Dodheimsgard : Supervillain Outcast

Electro Black / Norway
(2007 - Moonfog Productions)
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1. Dushman

2. Vendetta Assassin

Bare Hands
Bones crack
Skin Is Slack
Clickety Clack
Mister nobody is back
Behind the sofa
Memories Crawl
Scribbling all the while
On a contorted soul
A reluctant reply
Jagged and morose
Avenge me
Outlandish Journey
Voice The Recluse
Closing The Book
Opens The Noose
A sick compromise
For the true heroes of justice
He passed this curse
On to me
I have to bear
In my blackened brain
Forever striving for justice
Non-refundable soul receipt
A paycheck that never clears
A currency of pain
Blood sweat and tears
Symmetry to necessity
My inseparable master
Shoot to kill
Shoot to kill
Forever indebted to hell
Fresh fuel for the firing squad
A glint in the hitlist
Begging for mercy
Like a smiling sailor back from the sea
The five decays of human deceit
As the genius who fought himself could see
Dr Jackal and formaldehyde's last mystery
Twin cohorts in devilish design
Legends of the supervillain industry

3. The Snuff Dreams Are Made Of

The castle of death
Gets under your skin
Like a fucking virus
Ushering you in
This body of bile
This body of needs
The world is transparent
You will never leave
Ride the paranoia
All life is pain
Only the grave
Is real
Spitting the salt
Chalked out for good
Clutching your marbles
Dead as fog
Iron teeth turn the weeds
This fallow soil bleeds for me
Practising suicides
Introvert sadist mindfucker
This method is mantric
Curled up for the carver
On the broken saddle
Red-suckled with fear
Flogging the saints
For wasted days
Bone palace greed
Shunning the poison
Gritted ground gears
Barricaded youth
Born on your knees
Toll the bell - horror
Sheds rusty tears
The snuff dreams are made of
The pendulum stops
Every mouth chews the silence
Minds fold over at the edges

4. Horrorizon

Lonely riders
Strange bed
Long trip
Intestinal breath
Family stacked
In a tool shed
10-year erection
After all the humans are dead
Burning assholes
Vampire dreams
Swimming pool murder scenes
Schizophrenic marriage
To your own flesh
Stranger's lips
Whisper something through wire mesh
All the monsters will break your heart
The future gave up
Emotionally bankrupt
No fear or remorse
Brought up on old nightmares
And life goes on going nowhere
Grim fortune
Spurned friends
The road alone
Between us and nothing
The sky in transit
Salt sad salute
Sober no more
Gnawing at my own bones
Wreak revenge of the fierce
Post your prayers to the apocalypse
On the run
On the run
Into the slung lips
And adhesive arms of the strange one
All the monsters will break your heart
The future gave up
Emotionally bankrupt
No fear or remorse
Brought up on old nightmares
And life goes on going nowhere
In this light
We'd look good with our teeth smashed out
Hunger and clouds
I'll never be clean again

5. Foe X Foe

Mercy is only
A bullet in the brow
Do it or die
Never is now
A skull of worms
Like a tin can crown
Building you up
Just to knock you down
1 billion bones
1 million moans
Bring them down
Foe by foe
Keep your friends close
But your enemies even closer
And bring them down
Foe by foe
Too many ghouls
Under slate roofs
Too many cuckoos
Fattening the roost
There's not enough gold
To bury them all
Too many thoughts
For one too many fools
Build a giant tomb
For the earth to go
Smuggle their souls
In a suitcase of woe
Too much fatigue
Sweeps through the streets
Too much saccharin
And not enough anger
Trading blows
To lighten the load
Bringing them down
Foe by foe
Stepping on your toes
Elbows to the bone
Bringing you down
Foe by foe
Skin boiled in lead
By the words of a friend
With another mans face
In the back of their head
Betrayed to the end
by the living dead
Smashing your heart
With emotional dread
Read my lips
I burnt bridges for this
For volcanoes of flesh
To devour my limbs
Body meat beat
Dog-bark drone scream
A billion doors of hate
To a brand new being

6. Secret Identity

7. The Vile Delinquents

Old plutonium
Iron skeleton
Murder gutter
Sodomised mother
Clinical research
Auto fatality
Accident mode
Abdominal injuries
Unpleasant mechanism
Rain-washed test area
Human flesh radiator
Concrete zombie fugitive
Inanimate mannequin
Pretty black bullets
Across abandoned landscapes
Fingers bruise a new nerve
Cardiovascular grass verge
Neural discharge
Blood flecks across the polished paintwork
Geometry of bodies
Titanium terrace of agony
Mechanical arousal
With mouth-parts removed
Simultaneous international crucifixion
Nailed to each others fantasies
Brain blown out across the universe
Mass merchandise of your emotions
Sold to middle income housewives
Repetition of execution sequence
playback over and over again
Psychosexual awareness of an infant generation
Warmed up chloroform throught-forms
Interested more in wounds than sores
Meat grinder sick smiles
Find some fear and stay there for a while
Glue-spine umbilical hutch
Creating cold electric current
Nervous universes
Dervishes of the fiery furnace
Gun down an entire classroom
Photographs of genital mutilations
A glutton for putrefaction
In early stages of formation
The need to feel loved
While fucking it up
You can't kill the thrill

8. Unaltered Beast

Roll up
Roll up
Come see the oddities
Unaltered beasts
Or the girl who swallows knives
The invisible cannibal
The strangest foe of all time
... For your own very eyes
Come see the freaks
Come see the freaks
Children made of raw meat
Shark mouths of blazing impurity
Down in the dumps
Down in the doldrums
Where only the fucked up
Forage for their forms
Nervous twitches at 2AM
In a bed of cracked ribs
Jerking off in a circus of secrets
Pressure sweating you slowly insane
We all become new fanged gods
To old for regret
Too ill for death
I trust myself and no one else
I drink to your bad health
Like the carrion fiend
At a blessed feast
The bones you were born with
Yearn to be seen
An imperfect fake with the same name
Searching for the language
Of an inner being
Jackhammer magnificent
Chainsaw buddhist
Unspoilt and unbeautiful
Arrogant until proven guilty
The heart is deceased above all things
Inflammatory flawed creation
Plastic dolls for role models
Bedraggled in bad guts
Home to a dogtown pillbox
"Let's go out and live in an illusion together"
Wash your mouth out with lies
Searching in vain forever
For one of your own kind
A human cannonball
Boiled beaten and bleak brow
Miserable odes tiled on your skull
A scholar of war on a bonegrinding railroad
Smalltown sweetheart in a sordid bloodbath
Memories and anecdotes kicked in the face
Like a boatload of blind widows
Butchered in the snow
Crumpled angel at the end of the avenue
Making shapes from strangers faces
An empty disguise
With nowhere to go

9. Apocalypticism

A soldier comes home from the war
To four walls and nothing
Children search for their parents forever
But they keep on looking
A father returns home from work
And murders his family
A priest looses his faith in God
His formative years steeped in tragedy
Politicians become impostors
Comforting words of the blackwoodsmen
A troubled drifter with a guilty past
A cabin full of corpses by an old dirt track
This is the dawn of the apocalypse
Open your heart to the apocalypse
I want to watch you burn in the apocalypse
I'll make you yearn for the apocalypse
An elderly couple sit by the fire
With gunshot wounds to the skull
A talk show host is found face down
In a public swimming pool
A corrupt official abuses his position
An old vagrant in the park
Mutilated beyond recognition
International leaders break down on live TV
The suicide of an old school master
Miserable and lonely

10. Chrome Balaclava

11. Ghostforce Soul Constrictor

In urge to become something
(Believed to be) more intact
I pursue the whole of human dementia
You know when your catastrophy
Is utterly complete
Only when you shut your eyes
For the truth
And for the worse
There's no peace within your mind
When all fake faces are set on fire
To burn for the honour
Of the pain in your heart
And fade in the focus
Of your cursed lust
Ghostforce climax
Soul constrictor
A fontainhead of disorder
A splintered human codex
Soul constrictor
I cry out
For the death of my guardian angels
No more navigating
The labyrinth of self-deceit
The one we share with a psyche
(Almost) obsolete
Without a ground to stand on
Down the ladder
Where we all break down
The soul murder armoury is ready to go
So I blow up my sense of logic
Deluded in default
To separate the alternatives
Stifled by the conscious mind
Hell made real by the terror of strife
And right from the core of hysteria
Where suffering seems to grant no end
In the absence of free flow
A trance of flames
With no exit

12. All Is Not Self

In the cold neurotic night
I can't bring myself to tell you
I'm not who you thought I am
And I'd laugh until I died
I'm leading a quiet life
At an abandoned casino of nightmares
As if a stranger's face
Came home to play
And I lost my way
Something is missing
All day long
The light leaves lines
Of panic on the vine
It doesn't matter how hard you try
Wraiths astride tame tigers
We're tied to alters in the sky
If an abstract shell
Of a man remains
I won't be the same again

13. Supervillain Serum

Driving nails between my teeth
Kicked to my feet
No sleep for weeks
Sucking the dust from the cage
Varicose veins and mind games
Guzzling barrels of skin-stripping shit
A festering drink of facebreaking cocksucker
Fashionably possessed
Planning world downfall from my bed
Supping the villainous sap
Garden of mutants begin to clap
An now there's no going back
Alone against everything
Freaking out
Reeking in
Minds wide open
Fix an appointment with God
Your futile trip is done
At the ruins of visionary self
They'll be cutting their hands off
In hell tomorrow
A truth that's easy to swallow
Fast-acting and thorough
Locked away
And left alone
Out damned spot
Out damned spot
Out damned spot
Home sick home
Home sick home
Home sick home
This world really gets my back up
An airline that never stops crashing
An itch that never stops itching
Living in an insatiable videogame
Vengeance stalks my brain
Pimping bag of creaking bones
Collapsing inwards from skin to soul
Slime alley black coackroach
Labyrinth of solitude in my throat
Guts filled with the voices of hate
Homogenised venom eats the smile from your face
Tongue splits on the taste
As sanity separates
Reflection your gleam is disfigured and displaced
Adding insult to injury in swaggering fury
Weak sick
Dread freak
With reservation seats
To the funeral of the world

14. Cellar Door

15. 21st Century Devil

It has come to swallow the sea
It invades every being
I has come to consume the city
And it will complete me
It will give us all the answers
But tell us nothing
It will dance in our dead bodies
Because we are willing victims
It is myriad consciousness
Of all arthritic love
It stole my laughter and joy
When it drowned the world

It is the future of seeing without looking
The great cosmic riddle
21st century devil

It is the hidden king
Of unknown roads
It is the scars of a jilted lover
It relieves the believers
With unmerciful magic
It is not eternity
It is not hope
It is the hum
It is the friction
It is here
It is there

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