Dreamtide : Here Comes the Flood

Hard FM / Germany
(2001 - Frontiers Records / Avalon)
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Right from the moment you step through the door
You have to keep your eyes to the floor
You're the one, you're the sun
All of this talk you don't need to hear
You know it could reveal all your fear
You're the one, you don't run

Your attitude I've seen it before
Now tell me what do you believe in
Tell me no lies, cause I won't take them no more

Do you really think your cool
While you mock all the things
You don't understand
You make yourself a fool

Do you walk the extra mile
No you locked up
Your dreams
In the fairyland
You do make me smile

You gave your word
It meant nothing to you
You never care
What you say what you do
You will fall
Your back's on the wall

You close your eyes to
What is wrong what is right

You never made the effort
To tight you will fall
You're backs on the wall


Well I know you won't like this,
But do fine without you

Free from chains of prejudice
There's no need to argue

No sign of fear,
No washing my time

You know what
I controlled myself
I through heaven's on your side

Ten years blind
I learned the hard way
Ten years blind
I believed in fair play

For much too long I believed in you
But you taught me to know better

Now, now hear what I say
There's no reason to stay

There's a call and
It's calling my name
Now it calls and
It calls me to stop this game

Now it calls and
It calls me to step right out of this night


Wait when you feel there's no way,
No tomorrow
Wait cause this fever you know well gives
You sorrow
Wait for the sun to break through these dark shadows

Sometimes the wind sings a song
It tells you where you belong,
Tells you where you did go wrong
To save you from falling and it whispers

Come with me,

Come with me
To catch the rainbow

Catch the light

Come with me
Rise up to the stars

For you know
You must fight

Your eyes will dry
On your way
Back to eden

See all the signs
Set for you and
Do read them


You have been taught
To step back in line
Don't let your dreams fly too high

Sometimes you thought
Now who's to define,
Rainbows do end and love must die

Turn down your fears walls they shall fall
Those who do dare will see

Be one of the few
To bring skys of blue
You know you hold the key

Dream on dance with the wind
Turn the wheel you know it must spin
Here we're fighting in this night
Only your dreams can, tell why it's worth the fight

You have been told
To never ask twice
Don't challenge the words the wise ones said

Follow blindfold
A silly advice,
Make up your mind and think instead

Dream, dream you hold the key
Dream on you're meant to be
Free like the wind, to make the world spin around
Don't loose your dreams


All of your words turned into lies
I was waiting for an answer, but the answer lost the way
Memories of you, looks of cold eyes
I was keeping up the firewall, but the wall it burned today

Turn the knife right inside of me
I don't care cause now I learned to see
Now you pay the price and you lost control
For your heart of ice made you miss your goal
And every helping hand you proudly pushed aside
It's the truth you have to hide

All of your gods they feed your pride
Now you try to sing a love song
But no love is left for you
Some you could fool but you do ride

On the train of power games
And it's all you ever do

For many years now you tried to tell me
What is wrong and what is right
After all I had to find out,
What you considered to be right
Was only convenient for you
Oh you were talking sense
And you love to make people believe,
Wisdom would be dripping from your lips
But I stood in the fire,
A gun for hire,
And played your game
And finally killed the flame


Well now you thought about your life
And you still don't know why
You didn't make it by the age of 25

Oho you can't help it

And you can't tell why,
Why your senorita's gone
It really hit your heart when you were 31

Oho you can't help it

Daydreams they're gone
Still you're hanging on

To a dream of fortune and desire
Spread your wings and learn to fly higher
By the end of tomorrow

The new rising sun will shrine
Oohoo will shrine

And you took your life in your very own hand
And you did trust in a rock'n'roll band

Oho you can't help it

And no one ever told you that it ain't no good
To play the fool but now you understand

Oho you can't help it


Tonight we're stars
Still each of us is lonely
And though we shine
No you won't see us laughing

Our time is gone
No regrets no hatred

Turn your eyes home to blue skys
Make a change and make it live
Take your weary soul to new shores
Cause the moment of truth has arrived

We set our sails
Forever bound to move on
Sometimes we fail
On the stony road we travel

Turn your eyes home to blue skys
Make a change and make it live
Take your weary soul to new shores
Cause the moment of truth has arrived

Turn your eyes home to blue skys
Make a change and make it live
Take your weary soul to new shores
Cause the moment of truth has arrived

Take your feet off the road way to nowhere
Make a change and make it live
Turn your weary eyes back homewards
Cause the moment of truth has arrived


Saints from the east have covered with blood
The land they're come to save

The sun of the west got lost in the flood,
Drowned by the blessings they gave

Now up from the ashes
You'll rise up again
Al that's lost
Will be found someday

Ad we dance to the drum
Children of the sun
We are
We will all feel the heat
Dancing to the beat
We will all sundance

The sound of the drum
It is calling my name
Free like the eagle I feel

The ages of darkness
Have not been in vain
It's time for
Old wounds to heal

We will dance to the drum
To the rhythm of the beat
Round the fires in the night,
We will dance


The last of candles
Has long burned down
And still these thoughts do turn
Around and around

No one to tell you
Which way to go
Just try and find it out somehow

And when worries grow,
Haunting your mind
Baby trust in me and find

You will see
That love can stay
Baby you and me
We walk all the way

And heaven knows
That love must shine
You will see
Love's gonna last this time

And it ain't easy
To share belief,
When love might fade away
Like autumn leafs

Just cross the line
Step through that door
And go where your heart's
Never been before


Through deserts of pain, through oceans of rain set out to break the seal
Some wounds never heal and hearts turn to steel,
These scars you can't conceal T
Through rivers of tears and nights full of tears, do dream and make it real
The fire will burn, the soul it will yearn
No weakness be revealed

And now you are here to take all command
To make it all rhyme
Did you learn to fight did you learn to stand
The test of time

And it's a mighty long way to the promised land
A stony long way from here
And I've seen many good man sink into the sand
Blinded by pride and fear

The ways you did know, all failed in a row
High time for something new
The phrases you've learned,
Face tides which have turned
The wind blows colder for you

And it's a mighty long way to the promised land
A stony long way from here
And I've seen many good man sink into the sand
Blinded by pride and fear

You were so sure to have read the signs now
You pray to reach the shore
So don't say a word I can read your mind
I've seen it all before


Come and read it from my lips
You can sense it from my fingertips
Come and fell it in the air
Look around and see it everywhere

Don't you see the burning glow
Take a look deep in my eyes to know

Here I am standing and I lay my soul in your hands
Don't keep
Me waiting for I gave my heart

I take the weight off your shoulders
I keep your dreams from falling apart
I have been there
When you were falling
Still you don't know
What it means to have someone to love

Come and take
All I can give
See the chance and you will make love live

Turn around,
Hear what I say
Turn around and
Stop the games you play

And I wait for you
I trust I you
You can break, break,
Break all your chains


Well life did not spare you
And you learned how to run

Never learned to argue
And they took away your sun

The wind now feels colder
On your own in the rain

You pray to be bolder
But here it comes again

You try to cool down
You try to leave this town

But it all comes back
When you close your eyes

Burn all alibis

It's high time to learn
And there's no return

And I know you'll do fine
A little more faith and you'll shine
Together we'll cross that line

And sometimes it's still there
There's no way to be found

You say "no this ain't fair"
You feel like loosing ground



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