entrance of light
It's paving the way to catch your sight

Flame of passion burn in me
Thrill me heart so endlessly
When all your fondest dreams won't do at all
Play your court card all so well
Fly a kite and seek the one spell
One flame of passion, hear the call

Faith is bliss and bliss not rare
A fleeting smile is what we all can share
So put a spoke in the wheels of fate

The hub of the world is where you can be
The one missing page in your diary
Why don't you read between the lines?



Flame, it's the flame of a passion
Tame, endeavour for more
Years gone by
Skies will dye
Seamless the colours ally

Flame of passion



Earthborn child
Take me to places beguiled
You feast my eye on
So high-flown
And heavenly styled

In all your splendour
You're the force
My vein of gold

Make my heart sway
And light my way
Flow on the drain of life
And you'll espy
The one thereby
A kiss of eternity

Stream my mind
Leaving the daydreams behind
Those pearly waters
A halo
A light for the blind



"The one that stays, one that sways
I espy, a moonlit sky"

[Chorus' 1st part]



There the journey will end
The place where my soul can strand
You are what I call Cockaign
And you take away all my pain
The place where all dreams ally
Gimme wings and I fly

You're always inside
Wherever I roam
In my heart
This place I call home
You're the shine, you're the brace
You are a beautiful place
You're with me wherever I go

A world where all's in decay
The dream when I'm miles away
Entrancing you're under my eyes
The floatlight that lightens my skies
Homeward bound I will return
I can feel my heart burn



A touch of hope
A tinge of green
I could take an oath on

A whiff of the unknown
A bloom to bear
I'm on the verge so slow and sure

Daydream full of memories
No blessing in disguise
A thundery front appears to my surprise
The halcyon days are near to make their rise

A-light with a dream
Is where we begin
So boundless and flowing
It's lustrous as a star
The force of what we are
See you fading afar

The mystery-monger
Shall be unhorsed
Won't get out from under

Need a knight's move
The score is drawn
But I will keep an eye on

Time is out of joint now
Devouring each and all
The lonely wind has turned into a squall
A solitary force to cover all


Free me
Let me gain ground
Lull me to sleep safe and sound
Won't you hold on
Just make a start
Even when we're worlds apart

[Chorus x2]


I was prowling in the dark
It was a game of chance I played
Thought I had the vital spark
Tired out I was in this cascade

When truth began to dawn on me
Backing the wrong horse one decade
On floating ice so endlessly
A tug-of-war in this grand charade

See how the land lies
Welcome the sunrise
Farewell to the disguise
Mark my words and never say die

On top of the world
On the edge of sheer heaven
Believe in this red-letter-day
Life comes to light
By no means it ain't over
The flowering time has begun
(You'll be there)
You'll be on top of the world

Nothing venture, nothing have
Clearing the figments of the mind
Never walking this way half
Beating the air and one eyed blind

Redress the balance
Come take this mere chance
Fall into this romance
The scale will fall from your eyes


Wild horses won't drag me back on the track
Cause I've got the hang of it now
A flash in the pain
As sound as a bell
The odds are in my favour now


Top of the world uh-uh-uh-uh
Heaven is here sheer heaven is here
Why not believe so will you believe
This glory day we're on top
Top of the world so we are on top
Heaven is here so heaven is here
Why not believe and when life comes to light
You'll be there you'll be on top of the world
Top of the world


The eye ranged the room
When I met my doom
And the sands have run out

The sky is overcast
And my thoughts have ranged the past
The sunset glow so crimson

And when all is on the slope
The parting hour of hope
And a cone of rays awaits

Whenever we mourn at the bed
And pray for the soul of the dead
Was there all said and done
Under this pale sun
The end of the matter's a tear
A crushing blow so full of fear
The darkest hour of day
When you are gone and taken away

Ivy-clad the bed
Some dark clouds overhead
I am at a loss of words

The river draws to a close
From source to sea it goes
The eleventh hour's near

Whenever we mourn at the bed
And pray for the soul of the dead
Was there all said and done
Under this pale sun
The end of the matter's a tear
A crushing blow so full of fear
The darkest hour of day
When you are finally gone and taken away


A fallow land, a plan so grand
To bring all to its prime
A silver flame, out of where we came
It's the silver flame of time

A sylphlike view, an old mirage
A paragon of beauty
A land of leal under skies divine
A constant glare, given to the heir
The brightest grand design

Memories, ever since time began
Holding these, a perennial plan
A kestrel in sky, a ship that is hull down
It's not just a try, what happens hereby

The wealth of ideas, inspirited worlds
The essence of pacific being
Mesmerize me
The boundless alliance awaits


Vagaries, without a strain for effect
No time to cease, so much left to direct
Who sows the wind, will reap the whirlwind
And mounts the high horse, discovers a gale force

The blueprint to found, a genuine world
It's all in the lap of the gods
Mesmerize me
The boundless alliance awaits

The brightest grand design

Where we go and our spirits flow
Beyond we'll come to know

Far too late, we see
Thrown away this beauty
Hear the last bell's ring
Gaia's voice is fading

Things may take a turn
Whom it may concern
It's not mere child's play
A stony cold stairway
But hope and love will never die

What happened to you?
You took it on the chin, the sky overcast
This day, will it be your last in line
The lingering sound of hope
When all is on the slope
And we find the bird flown
When your sun is set
A stroke of a genius entombed, a current of time?
The sense, no reason, no rhyme at all
Forever and a day
It's gone to our dismay
Does the grand design fade?

A world seething with rage, is building its own cage
Will we reach too soon, times of a man-made moon
Hope and a strong will to change, is the force to rearrange
Can we move heaven and earth, to ring in a rebirth
When we have our wits about one, and the last doubt is gone
We only follow a line, our life is part of the grand design

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