Dr Acula : Nation

Deathcore / USA
(2012 - Victory Records)
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We know that in the early years of the 21st century this world was being watched closely by intelligences greater than mans and yet as mortal as his own. We know now that as human beings busied themselves about their various concerns they were scrutinized and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinize the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water.


Born into a world where words are wasted. Actions never speak at all. Quick is the cloak that's covered in smoke to fill his pockets behind closed doors. Feasting on the prayers of those who hope for a better tomorrow. Reality check is now in effect, so wake up and smell the sorrow. New York Wasteland, our secrets die with you. And we aint goin nowhere, well sink where we stand. It's not hard to believe, this world is not the place for me. I find it hard to vent, when everyone around me seems content. Fuck all you mothers of misery, beatin on your kids cause there's nobody else to blame, and the gun-toting teen, who took away the dreams of people just like him. Mad world, I wont miss you on the day I fucking die. Sad world, stronghold on the less than powerful. Man of the cloth, you'll burn in Hell long before all of us. Man of the cloth, you'll burn in Hell long before all of us.


Hate on the ones who brought your name. To the place it is today, but you'd be the last to say. That anyone did anything... Wait, I thought you said that you won't change and still I sit right here today unimpressed with what you've done for yourself. Don't waste, your fucking act on me. Just be what you will be, and I'll remember you for what you are. Keep on running, running, running around, living in doubt, running. Keep on running in place but your getting anywhere. Keep on running in place but your not getting anywhere. Keep on running in place but your not getting anywhere. Honesty I don't want to know what you do when your alone. Think there's a reason nobody knows the person you used to be but I know something they don't know. You struggle with self image; your life has been a scrimmage. But when it's game time you never fuckin cross the finish. I'm minding my business and living for the minute, I hate your fucking kind. I'll wait for you to dig your own grave. I'll wait for you to dig your own grave. I'll wait... For you to dig your own grave. Pick up the shovel whenever your ready man. I'll even give you a hand. You made your bed, so motherfucker lie in it. Your life's a lie and a sham. Keep on running in place you'll get nowhere. Keep on running in place you'll get nowhere.


Smile on your face on the way to the bank, to cash the check that's written in your fucking name. But the words weren't yours, no blood sweat and tears. You sat around and waited till you were man of the year. Hate, is the name of the game and you had no shame when you claim this for your own. Straight neglect and no respect you best protect your neck. I'm done with you. I'll follow through. You'll suffer like the rest and I know you. Pay for protection you motherfuckin clown. What will you do when the money runs out? You'll be sucking those ducks on the corner of 5th. With your cute little tear drop catching the jizz. Your face plastered in those magazines. Running around like a mother fucking drag queen. I'll wait, I'll wait. I got the whole New York state aiming at your face. Your locked on target laser scope on your make up covered forehead. Your locked on target. I got the whole New York state aiming at your face.


Wasted time and health.
Pouring out your heart to secure their wealth.
A cold day in Hell,
my life will not be pitched as a product to sell.
Confessions of a fucked up soul,
fully alert and being raped of control.
Pretending nobody knows,
they drink to your accomplishments and call you a joke and if you think were not aware,
all eyes are on you,
this situation will not be ignored.
Don't bite what you can't chew.
Shutting out your input.
No fucking hold on me.
Your schemes are all old news.
Don't bite what you can't chew.
Don't bite what you can't chew.
This situation will not be ignored.
Don't bite what you can't chew
Aint got no fuckin hold on me.
Persevere, rip em up from the inside out.
Weakness showing when you turn your head.
A silent flaw has surfaced leaving you for dead not a day in my life goes by
when I don't wander my thoughts and I'm wonderin why,
you're spineless you're spineless a venomous virus.
Contagious motherfuckers, you're about to expire.
We're tigers we're lions we're vicious and violent.
You'll be torn to shreds,
persevere rip em up from the inside out with your tail between your legs your final moment of doubt.
And you thought you could leave us alone in the dark but your bite didn't match your bark.
Next time you show your teeth you'll find yourself in the belly of a real beast.
We've taken our stand,
slaughtered the goats and fucked the lambs with your tail between your legs.
Useless pigs with severed heads.


I don't fucking belong here.
Couldn't give half a dick who you are,
Left sided popularity contest.
Talkin' to me like I should know who you are.
I'm unimpressed, In fact I'm fucking sickened.
Don't know how much your drinkin' or how the fuck you get women.
Hollywood cosmetic mess, fuck your vampire songs and the way that you dress
(It's embarrassing)
Pilled out, washed up suckers on leather.
Dressed for transylvania in the boiling weather.
Please understand we ain't in this together,
With the force of a nation, closing in on you.
Crucified on the sunset strip,
with you transvestite crew,
Gross groupie chicken flock up in the van.
How man womna does it take to make, woah man.
Slow down baby dude you 'bout to get burned.
You're a long way from home,
wooden steak to the sternum bitch.
You know nothing about my kind,
Where I came from this shit won't fly.
Take you for everything no reason why,
I thought you said "You could never die".
Force you into the sunlight,
But you're not turning to ash,
Force you into a real life where you don't stand a fucking chance.
Fly bitch fly.
Lemme see your wings.
Practice what you preach and take a fucking leap.
Crush the creators of the night.
Cut them down to size.
Put to waste this awful place where wash up come to die
Crush the creators of the night cut them down to size.
Put to waste this awful place where wash ups come to die.


Just in time for a decade of heresy.
A nation born on pain and disbelief.
We are a permanent structure.
One nation over god.
Hunger struck a beaten down to the ground.
Find the strength to pull them down.
Mistreated ashamed and bound.
Find the strength to pull them down.
Your structures your cross fucking belong to us.
When 7 trumpets sound,
Find the strength to pull them down.
Crawling at a rapid rate we will pull this monster down.
Showing a brand new way,
State by state well change today.
Become a part of this, become a soldier.
Nation rise up and show them.
Go forth, go strong, go quickly.
Get it done, get back to us.
We need you all right now.
With strength in numbers we can never fall down.
I can remember when I felt like I belonged to nothing.
I remember when I felt like I belonged to nothing.
And no one would notice if I were here or not,
To be stronger but just to stay alive and well if you wanna make history.
Stay home do, Do nothing.
Don't be part of them.




Fake flippers and nickel bag bitches.
Oxi cotton itches and friends turned to snitches.
Suburban superstar in your daddy's car.
Pushin' cut yayo in your lo-cal bar.
The day came you tried to step up your game,
Featherweight prick tried to pass of a brick.
The hard way ain't no place for a fake.
Picket white cheer smells of fresh green fear give it up.
Give it up.
Give it up.
Sheltered generation instigation frustration.
A saint like life destroyed in a night.
prescription hiding idols sedated a recitals.
Producing future generations of unkempt denial.
Don't send a child to do a man's work.
You'll be living in a box six feet under the dirt.
Don't believe everything you see on TV.
'Cause the day is gonna come when you meet somebody just like me.
Ruthless decimators devoures of youth.
No mortal coil while disposing.
'Cause this place is dark and it's where you'll stay.
Like so many before you in these dead in days

10. AREOLA 51

Confused illusions of a road less traveled.
Unraveling injustice on an ignorant killing spree.
Disease, disbelief in levels of density.
Covered up concepts proven to be fucked,
And what they don't tell us we figure out on our own,
Brainwashing the children, propaganda song.
Patiently waiting for our time as their strengths starts to deplete,
Creeping in cautiously,
No more living for ends meat.
Don't ignore the signs and keep your eyes to the sky.
The only way to survive is an open mind.
Armed to the gills and moving in for the kill.
Defenses up we fire at will.
Tranquilize swallow the intelligent, and rip out the eyes.
Erase your lies, burn all the evidence before they arive.
Keep your eyes to the sky.
You can call it wrong doing, but you can't prove us wrong.
Kill off the weak and overfeed the strong.
But with the greed comes gluttony they will destroy us all.
You can call it wrong doing, But you can't prove us wrong.
You can't call it wrong doing, but you won't prove us wrong.


Come through hunting protectors of people.
Corrupt mother fuckers we can see straight through you.
And every sentence you state and every choice that you've made.
Is put towards your overpriced funeral parade.
Stone hands, rock chucker take you best fucking shot.
I'll fucking hit you in the face with a master lock.
Cause when the hands of the law.
Got blood in its claws, wake away your money and use your clothing as gauze.
A fucking clone war, this ain't no test.
This is not an act of misplaced emotion.
This is a citizens arrest.
Protect and serve is a myth and a fairy tail.
Breakin' all the laws you expect us to use ignorant coward mother fuckers.
Hide behind a badge while enforcing abuse.
Nation, a revelation we cannot support the scams.
Swarming in like an outbreak storm.
True justice will be had.
True justice will be had.


I, the unhappy hole in the wall.
Parasitic life form preys and crawls.
Feverish falters modern day.
Enslaved by the suits who refuse to move.
Sanctioned off by the ones who chose.
To force their nails into unfit grooves.
To lose whats lost in a minor cost.
Evaluate pagan like iron force.
Thrown, thrown off course.
Born, born into death.
We are living in bludgeoning times.
Swimming in anger and crushed by the tides.
Long before they crossed the line.
Vowed they won't take us alive.
Push forward, Nation they can't take us alive.
Push forward, Nation they can't take us alive.
We walk on broken glass with shattered hearts were moving on,
Shark like mannerisms.
Picking up their scent of the bloodleft over,
From the violence shed.
Twenty first century trojan horse.
They welcome us in and they open the doors.
Once through the gates we fuckin' tore them apart,
Dismember the untouchables for posing as gods.

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