Drakkar (ITA) : Quest for Glory

Melodic Power / Italy
(1998 - Dragonheart Records)
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Welcome aboard the Drakkar and sail with us
Here you will hear the tales from so many worlds
Free the mind and the spirit to fly away
Heroes waiting for you just to join 'em now!


In the year of 33, dead man walking on a hill
Carrying a cross on his shoulders
Aasvero was watching him, with his heart so filled by hate
For this man saying he's good

Jesus Christ sweating cold, he was tired, so tired to walk
And he fell down on his knees
Aasvero went near to him, just to say:
"Get up and walk!" this was the answer of Jesus

"I keep on walking and so you will do,
Forever until I am back"
Coming from the past, I'm a traveler in time
I have seen a million places, I have lived a million lives
Coming from the past, I will never ever die
I was born to be immortal and I wait for judgement day

For many years I've been walking all alone
Nothing that I can do will change my destiny
Now I am tired to roam because I saw it all
All I can do is wait the ending of the world

Still I roam around the world, I can't stop I have to walk
This is the price for my sins
Even if two thousand years now are gone I can't forget
I'll never forget the words


So many hundreds of years ago a king was killed in a battle
Even his son was wounded to death,
The only heir to the throne
The queen to save the life of
The prince brought him to the dragon's lair
The dragon gave him a half of his heart
So he returned to life

Knight and the dragon together
Will fight against the king of the evil
He has corrupted the old dragon's heart,
And he will pay with his blood
Knight and the dragon together will fight,
Tryin' to put down the tyrant
They are the last hope for this land to live
To live in freedom again

But growing up the new king betrayed
What he did swear to the dragon
Evil and liar he became a tyrant, killing and raping for joy
The knight who was his master of sword,
One day did meet the old dragon
And with a priest and a girl on their side,
They did begin the rebellion

A knight is sworn to Valour, is heart only knows the Virtue
His sword defends the oppressed ones and serves the Truth

The final battle is now taking place,
There's only one way to win
To save the day, to kill the king, even the dragon must die
Great is the pain in the heart of the knight,
Striking the deadly blow
Draco and the king together they die,
But the last dragon still smiles


Here I'm alone
Look through the window
Snow's falling down
Winter has come
Think to the times
When we were happy
Changes I want
Freedom again

Many years ago the Major said:
"Since today you gotta call me king"
Our liberty he took away, with the promise of a golden dream
Soon the dream became a nightmare
Soon the rebels they began to die
No one seemed to have the power to
Get rid of the Major of the Lies

There's a story about a man who lives
In the forest of the ancient rites
I am going now to search for him,
If he does exist I want his guide
Then I find him and he says to me:
"I've been waiting for a pure so long
I am giving you the magic ring
That will bring you to another world

Join me tonight for a journey through the dark
We'll find this place that is not so far"

Follow the prophet to Never, Neverland
Where all the free men together they will stand
A dream of liberty and peace for everyone
Under the light of the sun

I am coming back now, to the real world
To the land of freedom, I will bring you all
It is time for you now, all you slaves and poor
Break the chains that would never let you fly away
If you got the courage, and your heart is pure
All the pain and the sorrow you can behind


See him shining red and gold, rocket boots to make him fly
To defend the innocents dedicates his life
Evil ones all around, till he crush 'em to the ground
An avenger made of steel, he's the Iron Man

He's invincible
Man-machine for war

Under the armor you know there's a man
His greatest weapon his brain
Fightin' with weapons he did by himself
No one can stand in his way

He can be invisible, he has got repulsor rays
Honorable, strong and brave, technologic knight
Without fear he always fights for the justice and the peace
Armored and dangerous, he's the Iron Man

See him shining red and gold, once again he flies around
He's in search of criminals, nowhere they can hide
Hearing his metallic voice,
They will sweat and tremble with fear
Knowing they cannot escape from the Iron Man


You'd never ever hear of Olathoe in the land of Lomar Again, its story was buried 26000 years
Ago where Polaris shines high in the sky.
But if you find a silver key in a black wooden box,
You still may roam there in your dreams and hear what once Was huge walls, laughing beneath the
Ice and telling you the whole tale.

We wait with no fear, all is prepared
We shall defend this town, no one is...
Scared by the enemy even tho' we're few
You're drawing near and we have iron for you
Our mate on the look-out is scanning the field
Polaris' watching and we stand, ha ha!

A cry breaks the night, some soldiers are hit
The Inuto are here, no time left
Watch out behind us we're caught by surprise
The look-out man fell under Polaris' light
By the time I see one, two of us has died
Their swords are more, but we still have our pride

Oh, Olathoe, oh...

Marble walls are painted red, oh don't give our home free
See our wives and children cry, don't dive into defeat
We'll die now in war, but we still ain't lost
I speak to you my walls, I pray you
We were the founders of this town I live
We built you and the marble palaces for peace
Defended you in war through aeons with pride
So punish the stranger, take vengeance while we die

Oh, Olathoe, oh...

Marble walls...

No mercy was shown to them at all
You'd never hear mentioned Lomar again
Inuto were then mocking with pride
A wonderful land wich now belonged to them

Marble walls, you'd say they never fall
Palaces and streets, you'd say you were in heaven

Unable just to see their luck
Ignoring there was a spell on them
Laughing at all things they saw
They were observed by the high walls
Marble walls, you'd say they never fall
Temples and gardens, you'd say you were in heaven

The armies of the Inuto stood to celebrate all night long
A war was won, an easy bit,
They found they were really strong
Under the walls, they drank and ate, and laughed and laughed
The enemies killed still lay on the field,
They danced on their bodies

None will hear through history of
The vengeance of the high walls
Glory and gratitude are kept
Under ice and this tomb will never fall
None will hear through history of
The strenght of the marble walls
Their sacrifice is kept under ice and
This tomb will never fall

The walls did observe, the walls did see,
The walls did hate the enemy
A curse was cast, there was one thing to do,
So the walls did mock the strangers
Loudly bursting, they fell on the Inuto,
Tthey crushed 'em with debris
Covering with pity this painful sight,
Vengeance was finally done.

None will hear...

Oh, Olathoe, oh...


Standing here, in the dark of my room
Once again, I am thinking of you
I will miss all the jokes and the smiles
Are you now in a place that you like?

Strugglin' you did spend all your life
Now is time to rest, all pain has died
You have gone away from us, heading for a better life
Beyond this crazy time

Farewell my friend, this is my goodbye
Fly away tonight on a pair of wings of fire
We will meet again, on the other side

In the heart are the words I can't find
Hail to you, this is all I can say
I don't know if you can hear my song
Watch me please from the heaven above

Reach the second star, the second to the right
Straight ahead you sail, 'till the morning light
Far beyond this world you go, heading for a better life
Where all is good and quiet


Morella was a friend of mine
I never loved her, but we married
She made me happy in a way I can't explain
A kind of mystic happiness

Talking of philosophy we spent many hours
May awareness of yourself still survive to death?
I was very happy then, listenin' to her
Till a day, a fatal day, joy was turned to hate!

Hating my Morella I wished her to die
Illness fell upon her, she began to fade
She told me to listen, "I've something to tell:
Who you never loved in life, you will love in death"

"This is the day of days, the day to live and die,
For all the daughters of death and sky
Tonight we're gonna die, but I will live again
The time of pain for you has began"

Growin' up day by day, pretty little girl
Our daughter I did love more than you can now
So resembling to her mother, too wise for a child
I never gave a name to her, until she was ten
I had to baptize her, we went to the church
And the priest he asked me the name of the girl
Still I don't know why "Morella" did I say
Screaming "Here I am!" my little daughter died

And when I went to our family's tomb to bury the second Morella,
I didn't find any sign of the first.
And I began to laugh... and laugh... and laugh...


Finally the fight begins over the moor
And we know the enemy is much too strong
In the heart I have no fear, coward I'm not
I'll be riding with the gods, my time has come

Hear the sound of battle horns, I have to go
Is there any glory for me, I just don't know
Balder will you guide my way, give me your strenght
On this field I face the death, no turning back

My sword waits for blood
In the name of Thor

Open for me the gates of your Valhalla
Father Odin wait for me, I'll be there with you
I will not die, I'm riding through the sky
Warriors of eternity, I'll be there with you
Blood was spilled, many were killed
The battle seems over now, am I really still live?
Heimdall, are you watching me from Bifrost?
But I'm not dead, not this time!

Now the fight is over and here on the field
Lie so many broken men, but I still live!
One day I will meet you Odin, but not today
And tomorrow into glory I'll ride again


Every day we gotta play in the game of life
Liars try to put us down, we won't run and hide

Stronger we are, than all the bastards and fools
'Cause we believe in everything that we do

Standing together, we know our time has come
Fighting forever, we never will be gone
Raising the banners, proud to be here tonight
Dressin' in leather, will you be on our side?

What will be the next big thing? We don't give a fuck!
Metal's not a fashion, metal's not a joke



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