Dying Fetus : Killing on Adrenaline



The face I'm beating with my fist is pulverized,
and turned to shit so all that's left when he is gone
is skin and blood and pulp and bone
this fucker thought that he could try and fuck with me,
no reason why, so now he got what he deserved
a coffin with his grave reserved
where has all the common sense gone?
can't these fuckers leave the shit alone?
always trying to start some stupid shit
the obituary page is full of it
no death's on my conscience they challenged and they lost
no final resistance, fuck it its not my loss
gonna fuck it up fuckin bring it down
the mother fuckers dead
don't ask me why they had to die
I try to live my fucking life
they are the ones that fucked with me
they paid the price with agony
as the force from anger erupts out from deep inside of me
not a fucking chance to live just you bleeding
cause of death can not be found corpses layed out on the floor
hyper-violent chaos rush all-out fucking total war
your dead, adrenaline rush, unleashed
pain feed, you fucking bleed
I kill once so then I kill twice, revenge,
your death, the final ending, released
I will bring you fucking down
beating on the face of broken trust
all I want is a chance to fuck your life up
you had to turn your back on everything we did
and I won't stop until your dead now I take it back to 93
when the shit went down between you and me
just like a bitch you had to run away
but revenge finally has paid
now I bring you back for all to see
in case another fucker wants to take a shot at me
and kill the mother fuckers before they try to run
no remorse when I am done


One more time, just one too many times is all it had to take now we can't resist the world's too full its time to bring it back and turn this shit around it's the last rebellion, we are gonna take the rich?and hang em up so fucking high its justified genocide raised in greed they swallow up our lives in a carnivore feast hard-core traumatized they promise but they never fucking give this world, tied down, gang raped, disgraced corporation-nations start the game persist, exploit, rip-off, defame put one against the other till they're dead beat them, face down, make them, eat shit burn the fucking "global village" down riot, the government's in flames , the corpses pile high on the White House lawn dead, another million dead, let's execute and kill justified with force-fed freedom walls of propaganda, a system built on lies crush the insurrection, the masses will uprise we procreate! our over-dominating force is crushing all within its way watch the world as it burns, class war- now its our turn I just watch their fucking shit-it burns so high and wastes away now we have the means-through total war we are redeemed armageddon calling its time to fucking kill destroy the false world order and crush the status quo the pressure is leaving as I waste their fucking lives lawyers and preachers are the first sacrificed pawns of the system they perpetuate misery corrupted, creating a fucking demockery masses of the world all bow to it, so blind and full of shit World Bank-IMF they're both the same, nations all enslaved if they just let us suffer, we got to turn them over this is the precedent for killing the nation-state a lack of total vision leads to social amputation they are locked inside a world apart from reality


Soldiers of deception dark seeds among our race,
an absence of free will, is all we ever face,
overcome by chemicals of lust inside the brain
we don't need an answer, just someone to blame,
a plague of human weakness spreads across a dying race,
in search of human meat, just a little taste,
animals with no remorse who seek to penetrate,
no one ever cares, as long as they get laid,
looking at the world as it unfolds in front of me,
I could never think to give a fuck about a thing,
it just makes me sick to think that I could even be,
a part of this perverted earth we like to think is free,
blood-borne virus spreads cultivates the living dead,
patient-zero's gone, but the human rats will carry on,
drug-crazed high on sex fuck and fuck with no regrets,
god-damned mortal drive, to fuck with anything alive,
not-one will prevail the flesh is weak and always fails,
lust-filled carnal rage, inhuman sex for human slaves,
no-more love of faith just waves of systematic rape,
blind-to all disease, a whore is all they fucking need.
dead, he's dead, that mother fucker's dead,
don't let me see the fuckers face again, mad,
as fuck, these fuckers gotta die,
it's time to send them back to where they came
fuck, and fuck, spreadin' all there shit,
without a fucking thought inside their head,
kill, and kill, give it to them hard,
see how much they're fucking when their dead,
pornographic fuck-fest ride, A.I.D.S.-infested diatribes,
orgiastic atrophy all reduced to greed,
forced penetration, not one a willing slave?
pleasure seeking mongrels, a horror masquerade,
blind to all reason, they fuck their life away,
Sodom and Gomorrah, precursors of our world today,
our fucking world's deceased just like we televise the grief,
of a thousand mother fuckers blown away,
force fed, their lies, price paid, with their blood,
in our god we trust so we can entertain with lust
our fucking zombified nation does the rest
pastic prophets, air-brushed democracy,
we're all deaf and dumb because eat and breath the scum,
and let it infiltrate and penetrate our brain,
lost cause, no hope, fall back, we've lost the game...
paralyzed, unleashed, in heat, predators, infected,
diseased, avarice, blinding, her eyes, cash in hand,
empty, inside, generate, profits from pain,
mediated false impressions, human flesh, labeled for sale,
a witness for the "prostitution", fornicate,
triumph of shame, does nothing else fucking matter?
sickeness, weakness, porn is the new jesus,
fuck it, vomit, on the human race


Die, rust, and rot away, this last war does not have a name A cancer on this lifeless carcass called the world not one left in peace, a policy of mandatory greed eats its way across this nation built on lies we are all just post-modern slaves who don't give a fuck as long as money is made buy-sell-believe these three words are just what you need at birth we are hooked for life into soul-less, selfish, power fight the last hope fades, and chaos starts to multiply a paradox of fucking hate and lies, is nothing real at all? sell the dream, competition is a way of life are you for sale or me? pain for price, commodified-we are the last device its all the fucking same, world devolved emotions are the dying gasp-dissolved its just a rotting faith blind we sleepwalk into history victims of the first-world's sodomy the fire burns inside, we've left the past for dead lets spread the wealth among us and kill the rich instead their broken crosses falling, no longer on our knees our revolution storming from sea to bloody sea


KILL YOUR MOTHER AND RAPE YOUR DOG fuck these corporations and their fucking record stores I don't want my fucking paycheck feeding money whores these fuckers flood the market with their fabricated shit and laugh as this pathetic fucking music gets them rich stay the fuck right out of my life I don't need your fucking advice you don't even know what our shit is all about?so don't even try to figure it out fuck your Spice Girls and your fucking Pearl Jam it's all a bunch of shit, I say fuck it Fuck your Dave Matthews and your fucking REM you god-damned bitch, fucking clueless KILL YOUR MOTHER AND RAPE YOUR DOG


I feel the pressure, it boils in my veins
there will be no praying, for peace, no sacrifice
as I feel the burning, of hate, it's blinding me
I just live to, destroy, my mortal enemies
I just see the face that's, the target, in my mind
and with pleasure, carve it, and cut it
from your head, there is no reason
its just a, laugh for me
cause you lost my patience, and with it
goes your life, your existence, a parody
there's no excuse I can believe
one time, is all it takes, to rip the flesh from off your face
die die die just fucking die die die just fucking die
with puppet strings, and faking lies
a hollow head, and empty eyes
take your breath, and let it go
the last one you'll ever know
die die die just fucking die die die just fucking die
habitual complacency conforms your life away
it does not take a lot of thought to follow and obey
the dead fucking traitor has no reason to complain
a lifeless bag of shit with no face and with no name
I just have no patience for the scum of the earth
why not kill these fuckers, make them die, make it hurt
worthless global breeders crawl like roaches on my back
a pestilence of hyper-active idiots on crack
I choose not to follow all the prophets preaching greed
to the close-minded corpses that consume beyond need




Radiation plague, fallout rain laid earth waste,
year 2000 gone, how could we not have known sun starts to die,
nightfall wartorn landscape, on all others stand pure-bred fucking madman,
DNA is life, eugenic crop, humans god-like, created in a lab,
high-priced, perfect, flawless, fall to your knees,
your mind is fucking raped, the domination breed,
the perfect god damned race, spreading of the seed,
perpetual disease, lies are all the same, dead and common place,
spitting in the face of god, annihilation interface,
creation of a hell on earth, traces of your life erased,
machines are rolling over all the... remnants of our fucking lives
obliderated cities are the... monuments to genocide
welcome to the century of paradise and unity,
where bullets are the bible, and everyone's the enemy
eliminate the rest, one brood, from the best stock,
only to survive, initiates, reproduction,
you can't teach a corpse, how to fucking live
you can't know the hate, that drives the blood in them,
how can it hurt, when you can not feel
just close your eyes, a dream that's all too real,
let the dead fall in front of them,
carry out the sentence handed down,
all dead again, cause they never get far
and it's always on to them, cut down while they run,
terror eats the soul of every man,
cyber corpses need to kill to justify their plan,
human cattle fighting for a world they can't defend,
never-under-estimate, paralyzed hope in quick decline,
terminate the, masses for the goal is death divine,
execute without a care the war is lost in time,
fucking let them die, modern day ape is on the rise,
taking on the system that gave birth to test-tube life,
now they are the tumor on brain desensitized ,
they-are-the-off-spring and children god,
science is dead, from human flaws,
now they have conquered and, slaughtered us all,
through ethnic laws, weed out the weak,
only their kind can live on, demons are inside of me,
disinformation leprosy, patriotic arrogance, eradicates intelligence,
soldiers are the children of the existential atom bomb,
products of a paranormal suicidal vision-quest,
subversive paranoia through a, televised holocaust
growth of insurrection causes massive unrelenting loss

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